When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

Georgins are one of the brightest and memorable colors growing in the country area. Plants are rather unpretentious during the growing season, but in winter they require a special relationship. It’s all about their gentle clubs that do not tolerate cold weather and need warm and moderately wet room. In this regard, it is important not to miss the beginning of night autumn frosts and provide tubers comfortable storage conditions.


Georgina are natives of South America, and therefore adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of our country. The task of the gardener is to accurately determine the time of preparing the plant to wintering and the duration of the tuber. In regions with a sharply continental climate, when night temperatures are already approaching zero, and the day is still quite hot, the dahlias are plunged on the principle of potatoes, protecting the bulbs from moving.

Doggy of dahlias can be started only when the leaves begin to black from frost.

In each region, this happens at different times, Therefore, it is not necessary to navigate in this issue not at a specific date, but on the state of the plant. So, in the regions of the middle strip of Russia and in the suburbs, digging tubers produced in the second half of October. By this time, they have already moved light frosts, they hardened a little and move home wintering without problems. In the eastern part of our country, as well as in Siberia and behind the Urals, the deadlines of the digs are usually shifted for 2-3 weeks and the whole depend on what the weather is set in the fall.

The main thing is not to miss the beginning of the regression, when the first frostbed leaves are detected, immediately remove tubers from the ground. Otherwise, a rotor will appear on damaged parts of the plant, which will quickly go to the root system and destroy the plant. However, too early to dig up the bulbs either do not need. In the first autumn days, most of the leaves still retain elasticity and green color, which means the continuation of the process of natural nutrition of the roots and the preparation of the kidney to the next blossom.

Deprive the plant of the last solar treatments, of course, should not, on the contrary, it is necessary to give him the opportunity to stock as much as possible nutrients.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


Prepare dahlias to dig up in advance. To do this, gradually reduce watering, So that excess moisture provoked the emergence of fungal infections, and a week before digging – completely stop. Besides, Sanitary trimming of a bush, Removing shoots without buds, lower sheets and dried flowers. In this state, the plant stays in the open soil until the time when it comes to dig.

The procedure for digging bulbs from the Earth does not represent difficulties and consists of several consecutive steps. At first with the help of a secret remove all the stems and leave the process with a height of 10-15 cm. Crop the stems are still not recommended, as this can provoke the enclosure of an infection or watering water into the tuber. Then bush differ and gently swing up for a pitchfill at a distance of 20 cm from the stem. Pulling the tubers also forks, trying not to damage their surface and without pulling trimming stems.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

If the street is sunny and dry, then the bulbs leave on the flower bed for several hours, after which the dried substrate shakes with them and inspect for rot and damage. When decisive processes are detected, the affected tubers are thrown away, and healthy is thoroughly washed in water, cut off long roots and dried. From old tubers also get rid of, as they may not give kidney and are poorly saved. They are very easy to recognize on a more dark color, large size and clearly pronounced.

As preventive measures The bulbs are recommended to be treated with any fungicidal preparation, for example, “phytoosporin”. In his solution, tubers are kept for an hour. If there is no possibility of getting ready-made fungicide, then you can use a weak solution of manganese, only in it to withstand tubers can not more than 30 minutes. While the bulbs are soaked in solution, it is necessary to prepare tags with varieties names, and in case their names are unknown – briefly describe the color and size of the bushes.

The next stage of the preparation of bulbs to wintering is their drying. To do this, choose a dark non-fit place and have tubers stem down. This contributes to the outflow of the liquid accumulated in them and prevents the roots. To prevent the rapid drying of the tubers to place them for drying in warm dry rooms are not recommended. The optimal option will decompose dahlia on the veranda, loggia or greenhouse.

After 3-5 days, the surface completely dries, and the bulbs become completely ready for winter storage.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

Storage conditions

In order for dahlia to be well preserved before spring and quickly gave shoots, they need to create comfortable conditions. The optimal storage temperature of tubers are +5 degrees with air humidity 60-75%. The room at the same time should be well ventilated, and driving dry sand, sawdust or wood as a substrate. It will contribute to good air circulation around the tubers and prevents the appearance of fungal infections. Such conditions are easiest to create in cellar, extensions and garages.

