10 ways to fix error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 x64

Virtually every user has experienced Windows errors when installing or running applications. It is not as scary as the “blue screen of death”, but still unpleasant. In most cases, such behavior of the operating system is caused by a lack of components necessary for the program to work. In this material, our experts have collected methods of fixing error 0xc000007b in the 64-bit version of Windows 10.

Windows Update

The new policy of distribution of updates, introduced by Microsoft with the release of “ten”, requires the user to agree to receive them automatically. In most cases it pays off, because the timely distribution of patches avoids the frequent bugs in the operating system.

Open Windows Settings using the keyboard shortcut “Win+i”. Go to the section marked on the screenshot with a frame.

Check for the latest operating system patches, and then open the “Advanced Settings” item.

According to the license agreement, you can’t refuse to install the update, but you can postpone it. Make sure that the time delay switch is in the off position.

Go down in the advanced options below, to the options to get and install updates. The first switch can be left untouched. Its default position corresponds to getting the latest updates as they are released. Clear the delayed delivery counters for operating system components and security patches from the arrows.

The performed operations do not guarantee the disappearance of error 0xc000007b, but increase the probability of such. If it is caused by widespread software it is likely that Microsoft will release the required fix very quickly.

Updating the video card driver

Since this error is often encountered by gamers let us check if the video card drivers are up to date.

Invoke the Start button control menu by pressing Win+x. Open the device manager.

Find “Video adapters” section in the list of hardware and open its contents. Call the context menu for the video card. If the driver was updated manually let’s open Properties first. You can press the button marked “3” during uninstallation.

Pay attention to the “Roll back” option in the driver properties. It can be used to revert to a previous version if you suspect that a new one may not work properly. When this button is not active, the only thing left is to run the update.

The driver search window is the same in both cases. It does not matter if it is activated from the context menu of the Manager or from the properties dialog. If you do not have the driver from the manufacturer saved on your computer, just limit yourself to auto-searching.

For manual update you can visit manufacturer websites (AMD, Nvidia or Intel). Each section has a driver finder based on the video card model.

Reinstalling the application

After installing the updates you can try to fix the error 0xc000007b by reinstalling the problem application. You can uninstall the program in Windows 10 both in the new and in the old interface.

Open the OS settings and go to the checked section.

For your convenience, you can filter the list of installed applications by installation date or use the search bar. Press the box with the program causing the error 0xc000007b, opening the action menu. Press “Delete” button. The system will ask you to confirm again, and only then will uninstall the software.

Some are more used to working with the old control panel. To run it, open the “Run” dialog box. Type “control” in the text field and press the Enter key or the OK button.

Find among the items of the Classic panel the item marked in the frame.

In the list of programs we find. Select it with the mouse. On the action bar an additional button marked “2” will be activated. Click on it and confirm your choice. Windows will uninstall the problem application after getting the necessary permissions.

After the system finishes the uninstallation procedure you should restart the computer. The reinstallation may be successful and error 0xc000007b will not appear again.

Turning off anti-virus temporarily

Sometimes antivirus applications are too strict in checking the files unpacked by the installer. To avoid errors, you can temporarily disable the protection. You should not abuse this action, using it only for programs downloaded from trusted sources.

Microsoft has provided Windows 10 with a sufficiently robust protection tool that allows users to forego paid anti-virus software. Let us review the required actions for the system application “Security. Open Windows Settings and go to the section marked in the screenshot.

Select the section with the shield icon in the popup area. In the right part of the window, open the security service settings using the button marked “2”.

In the navigation area, select the shield symbol again to switch to the system antivirus settings. Click on the “Manage settings” hyperlink in the Threat Protection settings.

Find the “Real-time protection” section. Move the radio button marked in the screenshot to the “off” position. The system antivirus will stop working and start automatically only after the first reboot.

In order not to leave your computer unprotected, after installing the software, return Windows Defender to the active state.

