Why geranium does not bloom and what to do?

The presence of home plants has long been surprised for a long time, but their healthy appearance and constant bloom to meet is not so often. Flowers that are grown on the windowsill must perform certain functions assigned to them, and one of them is the decoration of the room due to the combination of greenery and bright colors. In that case, if blossoms cannot achieve, it is worth understanding what the problem is. One of the most popular and desired domestic flowers is geranium, and very disappointing if it does not bloom for a long time.

Families blossom

Geranium plants that can be found in nature belong to the family of disadvantaged, Which can be divided into 7 knees:

  • Geranium;
  • Pelargonium;
  • Oxygen;
  • Balsamated;
  • Limnants;
  • Vmanieae;
  • Wendtii.

Geranium are considered garden plants and differ in appearance from pelargoniums, which are grown at home. The correct name of Gerani flower is “Pelargonium”, but due to the fact that the first option is more familiar, then the plant will be referred to that.

For the first time, geranium was found in South Africa, and it is this territory that is considered her homeland. In view of an attractive appearance in the XVI century, it was brought to Europe, and in the XVIII – to Russia. Long flowering period is considered the advantage of this plant and maintains a stable interest in it. See flowers from the end of spring and until the middle of autumn. Due to the fact that geranium began to cultivate as a home plant, new varieties have appeared having their own characteristics.

  • Zone has stripes on the petals that share them on certain zones of various shades. This option usually has white, red and pink color. The feature of the species is that the flowering period is small, but the process of the appearance of new flowers is so fast, which seems like Pelargonium does not cease to bloom.

  • Fascular different from other varieties of leaf ability to highlight the fragrance. It can be the most diverse: mint, orange, apple, nuts, and not only. The plant itself grows small, has a compact crown and a small foliage, blooms beautiful and bright flower.

  • Royal considered the most beautiful among all varieties. The plant is high, the leaves are notched on the edges, the flowers are distinguished by large sizes, reaching up to 15 cm in diameter. A particular feature of the variety is considered a dark spot, located on each petal. Geranium blooms very beautiful and abundantly, but the period is short, and twicear than ordinary varieties.

These are just some of the types of Gerani, who can now meet. Each option has its own features of the development and growth of the bush itself, as well as flowering period. In the event that the time for the appearance of buds came, and the flower does not give them out, then it is necessary to deal with the reasons and to eliminate them.


If there is room flowers indoors and their development goes correctly, then, it means, care and conditions are fully suitable for them. When geranium does not bloom, it is worth understanding the reason for this to quickly remove it and give the opportunity to the plant fully grow and please the eye. Consider some of the most common causes.

  • No fertilizer. Gerana prefers potash additives and does not need organic, because when choosing fertilizers, it is worth being attentive.
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of watering. It is important to properly bring moisture in a pot, when it is an overaffaped, the plant will spoil very quickly. The flower is easier to be completely without water than with its excess.
  • Wrong selection of pot. If you choose too much geranium capacity, then the presence of a significant earth coma will force the root system to actively grow, and the bush will begin to stretch up, completely forgetting blossom. If it is not possible to purchase a suitable pot, you can place several bushes in one container so that they help each other.
  • No trimming. If you do not carry out the pruning on time, then geranium may not bloom. The flower is actively growing, and in the case of a thickening gives only a foliage, completely stopped flowering. Optimal deadlines are considered spring or autumn.
  • Lack of light. Pelargonium refers to light-affilical colors and if it does not receive due amount of light, then actively stretches up to get an excess sun launch or lamp light.
  • Unsuitable conditions in winter. It is important to reduce the temperature of the air to 16 degrees, prevent drafts, water with a small amount of water and illuminate a plant for at least 5 hours a day.

If geranium grows normally, but waiting for flowering fails to wait, it is worth paying attention to other factors.

  • The soil. Geranian soil should be loose and fluffy, in the case of clay soil, the plant will not bloom. The most suitable soil for pelargonium will be the ratio of garden land, sand and humus in proportions 2: 1: 1. The problem may be wound not only in the composition of the soil, but also in its density. If you do not transplanten the flower for a long time, then the soil is extremely unsuitable for normal development of the plant. At least once a year you need to transplant or update the top layer of the soil.
  • Diseases. If the flower is healthy, then checking all the factors described will help to identify the reason for the absence of flowering. If we are talking about the disease, then you need to pay attention to the appearance of Gerani. If its leaves change the color, they appear spots, mold or white bloom, ulcers, abrasions, then there are obvious signs of the disease. To fight the disease correctly, you need to understand its nature, it can be bacterial, viral, fungal. Timely treatment will help save the flower and achieve its normal growth and flowering.

Knowing all the main causes of problems with the flowering process, it is possible to quickly establish a problem and solve it, having achieved a positive result, and in the future no longer encounter such situations.

Elimination of problems

If the care for geranium is correct, and the flowering does not succeed, you can try radical measures to combat the problem. One of the options is the shock therapy, in which the flower creates unfavorable conditions, threatening the integrity and health of the plant. The meaning is to make the biological mechanism for continuing the kind so that the bush threw the color to obtain seeds in the event of the death of the main plant.

To carry out such stimulation, you can use several methods:

  • Early and strong bush trimming, When it remains no more than two eyes;
  • Creating cold conditions Environment in winter and lack of proper watering;
  • Transplant to the ground or balcony ahead of time;
  • Increased iodine content.

