White Anemones: Variety Overview and Growing

The legend of the appearance of white anemones is sad – according to legend it was in these flowers that the tears of Aphrodite, mourning adonis turned. A total of about 170 types of winds – inhabitants of coniferous and deciduous forests are known. Now in decorative flower growing, garden flowers are used, specially derived varieties of anemones, among which you want to highlight the group of terry anemone, especially lush while flowering.


Maintenance noble

In deciduous forests from Scandinavia to Korea, you can see a perennial transfer noble. Its flowers can be white, blue, pink, purple. Coloros and leaves germinate directly from the rhizomes. Mission is divorced as a decorative plant.

Anemone gentle

Anemone prefers coniferous forests and mountains as habitats. Thorn stems appear from the kidneys in the spring. The plant fully justifies its name – charming gentle flowers appear in early May. Breeders brought many multicolored varieties. White Splender and Bridesmaid – White, Charme – Pink Anemone With White Center. White Center and Radar variety, and his petals are dark red.

Anemone blue

Despite the very specific name, maybe white. Rod – from the south of Western Siberia. Plant is low and small. Height rises to 20 cm, the flower diameter is about 2 cm. Start of flowering – mid-May.

Dubravnaya anemone

Forest Flower Anemone Dubravnye is known to all European fans botany. In vivo, white flowers are often found. Decorative versions of the branches of the oak – it is more than 30 varieties. Very popular terry snow vestal, often gardeners strive to grow LuCys Wood or Alba Plena.

Forest anemone

A simple, five-point, as if from children’s drawing flower – Forest anemone. The flowers have rather large, pure-white, and the bottom side happens with a weak purple tint. Primrose prefers leaning shrubs and forest edges. Came to the gardens of anemone very long ago, from the XIV century.

Of course, now the choice of varieties is much richer: FRUHLINGSZAUBER and Macrantha will surprise large flowers, and Wienerwald and Elise Feldman (Plena) will delight terry buds.

Anemone Skalna

Motherland of anemone – Himalayas while he is an infreteen guest in the country. And in vain – the anemone is unpretentious in care, and her flowers look very impressive. On the snow-white petals from the back of the side of ink color. Annemon height – up to 30 cm.

Anemone Udska

One of those rare plants that can be planted and forget. This kind is appreciated not for white small flowers, but for unusual leaves and growth rate. Tight green carpet of Ampnica Udka practically does not require attention.

Anemone Baikal

Many years of anemone, perfectly feeling and in more often, in thickets of garden shrubs. Demanding moisture and soil composition. In nature, this species – Sayano-Baikal endemic listed in the Red Book.

White flowers are small, on the background of thick greenery look very touching and gently.

Field anemone frummord

Another representative of North America’s flora, where he grows on the rocky slopes of the mountains. Flower – Poverty, White. On the bottom of the petals can be blue or greenish tint. Stem – Short, Leaves – Small.

Annemon Völvind

Annemon Völvind – the name of both the species and one of the most popular varieties in this form. Numerous shoots reach a height of 80 cm and ends with an excellent white flower with a golden core. Beauty and ease of cultivation – this is the secret of the popularity of whirlwind variety.

Anemone crown

Pretty high perennials. The richest and shades of the view of the anemone. Large, diameter up to 10 cm Flowers can be snow-white and dense blue. Moreover, these flowers appear in many representatives of the species twice per season: At the beginning of summer and in the fall. White buds disrupts Mount Everest.

Anemones Bicolor looks very election – white with bright red edging.

Landing and care

There are 4 variants of reproduction of the anemone: with the help of seeds, dividing the bush, reproduction parts of rhizomes and tubers. Despite the sophistication of the plant, to care for him is quite simple. The main thing is timely watering and maintaining the desired level of humidity in the open soil. To make it easier to create optimal, flowers are recommended to plant on a plot with good drainage, which is located on the hill. Excellent moisture is detrimental to the anemones, Rinel appears on the roots. Sanding anemone is better to cover the layer of mulch with a thickness of 5 cm.

In the spring, the anemona watered about once a week. In summer – looking through circumstances. If the summer is rainy, then additional irrigation may not need. It is necessary to regularly explode soil and remove weary grass, and these actions must be performed very carefully, because the root system of the anemones is fragile.

When the anemone blooms, it is fed by organic fertilizers, and in the autumn -complex mineral.

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