Running as administrator

Some applications require elevated privileges in order to work properly. They can cause 0xc000007b error if launched normally.

Place the program shortcut on the desktop. Call a context menu by right-clicking on it. Select the item marked “1” in the list. If the program works correctly with administrative privileges, change its shortcut properties.

Find the button at the bottom of the window, which is framed in the screenshot.

Select the shield section in the context menu that opens, and then select the preferred properties. This will cause the program to always start with elevated privileges.

Launch in compatibility mode

The compatibility mode is designed to emulate the previous versions of the operating system. For example, the program worked well in Windows XP, but when you install it on Windows 10 x64 it “crashes” with the 0xc000007 error. By turning on compatibility mode you can “convince” the application that it is installed and running on XP.

Open the context menu on the program’s shortcut. Navigate to the marked item in the screenshot.

The compatibility wizard will now be activated. Choose the first option, letting the operating system select the launch parameters.

Clicking on the button marked “1”, we check the proposed compatibility variant. The application under test runs in an environment that emulates Windows XP SP3. If the 0xc000007b error does not occur anymore press “Next” to continue.

Agree to use the selections for future runs of the program.

In the last step the wizard reports that compatibility issues have been successfully resolved.

If you know which earlier version of Windows the program worked without any glitches or errors, you can set the necessary options in the shortcut properties. Switch to the “Compatibility” tab. Select the checkbox at the place indicated by the arrow. After that, you can expand the list of all previous OS versions and select the one you are interested in.

Installing Visual C++ Redistribu packages

Error 0xc000007b, as well as many others related to the work of the software in Windows 10, may be caused by the lack of necessary dynamic libraries. You can add them by installing packages of distributed Visual C++ Redistribu


Go to the Microsoft support page. All the versions of Visual C++ packages (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017) supported by the company are collected here. There is also a temporary link to download the versions 2008, 2010 with expired support. The arrow in the screenshot shows two versions of the installer for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

When installing multiple packages of different versions, you need to follow a certain sequence. Older packages are installed first, then the newer ones. For example, if there is Visual C++ 2017 in the system, but the program needs the 2012 version, then after it is installed the new version must be reinstalled. Windows 10 x64 owners should also install packages of both sizes. This ensures that 32-bit applications will work correctly.

.NET Framework

If packages are Redistribu

are mostly required to run games, more “serious” programs may require components .Net Framework. You can download the latest version of the standalone installer on the support page of the Microsoft. It is a universal package, suitable for both x64 and 32-bit Windows.

After installation .NET Framework will download new versions automatically through the Windows Update center.

All in One Runtimes package

A universal way to get almost all the additional components you need to work and get rid of the 0xc000007b error is to use the All in One Runtimes. The build is unofficial, so it is advisable to use it only when other ways don’t help. This screenshot shows the installer window of All in One Runtimes with a list of its components.

Checking integrity of system files

A traditional way to fight bugs in Windows is to check the integrity of system files using the command line.

Call the context menu of the Start button. Launch PowerShell with administrative rights.

Enter the “sfc /scannow” command to perform a system file integrity check. If during its execution damaged libraries are found, the system will automatically restore them.

Check your hard drive for errors

In addition to the above procedure you can check the hard drive.

Similarly, run PowerShell with elevated privileges. Enter the command “chkdsk /r /f”. Additional arguments are intended for automatic correction of detected errors on disk and recovery of information in damaged sectors. The system will warn you that it cannot work with the system volume and will prompt you to check on reboot. We agree by pressing the “Y” key.

When performing a reboot, a message will be displayed under the Windows logo about scanning and restoring the system volume.

In conclusion about the error 0xc000007b in Windows 10 x64

There are no universal solutions to deal with error 0xc000007b. Multiple hardware configurations and even more varieties of installed software require individual approach. It is possible that one of the listed methods will be enough to fix the error, or it may be necessary to use some combination of them.

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