So, in the basements and cellars, mostly is always cool and wet, that will not allow tubers to dry or germinate ahead of time. The underground is suitable for storage slightly less: the humidity in them is much lower than in the basement, and the air temperature is usually higher. In addition, the air movement is limited there, and it often shares. In connection with this underground recommended more often to air, and once a week turn on the fan in it.

If dahlia is planned to be stored on a glazed loggia, then you need to choose the darkest place and lay the box with bulbs there. When the outdoor temperatures decrease, the capacity is covered with an old blanket, and during severe frosts and are taken into the house. If the balcony, the underground or basement is not available, then you can place dahlia in the refrigerator. Tubers are stacked in a package with sawdust and do several holes in it.

Store Georgina on the bottom shelf either in the pallet for vegetables.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

Once a month, they definitely conduct an audit, and when the first signs are detected, damage to the bulb is unconditionally destroyed, and neighboring copies are treated by manganese. If the process of rotting only begins, the tuber can be completely saved. For this, the acute disinfected knife is cut off the amazed areas, and the cutting places are treated with fungicide. When stored in basements and undergrounds, it is necessary to take care of the protection of tubers from pests.

To do this, you can use poisonous baits or an ultrasound repelter. In addition, rodents do not tolerate the smell of the essential oils of the peppermint, because of which the paper napkin is moistened and placed in the glass jar will effectively scare mice and rats.

The only disadvantage of this method is the need for a weekly replacement of impregnated napkins to new.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


Store Georgine’s tubers in different methods, and in order to choose the most suitable, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each of them.

Box with sand

Storage of dahlias in sandboxes is the oldest and proven way. Its main advantages are the availability of material and simplicity. The minuses include the risk of early germination of tubers and high likelihood of bulbs when improving the humidity of the sand. Therefore, when using this method, it is necessary to ensure that the substrate is dry, so how to reanimate rotten bulbs is no longer possible.

The optimal option will be the use of river sand. He does not absorb moisture and does not deplete blouse flowers. For these purposes, they take large wooden boxes or plastic vests with a capacity of 20 liters, laid by rows of tubers and sprinkle with sand. On top of the boxes throw a canvas bag, and remove them into the cellar.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


This method is considered one of the most efficient and effective. Sawdust better choose a large, mixture with chips. The disadvantage of this method is one, and it is rather connected with the errors of its use, rather than with the properties of the sawdust themselves. So, many gardeners make a mistake when intending to keep the bulbs in sawdust, put them in plastic bags. As a result, condensate is formed inside the cellophane, the saws are wedge, and the tubers are discharged.

As an exclusion, this method can be used when placing packets in the refrigerator with a condition for continuous control over the presence of condensate.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


The material is characterized by the ability to keep moisture well and allows not to worry about drying the roots. However, this medal has the other side: even with a minor increase in the temperature of the tuber, they can premature the sprouts that in the winter it is extremely undesirable.

therefore To prevent such situations, it is not necessary to use a garden, but large-phrase vermiculite. To implement this method on the bottom of the box lay a layer of vermiculite, on which the bulbs of Georgin are placed. Thus fill the whole capacity, covered with cellophane from above and removed into the cool room.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


This method is the most effective, but requires special hardness and high time costs. The tight layer of paraffin does not make moisture to evaporate and protect the tubers from drying. Moreover, high temperatures affecting the tubers during treatment are killed by the pathogenic microflora, exclude the development of infectious and fungal diseases, and the frozen paraffin protects the root from the harmful effects of external factors. However, it is possible to use this method only for early varieties of dahlias. This is due to the fact that the kidney paraffin awakens much later, and suction roots are formed on the tubers.

In order to properly preserve the tubers of Georgina in paraffin, you need to crush the candles or pieces of paraffin, lay it out in a metal cup and warm it up on a water bath. After the thickness of the molten paraffin reaches 2 cm, it is plunged into the tubers tied on the thread, after which the substance rejected and wait. If the tuber does not fit into a cup, then it is divided in front of the diving, ties threads, and dip each part in the paraffin. Then the bulbs are placed in a box, a bucket or a cardboard box and remove into a cool place until spring.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


In order to preserve Georgine’s bulbs in such a way, layerly tubers and peat are placed on the bottom of the wooden box, and remove the container into the dark and cool place. The bulbs are pretty well preserved, however, with a violation of the temperature regime, premature germination is possible.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?


