Why appeared propellets on the lawn and what to do?

To date, the lawn grass is a universal plant, with which you can enlist any site. That is why everyone who lives in a private house or has a cottage, trying to equip the lawn throughout. But even despite the excellent characteristics inherent in this grass, it also happens with it: propellant appear, the appearance is changing, the color. This article will find all the necessary information that will help to give the second life of the lawn and prevent the appearance of unpleasant “harsh” on the grass.

The main reasons for the appearance of proper

Most often, the problems with the lawn can be observed during the off-season. For example, at the beginning of spring, when the snow begins to calm, you can come to the horror, looking at the grass. At the previously beautiful and thick green cover, viscosses are visible, and he himself acquired an unpleasant yellowish tint. Such a picture will not please anyone. Before starting to save the situation, it is necessary to deal with the reasons that contributed to the fact that the grass acquired such a kind. Why such defects are formed?

The main reasons are the following factors.

  • Climate. It’s no secret that climatic conditions today have changed very much. Winter is not so snowy and frosty, as before. Snow drops at all on schedule, and sometimes there is no no. It is a small amount of snow in winter contributes to the fact that the lawn begins to freeze and die.
  • Wrong care. In order for lawn grass to grow actively and was beautiful, it takes to fertilize it from time to time. Violation of fertilizer standards or improper selection of feeding can badly affect the cover. It is also necessary to comply with the correct watering mode. Excess moisture or its disadvantage often leads to trouble.
  • Diseases. Red nitchezness is a disease that manifests itself when the lawn has already grown. Its reason is nitric failure.
  • Wrong haircut. During the haircut of the lawn it does not matter which inventory you use – a lawn mower or a conventional braid, but never need to cut the grass very short.
  • Pets. Do not allow your dog to make a lawn need. The thing is that the dog urine contains substances that contribute to burning grass.
  • Incorrect sowing. Opinion “The more, the better” in this case it is inappropriate. If it’s very thick seeds, they can not exist at all. Root lawn system just suffocate. She will not have enough microelements, moisture, useful substances and oxygen, which are contained in the soil.
  • The appearance of weeds. They, like no other, can harm grass. Their root system will simply displace the lawn. It is impossible to allow the lawn overgrown, for example, dandelions.
  • Too compacted soil. Permanent mechanical impact also negatively affects the state and appearance of herb.

All of the above reasons are relevant both for a lawn planted from seeds and for rolled. Dry blades may also appear on the latter and form.

What kind of grass to choose?

When choosing lawn grass for sowing on the plot, it is necessary to carefully study the product very carefully, you should not buy the first mixture. In the modern market there is a wide selection and an assortment of seeds for the lawn, so you need to understand a little in them.

First you need to know that there are several types of lawn grass:

  • Universal.
  • wear-resistant;
  • Sunconium;
  • shapeless;
  • frost-resistant;
  • fast-growing;
  • slowly growing.

The most popular are the universal and wear-resistant variety of lawn grass. Such species are good on any plot, grow rapidly. Everything you need is to scam and follow the status of plants. Also lawn grass is decorative and sports. The first planted on the territory of the house, in the parks, on the lawns. The latter possesses certain characteristics, highly resistant to loads, it is equipped with sports fields.

So, buying seeds for lawn, you need to consider:

  • Type of lawn;
  • Type of grass;
  • manufacturer;
  • Consumption per 1 m²;
  • price.

The main thing is to trust only a well-known manufacturer. Experts recommend buying grass, the quality of which is confirmed by the availability of certificates. The same selection criteria should be guided and when choosing seeds for the restoration of lawn. If possible, select seeds of the same manufacturer, the same brand. If so, you did not find on sale, experts recommend buying universal seeds.

Elimination of defect

If in the spring, after the grass climbed, you see that the lawn has kept very much, you do not need to be upset. Reanimate and restore lawn grass after winter. There are somewhat simple, but at the same time effective ways, the correct and timely use of which will help get rid of properms and correct all defects.

So, to eliminate all errors and restore lawn grass, you need to perform the following work.

  • Spring water from the site. Water that remained after the melting of snow, in no case should not be forced on the lawn. Using, for example, a special garden tool (it can be a rake or shovel), make a few grooves by which it will flock.
  • Soil should be used useful and necessary for the active growth of lawn substances: potassium and phosphorus. Buy special fertilizers and, following instructions, scatter them throughout the territory of the green area. They will harm the root system of grass survived after the winter, and contribute to the good growth of new seeds again.
  • After two weeks after making fertilizer lawn, you need to comb. Take advantage of fan or ordinary rake. This manipulation will allow you to remove dry leaves from the grass, to dissolve the surface, get the ground and get rid of garbage. Also, after deduction, areas will be clearly visible on which you need to plant a new grass.
  • The next step in restoring the lawn is aeration. At this stage, you need to use or ordinary forks, or the aerators’ boots. The latter can be bought in a specialized store or make a personnel. This shoe is characterized by the presence of spikes on the sole. Aerial events are a great option to prevent stagnation of water in the soil.

Doing all the above needed immediately after the snow melted, and before we put new seeds. When all preparatory work is completed, it is necessary to make a compost to those areas where the lawn will occur. After you can make seeds.

It is desirable before the new sprouts will germinate, not to let the lawn of animals or a poultry.

Subsequent care

So, when work on the restoration of the green plot is made, everything that remains after planting the grass is to properly care for her and prevent the appearance of new propelins. That’s what you need to do to prevent the appearance of defects.

  • Places where new seeds were sown, it is advisable to protect. It is necessary so that there is no mechanical impact on the re-sown plot, and the seeds went well.
  • Do not forget to water the grass. Soil in no way should save. Can be watered from the hose or watering can, but not very plentiful. It is best to allocate for this evening that young shoots and leaves do not burned under sunlight.
  • The first time a new lawn can be cut only when it is height reached 8-10 centimeters.
  • For the bowl, it is best to use a sickle or braid.
  • In case, in the midst of the season on the site there are “Balsians”, do not need to wait until the grass dries. Such a place is desirable to clearly clean, feel and sing new seeds.
  • Adhere to the graphic of the saturation of the green area with useful substances and microelements. To do this, it is best to use organic fertilizer or buy special mineral additives.

Many experts recommend: in order to maximize the life of the lawn and delay the appearance on it properly, on the site where seed landing is planned, the lawn mesh or lattices should be laid. This is a fairly simple design that resembles the appearance of the sophistic. Thanks to the grid, the grass will be protected from any mechanical impact, but at the same time its growth will be active.

You can still re-establish a plot and lay out paths, for example, to swings or to a gazebo of stones. So you can easily move around the lawn without hurting him.

About why propellanes appear on the lawn and what to do with it, look in the following video.

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