Formatting a USB flash drive in Linux

  • nux is no longer a system for the privileged, requiring terminal skills. Modern distributions are quite suitable for everyday tasks. In general terms, the interface
  • nux is not much different from the familiar Windows. If desired, the user quickly gets used to the operating system and works with no discomfort. In this article our experts take an example
  • nux Mint tells you how to format your flash drive.

    Graphic utility

    Many distributions include a graphical formatting utility and a set of drivers for working with popular file systems.

    Open the start menu of the operating system and type the beginning of the name in the search box. If a match is found, click on the boxed area to launch the utility.

    Use the context menu in the file manager. Clicking on the area with the attached drive opens the list of actions. Select “Format” on the keyboard.

    The utility interface is very simple and does not have anything unnecessary. Using the drop-down lists marked “1” and “2” select the flash drive and specify the desired file system type. Available set of FS depends on used distribution. In the green highlighted field we add a volume label. Press the button marked “4”.

    Activate the administrative rights by password. Clicking on the “Authenticate” button launches the formatting of the stick.

    Close the information window and you can use the newly mounted drive for writing.


    Command line tools are the most popular way to format a USB flash drive

  • nux.

    Open a terminal and type “df” in the prompt line. Get a list of all the disks that are mounted to the system. Find the flash drive there, based on its mount point and name. In our case it is disk “sdb1”.

    Before you format it, it is necessary to unmount the stick, disconnecting it from the file system

  • nux. Type in the terminal “sudo umount /dev/sdb1”. Press Enter and confirm your rights to change the parameters with the password.

    Enter formatting command “sudo mkfs -t vfat -n KINGSTONE /dev/sdb1”. After the “t” parameter you specify the file system. In the example it is “vfat”, in the

  • nux is an acronym for FAT32. After the “n” parameter is given a volume label. For FAT32 it must be in capital letters. At the end of the command, you specify the device for which you want to set the parameters. Finish by pressing Enter.

    Gparted program

    Gparted is a universal tool in an environment

  • nux is intended for working with discs and file systems. It is available in the standard repository of any distribution.

    You need to confirm access rights right away when you run the program. Enter password into the field marked with an arrow and press “Authenticate” button.

    In the main window expand the menu indicated by the arrow and select the device “/dev/sdb.

    Select the information line with flash drive capabilities. In the top toolbar click on the “Partition” area to expand the list of actions. Choose “Unmount” to disconnect the flash drive from the file system

  • nux.

    Expand the “Format in” menu, which is now active. Select the desired file system from the list that appears to the right. Our experts take the most universal type FAT32 as an example.

    Actions required for the drive are not performed immediately, but are delayed. If necessary, the user can override the unsuccessful selection. Click on the arrow next to the icon on the toolbar to complete the formatting process.

    Accept the warning about data loss during formatting.

    Close the window with the report on the successful execution of all pending operations.

    Finally let’s give the stick a name, that it will be displayed when connected. Expand the actions for “Partition” once again and click on the line marked with a frame.

    In the window that appears specify the name of the drive and click “OK. The device is ready to write data.

    To conclude

    The step-by-step instructions provided by our experts will help you deal with formatting USB flash drives on different operating systems

  • nux. In different distributions the appearance of programs may vary depending on the window manager used, but the general order of operations remains the same.
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