How to properly plant roses in the open ground

Planting roses in the open ground is a responsible procedure, on which the growth and development of plants, as well as abundant flowering will depend. Each variety requires a certain agrotechnique and choice of location with the level of light. Only the owner of a shaded plot can refuse the queen of flowers, as the fragrant beauty does not tolerate shadow. In all other plots, the bushes will be fragrant with the splendor of flowers and enchanting aroma.

How to properly plant roses in the open ground

Planting roses outdoors

The queen of flowers needs freedom. It cannot grow well in a lack of space.

Choosing a location

The crown needs ventilation, so when planting it is important to consider the distance from other plants – trees and shrubs. The shoots of the adult bush should not touch the neighboring plants.

Delicate flowers do not benefit from rainwater, so you should avoid planting under large trees and roof overhangs from which water runs off.

Rose foliage suffers from heat. Shrubs are not allowed to be placed near concrete walls and fences, because during the day they get very hot from the sun.

Bright rays of the sun also harm the plants, so, when choosing a place, it is worth considering, when the sun will be in the zenith, the bushes should be located in the penumbra. Optimal location – open sunny area. On the south side should be placed tall trees. There should not be any roses on the plot for 3 years.

Prepare the ground

Rose bushes prefer to grow on loamy soil. Loam is the ideal soil for the queen of the garden. If sandy, heavy clay soil prevails, you will have to add peat, sand or clay to the sandy.

Correct rose planting

There is a certainThe scheme of planting, which is worth adhering to:

  1. A single bush requires planting in a hole, measuring 70×70 cm. The depth of the hole is 60 cm. If there is a desire to make a border or a hedge of miniature varieties, you will have to dig a trench, the width of which is 70 cm.

  2. Removed topsoil will have to be completely revised and all the roots will have to be removed. It can be used as a base and prepare a fertile soil.

  3. In sandy soil or loam is recommended to add wood ash – 1 cup, peat – 10 liters, humus or compost – 10 liters.

  4. Heavy clay soil requires the introduction of coarse sand – 10 liters, peat – 10 liters, humus – 20 liters.

  5. Limey soil is diluted with 20 liters of top peat, 10 liters of compost.

  6. The loamy soil must be diluted with 10 liters of any organic fertilizer, except bird manure.

  7. All calculations are for the planting of one rose. Whatever type of soil is used, you can add 1 tbsp. l. Superphosphate, 2 kg of horse manure. All components should be mixed more thoroughly.

  8. As a drainage layer on the bottom of the hole should be placed crushed stone, a layer of 5 cm or more.

The hole should be filled with a nutrient mix 2 weeks before planting the roses.

Choosing the right time to plant

Depending on the root system with which you bought the seedlings, the time of planting varies.

Young plants with a closed root system can be bought and planted in the ground at any time of year, except in winter, of course. Seedlings in containers are not stressed and quickly adapt to the new location.

Attention!Do not plant on a day when the heat is unbearable, There is not a cloud in the sky.

After 21 days the roses will take root in their new environment, put down new roots and start to develop. While the plants will take root, they need to be well watered.

If the roots are too long, you will have to shorten them a little, so that the length is not more than 35 cm. At the same time, you should try not to disintegrate the clod of soil.

Roses seedlings with an open root system will need to be planted in the ground when it has warmed up well. Buds should not begin to blossom on the shoots. The best time is the last decade of April, in extreme cases the beginning of May. If bushes started to grow, that is, buds inflated on the shoots and leaves began to unfold, you will have to wait until mid-May and only then make planting of seedlings with OCS. Remove the buds. The deadline is the beginning of June, 1-3. Further planting can lead to the death of the plant.

Autumn planting should be in September-October. Roses are deciduous plants, so they take root well in the fall.

What seedlings are?

How to correctly plant roses in the open ground

Rose seedlings are divided into rootstock and grafted seedlings. The first ones are obtained by growing cuttings on their own root system.

When buying grafted seedlings, it is recommended to clarify from the seller on which rootstock they are grafted. It is the quality of the rootstock that affects how resistant the plant will be to severe frosts. Experienced florists advise to buy roses grafted on Canina rootstock. Such seedlings are frost-resistant and well adapted to our conditions.

Seedlings go on sale at the age of 1 year, and the stubs should be three years old. This is because the rootstock is cultivated for 2 years, and only then is another variety grafted onto it. Seedlings with a closed root system (CROS) show a good survival rate. Such plants should have at least 3 developed shoots.