The clay shell perfectly protects tubers from drying out and promotes good roots safety. It is important before applying this method well to dry dahlia, otherwise they can bend.

Initially, a clay consistency bolt is made on a consistency reminiscent thick sour cream, a small amount of fungicide is added and mix well. Then each bulb is dipped in a bolt and dried for 3-4 days. Next, the tubers are placed in rows in the boxes and remove into the cool dry room. In the spring before landing on a flowerbed, a clay crust is cleaned with light tapping.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

Food film

This technique is quite new and has both supporters and opponents. Washing and dried tubers wrapped in a film, fold in boxes and sent to the repository. So that they do not sprout and not moldy, The room in the room should be strictly maintained: the recommended temperature is +3 degrees, humidity – 70%. If these conditions are non-compliance with these conditions, the tubers are quickly dried and start rotting.

Whatever of the considered methods is used, the prerequisite is the absence of potatoes and other root plates in the immediate vicinity.

This is due to high humidity, which is formed around the vegetables, and the risk of fungal diseases.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

What will happen if you don’t dig?

Beginner gardeners are often wondering if they must dig tubers for the winter, and is it possible to avoid this painstaking procedure. Unfortunately, in most regions of our winter country, very cold, and in November there are strong frosts.

therefore, If Georgina is planned to be grown as a perennial plant, then autumn breaching of tubers necessarily. If the flowers will grow as annuals, then you can not bother, and leave the tubers in the ground. In this way of growing colors, people who do not have basement, garage or other places can be taken, where during the winter it would be possible to maintain the necessary temperature and humidity regime.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

What happens after wintering?

With the approach of spring, gardeners begin to think about what to do next with tubers, and how to “reanimate”. If the bulbs well moved the wintering and are in perfect condition, then there are no problems: they are quite ready for awakening and disembarkation, and soon they will quickly heat and give color. But it is more likely that it is not possible to keep the tubers in the priority form, and there is a numerous dry drying of the roots. In such cases, the bulbs carefully examine, and if they did not dry completely, but only enloled, then proceed to urgent rehabilitation.

To do this, take a small container, fill it with a nutrient mixture, peat or large sawdust. Then the filler is placed faded the tuber in a horizontal position, trying hard not to plunge hard.

Need to follow, so that the root neck was fully open. Next, according to the instructions are bred Preparations “Epin Extra” or “Zircon”, and abundantly spray landing. Capacity is installed on the windowsill and provide a bright plant, but at the same time with scattered light. To do this, use a sheet of loose paper, glued to the glass on the tape, as well as gauze or a tulle curtain.

This procedure is performed in early March so that the plant will have time to recover and wake up.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

If the damage in the bulbs was noticed on time, and the measures to save them were made correctly and quickly, then after 3-4 weeks you can expect the appearance of the first sprouts. During this time, it is necessary to monitor the state of the filler, prevent it from drying out or excessive humidification. The latter will quickly lead a weakened tuber to rot, and then save him will definitely fail. After the plant came to life, it provides good lighting and moderate watering. Making feeding at this stage is prohibited.

If the tubers moved well to wintering, then for their awakening you can use another way. He will fit well in cases where there is no possibility to get a filler, but you already need to wake up the plants from hibernation. To do this, take an ordinary transparent plastic bag, and put the tuber in it. Then the solution of any growth stimulator is prepared, and spray dahlias. Next, the package is slightly tied and left a small hole for air circulation, after which they are placed in a warm and well-lit place. Light in this case can no longer disperse, because polyethylene will do it yourself.

As moisture evaporates from the package, the bulb spray and wait for her awakening.

When digging dahlia autumn and how to store them in winter?

Highlights Georgin rather quickly, and in a month the first strong sprouts appear. After they reach a length of 5 cm, the bulbs are planted on the flower, and if it’s still quite cold on the street, and the earth did not warm up +10 degrees, then plant in pots and keep some time in the apartment.

When landing Georgins to open ground, they must be plunged, and in the case of the threat of return freezers, it is covered with any nonwoven material, for example, agrospan or Loutrasil. After the threat of night drops of temperatures, the plants stop covering and transferred to the usual summer care mode.

About when digging dahlia in the fall and how to store them in winter, look in the following video.

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