Zhigulevsky Wheels on Motoblock: Choice, Installation and Possible Faults

Motoblocks – Very important and useful in personal farm Device. But sometimes their branded equipment is not satisfying farmers, gardens. Then the question of replacing the question. The topic of this article – how to install the Zhigulevsky Wheels on the Motoblock.


On the motoblocks you can put either rubber tires with a tread, or metal wheels supplemented with soils. The first option is better suitable for the dirt road, and the second is to work on the field. Not every kit, even the coincident size, is really useful for operation in harsh environments. Wide wheels are worth installing if the land is warmed or you need to dig a potato. Be sure to comply with the distance between the rows – it ranges from 60 to 80 cm, as used by the standard set.

How to do everything right?

The installation of the Zhigule wheels on the fiberboard is quite possible even for non-professionals. Holes on two structures that must be combined, do not coincide. It is necessary to take into account this nuance when performing work. In any case, the rises of one value should be applied. It is desirable that their mass also coincided.

If different rubber is installed, the severity of the skates can quite significantly vary. As a result, it becomes difficult to manage the motoblock, it is said to “leads” in some direction. Holding the steering wheel in this case becomes very difficult. To solve the problem, there is only one option: return to the alteration and do still fully identical. But to adapt the old, “beaten” and even externally rusty discs are quite possible – after all, the motoblock is used in purely utilitarian purposes.

Why change?

The advantages of changing the wheels are:

  • increase the service life of the device;
  • increasing his passability;
  • elimination of deformations during operation;
  • More comfortable use of motoblocks.

It is best to wait with a replacement to winter. Then the pause comes in field works and you can do this case much more thoughtfully, calm. It is recommended to improve the motoblocks in stages. First, the mass is increasing, additional lighting devices are installed – and only then the wheel turn comes. Part of the masters recommends using only “Zhiguli” wheels, and the rubber itself select smoother brands of the same size. In most cases, there are enough all-season rubber. Winter and summer options are unnecessarily expensive, require a regular replacement when changing the season, and there is no special practical difference anyway.

For your information! It is better to prefer wheeled assembly with “native” for the motoblock pipes. Then less problems will arise with attachment on the shaft. If the length of the guides initially lacks, they can be lengthened.

In this case, it is necessary to post all parts as accurately as possible, otherwise when driving will occur. Specialists recommend connecting the details of the motoblock along the same technology, as they collect it at the factories.

You can install the Zhigule wheels and on the Motoblock “Neva”. Work is reduced in most cases to drilling 4 holes and twisting bolts in them. As practice shows, after changing the wheels, the motoblocks are noticeably accelerated. This property is valuable when transporting various goods. The rate of speed is noticeable on the asphalt, and on the ground. Sometimes you even have to translate the motoblock to reduced transmissions.

The use of Zhigulevsky wheels allows you to increase clearance. Can abandon the use of soils. The dips without them becomes quite possible. Part of the users notes more smooth. Still grows grip with the surface, it turns out to be sufficient to go to the mountain of herbal sites. Station wheels in such situations almost inevitably dropped. In general, consumers are satisfied. You can find reviews that the steering wheel turn is heavier. However, the difference is not critical.


In the Russian market there are various types of Zhigulevsky wheels. You can safely choose any product – even preserved kits since the 1980s. When installing wheels on the “Oka” motor unit, it is recommended to use unlockrators. They will simplify the reversal on the garden even more than the use of soils. To make unlockrators, it is desirable to use the details from “Zhiguli”.

Masters recommend most carefully to perform welded work. If they are made incorrectly, the design will quickly fall apart. If you need to mount the wheels on the motoblock “Patriot Victory”, it is worth considering his characteristic feature. The hubs are made so that they are sitting on the axis arbitrarily selected end. This allows you to install wheels almost close to the reducer.

If after installing the Zhigulovsky supports to slow down the gas to a minimum, you can easily ride even on empty tires.

Improve mechanism handling helps. As practice shows, you do not need to change the motors – even the regular motoblock engines effectively cope with the work after installing large wheels. Experienced users, however, warned against excessively strong pressed clutch. The refinement of the wheels themselves (with a suitable diameter) is not needed.

How to install the Zhigulevsky Wheels on the Motoroblock, look in the video below.

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