Seedlings with an open root system (ROS) are not at all worse than seedlings with ROS, as you can tell by the root system whether the plant is healthy or not. With OCS all the roots are visible – you can immediately see all the diseased and damaged ones and postpone the purchase. If there are not many damaged roots, they should be removed before planting, and the cuts should be covered with activated charcoal.

Seedlings with STS can easily handle the road, well acclimatized to the new location, tolerate a slight cold snap. If there is no possibility to plant a seedling in the ground immediately after purchase, you can leave the plants in the cellar, nothing will happen to them.

Seedlings with OCS must have 3-4 elastic roots without traces of damage, a pair of green shoots with buds up to 25 cm long.

Pre-planting preparation of the seedlings

Soak the seedlings in water for half a day to soak the root system. Then you need to treat with a growth stimulant, using the instructions.

Before planting, you need to carefully inspect the seedlings. If there are damaged and dry roots, they should be removed, the shoots should be made smaller: Pleated roses should be shortened to 40 cm, park roses – remove only the tops, other types – leave shoots of such length that on each of them there were 3-4 healthy buds.

Planting roses: basic rules

When planting roses in the ground, you need to make sure that the roots do not get tangled. It is necessary to straighten them out so that they are freely positioned in the ground.

To make planting easier, in the center of the hole you need to pour a bump, on top place the seedling so that the roots freely descend the gentle slopes.

Cover with earth, holding the sapling, the soil after planting compact the soil with the palm of your hand. To prevent water from spilling in different directions, you need to make a rim around the plant, the height of 2 cm.

After the soil settles, add fertile soil under the plant.

A word of advice!If the seedling does not wake up buds, the young plant is dipped, mulched with a layer of old sawdust, peat.

If the seedlings are planted in the fall, the mulch layer will have to be removed before covering the plants for the winter. Remove the mulch in spring after the buds are awakened.

Planting different kinds of roses: scheme and features

How to properly plant roses in the open ground

Depending on the type of rose, there are certain rules for planting seedlings, the scheme of planting and care of the rose garden.


  1. grafting should be deepened on 3-6 cm;

  2. in case of medium pruning, it is desirable to leave 3 buds;

  3. When planting, you need to keep a distance of 0.3 m between the floribunda seedlings and 0.7 m between the rows.

Park roses

  1. The depth of grafting is 5 cm;

  2. 6-7 buds should be left on one shoot after pruning;

  3. The distance between the seedlings should be half the height of an adult plant.

Tea-hybrid roses

  1. 4 cm deepen the grafting;

  2. there should be at least three developed buds on a bush;

  3. leave 0,07-0,8 m between the rows during planting, and 0,3-0,4 m between seedlings.

Deciduous roses

  1. bury grafting should be 8-9 cm;

  2. do not have to cut, only a slight need to update the cut;

  3. it is recommended to plant near arches, columns, lattices, it is important to set a support at a distance of 0.3 m from the plant;

  4. There should be at least 1.5 m distance between the seedlings.

English roses

  1. the depth of burial – 5 cm;

  2. Leave 5-6 buds after pruning;

  3. The distance between the seedlings should be 1 m.

Groundcover roses

  1. when planting, it is recommended to bury the graft by 5 cm;

  2. if there are no damaged shoots, you should not cut them;

  3. the distance between the plants should be 0,5 m.

Taking care of your rosary after planting

Immediately after planting, roses need special care. Remove weeds at regular intervals, so that they do not interfere with the establishment of roses. It is advisable to loosen and weed the soil every time you water.

If the seedlings were planted in spring, the first fertilizer application is recommended 14 days after planting, if they were planted in autumn, fertilize roses only the next season, in spring.

To increase the chances of survival, it is necessary to keep the soil moist. But when watering, it is important to observe the golden mean, as overwatering and overdrying the soil will equally bad effect on rooting. Even death of a seedling is possible.

For preventive care and in case of pests it is advisable to use only organic preparations. If you spray with chemicals, there is a high probability of getting burns. After planting it is advisable to cover the plants to prevent damage to the roses due to frost returns. Covering will protect from hail, blazing sun. It is necessary so that the seedlings quickly adapt to the new conditions.

If you follow the basic rules of planting rose seedlings, you can avoid problems with rooting in a new place. Roses need a lot of attention only at the beginning, for which they will thank with a beautiful flowering.

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