How do you know if your system is 32 or 64-bit in Windows 7?

The choice of software for your computer depends on the bit-size of your operating system. All programs will work on x64, but only 32-bit programs on x86. Our experts tell you how to check the bitness in Windows 7.

The easiest way to quickly determine the type of operating system you have installed is to use File Explorer. Start Windows file manager and click the icon of drive “C” to open its contents. The screenshot shows the directories in the 64-bit system. 32-bit has only one folder Program Files.

Verify that your explorer’s conclusions are correct by checking your system’s general information. Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing “Win+R”. Type “control” in the text box. Press “OK” or the Enter key on your PC keyboard.

In the control panel, find the section marked on the screenshot with a frame. Go into it with a single click.

In the main info section look at the “System type” line in the frame on the screenshot. In this example, our experts used the 64-bit OS.

You can get the same information with the help of the utility “System Information”. Call the “Run” dialog box and type “msinfo32” in the text box. Press “OK” to launch the utility.

A new window will open in the general information section. In the data list look for “Type” line denoted by a frame on the screenshot. For 32-bit systems it will say “x86 based PC”.

To summarize

Our experts have listed three ways to verify the bitness of Windows 7. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with, and use it as needed.

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