So that the bush is stable and long bloom, you need to know some features of Gerani.

She does not like when they move it and transfer to a new place, especially when it happens during flowering. Pelargonium can react very sharply, completely dropping the color from minimal movement.

To the bush normally grow and color, you need to do everything you need for this.

  • Organize the right water, moisture is made only when the top layer of the soil is good. If the flower is in the garden, it watering depends on the weather on the street. In cloudy and rainy weather, you should not water the bush more than 2 times a week. To make sure that watering is carried out on time, you can look at Gerani foliage. In case of excessive irrigation, it will begin to wither and twist, after which it may appear at it and rot. It is important to adjust the moisture in time, otherwise the bush save will not succeed.
  • Corregulate Temperature Indicators. If there is less than 15 degrees in the room, then the bush will start “fall asleep”, which is quite normal for the winter period, when Pelargonium can relax and gather with the forces, and to spring to grow and good to bloom. In the warm season, the lighting mode becomes more important.
  • Provide light. For the formation of buds, the flower needs the sun, because the pot is placed in the premises to place on the south window, and on the gardening a bush to plant on a well-lit, but shown during the dining heat. If the barrel began to dump the foliage, it means that the flower lacks light.
  • Choose the magnitude of the pot – It must correspond to the size of the flower, as well as high-quality, lightweight and nutritious.
  • Do not spray geranium. Home flower do not need to spray, because he does not like it. Simple watering enough for normal height of the bush. Garden geranium also prefers to do without additional shower procedures.

If you create the necessary conditions for the development of geranium and timely eliminate emerging problems, you can get a good and healthy plant that will be happy to please lush flowering.

Rules of subsequent care

To gerana good growth and blooser, it is necessary to mainly care for it throughout the year, knowing all the features of this flower. The most important point of development is the spring awakening when the bush is actively going into growth. At this moment you need to help the plant and make suitable mineral fertilizers. It is important that the amount of nitrogen is not more than 11%, because large indicators will contribute to the appearance of exclusively than greens, without any blossom.

With the installation of steadily warm weather flower is transferred to an outdoor ground or balcony. Thanks to the difference in temperature indicators of the day and night, the flower is activated and begins to throw away a large number of buds. For abundant flowering, it is worth turning or cutting those inflorescences that have already brought.

Another important stage of normal development and plant care is its trimming. Rationing of greenery, and cutting the old stems helps a bruise to bloody, you should not carry out these events only with royal geranium, for her pruning is too big stress. The procedure for removing unnecessary parts of the plant is carried out in the fall, and at the end of the winter it is necessary to pinch the bush, which in the future will allow Gerani abundantly blossom.

The plant can be trimmed both in the fall and in the spring, and the procedure will be different. Autumn trim will look like this:

  1. Remove all the outflower inflorescences, faded leaves and stems;
  2. Decide with the shape of the bush and remove all the extra shoots;
  3. Remove very long or shoots without leaves – it is better to cut near the bottom knot, if you leave the penets near him, then a new piglet will appear later;
  4. In the process of preparation for winter it is worth cropping the main stem on a third of the length;
  5. The pruning procedure is not made in winter, as the plant is in a hibernation.

If it is properly to prepare geranium in the fall, then it will turn well and actively go to the growth of the spring, pleaseing bright foliage and abundant blossom.

If we talk about the spring trimming, it is a mandatory event, because it allows you to update the greens and give an impetus to form a coloring. In view of the spring trimming period of flowering is hampered by a couple of weeks, but in the end the flowers grow larger and beautiful. Conduct these activities recommended at the end of winter or early spring.

If the bush is big, it is not recommended to cut it hard, because it takes a lot of time to restore forces, and this can entail a complete absence of color. If the bush is young and small, then it can be formed by anything, without damage to development. The main criterion of trimming will be at least two kidneys on the plant.

To create optimal conditions, the flower is worth transplanting to open ground, so care for it will be simpler, and natural conditions will contribute to active growth and flowering. Time for transplanting to determine quite easily, the main factor is the lack of significant temperature differences in the afternoon or at night. By the autumn, it is standing again to plant geranium in a pot, trim strongly, so that the bush began to prepare for winter. The organization of the cool temperature will give Pelargonia to gain strength for the winter and actively go into growth with the onset of spring.

As for the departure during flowering, it should be as correct as possible that this process is more long. Important are watering and feeding, which are held in a timely manner. If you give a flower to the maximum time and attention, you can easily understand exactly how you need to take care of it.

  • If the leaves begin to shut and fall, it means watering insufficient and necessary to increase. It is worth evaluating the humidity and temperature of the room in which the flower is located and adjust the amount of moisture introduced.
  • If foliage begins to blacken and rot, then this is an indicator of excessive flower. By the decision in such a situation there will be a stop of watering at the time and placement Pot in the sun.
  • The edge of foliage begins to blush Due to the effects of cold. The flower can be located very close to the glass in the winter, why the leaves are frozen. It is worth moving away the pot away to protect the crown.
  • Foliage rare, falls, bare stem, – All these are the causes of light shortage. You can solve the problem with the rearrangement of the pot on the window sill, which is better illuminated by the Sun.

Indoor plants need care and care, and, getting them, can fully develop, pleaseing their owners with beautiful appearance and mass flowering. Any deviations need to be studied and adjusted, otherwise you can destroy the flower.

About why does not bloom geranium and what to do, look in the following video.

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