When and how to properly propagate spirits?

How to propagate spirieu? With this question, many amateur gardeners are faced with independently conducting cultivation of new plants for their plot. Like other shrubs with sufficiently long vacation branches, spiroia supports reproduction, allows you to carry. Seed collection also gives you the opportunity to experiment with the home distraint of the seedlings, but this method is suitable only by the most patient owners of household plots.

How to dissipate spirire dividing bush in the fall or at another time? What season is best suited for landing and why? Is it suitable for seminal reproduction for hybrids? All these questions should be considered in more detail, since the process of increasing the number of spirits on the site requires compliance with certain rules. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired results.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

When and how to properly propagate spirits?


Spiraray reproduction can be successful even if the gardener does not have too much experience. This shrub is good when landing in spring and autumn time. With a certain diurn, it is possible to propagate spirire and in summer, you only need to consider the individual features of the plant.


The choice of timing for breeding in most cases is associated with the desire of the gardener to use different types and methods of plant breeding. In the case of spires (rather unpretentious shrubs), seasonal restrictions are not so important. If certain rules are met, all the necessary tasks can be done even in the summer.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?


Selection of terms for spring breeding can be different. Most often, landing time falls on the following periods.

  1. Centen’s swelling period. It comes around in mid-March. If the deadlines are lost and the leaves went into growth, the plant should not be touched.
  2. In the late spring, before flowering. At this time, the most active period of vegetation is replaced by other processes and changes are not so dangerous.


In the summer, the reproduction of the shrub by tanks, division, cuttings is recommended only if the weather is standing overcast, without drought, the scorching sun. The loss of moisture is always destructive for young seedlings, they may not take root or plant.

In the summer months, the end of flowering is considered the optimal period for reproduction. Usually it falls in mid-June or the first week of July.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

In autumn

Autumn months imply the possibility of landing of spiries only before the onset of the first frosts. It will be better if all the necessary manipulations manage to complete in mid-September. It is believed that autumn reproduction is the most productive, because it allows you to reduce the needs of the plant in care to a minimum. In most cases, it is enough just to climb and insulate the saplings. At the same time, the survival rate of plants is the highest possible.

Methods of breeding

SPIRIUM at home can easily be multiplied with the help of gods, shuttless, seeds. Also an adult bush can easily be divided into transplant, receiving new adult plants. This method is especially effective if the plant is required to rejuvenating growth stimulation.

At home and mini-greenhouse can be seeded by spire seeds or branches, preparing shooting shoots during the year.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?


It is worth considering that the seed method of breeding is suitable only for varietal plants. In this case, hybrids will give offspring, not repeating the appearance and characteristics of parental plants. In the rest Seed reproduction has many advantages, helps to obtain a sufficient amount of material for creating live swelling or extended landscape compositions.

Stretch or somehow otherwise prepared the fruit-box collected in the summer and their content is not required.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

Seeds are used for landing like this:

  • In July-August, immature planting material is harvested;
  • At home, he reaches 3 weeks;
  • The landing containers are prepared;
  • Capacities are filled with substrate;
  • Seeds are pouring from above, lightly cover the ground;
  • spray with a pulverizer water, fastened film.

Shoots appear within a month, the dive will be needed in January-February. It is necessary to start when plants have been reached 2 cm in height. Next, the spiries are transferred to a more spacious box with a distance between the individual shoots of at least 7 cm. For the summer, the container is exhibited in the garden, but so that there is no direct contact of the seedlings with the rays of the Sun.

During this period, abundant watering is required, saplings are ready for landing in open ground, independent wintering.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

Indicators of the seed of SPIRIA seeds range in the range of 50-100%. Flowering in seedlings obtained from seeds begins upon reaching the age of 3. Until this time, the plant will form a developed root system, directing all its strength to this work.


Using cuttings when multiplying spiries is one of the most effective breeding methods. For the procedure, the shoots are approached 1 and 2 years, it is important only to choose the right time to land them. The new increase is characterized by lighter bark, it is easy to distinguish from the rest.

Spiraeye’s shilling out seasonal restrictions is carried out in spring, autumn, summer, but be sure to cool and cloudy weather. Cutting material for landing is made only with healthy and strong bushes. The reproduction process itself depends on the time of year.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

In the spring, the shoots of 2 years with a weathered bark, a diameter of no more than 5 mm. Cutting seedlings is performed from the middle part of the escape, downstairs is made oblique, at the top – direct. There should be at least 5-6 kidneys on the cutter, for stimulating the root formation over the bottom pair, cuts are performed. The rooting is performed in a greenhouse soil or a container with a substrate with pre-soaking by 12 hours in the solution of “Epina”. Blowing cuttings need 2-3 kidneys, the root formation takes up to 30 days.

Summer shivering spirea is produced using young green shoots 1 year. They shorten the upper part, remove the lower leaves, leave 2 pairs from above, cutting their size by a third. The cut from the bottom makes bevelled, processed by manganese and put the cuttings into the nutritional substrate with a heft of 2 cm. The distance between the landings should not be less than 3 cm. During the progress period, the seedlings need to create greenhouse conditions with high temperature and humidity.

In reproduction with cuttings, the beretious and dubcoltotic varieties are best. Slightly less successful (in 70% of cases) the rooting of Wangutta spiray, the creamy, dwarf, white-ceiling, and.

Worse than others, it is amenable to stalling the sharp-visual appearance – the survival rate is about 33%.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

When and how to properly propagate spirits?


Spiraeus reproduction with decodes is a rather popular method, but It requires some time to sacrifice the beauty of the flowering of the uterine bush. To obtain processes, you need to select the strongest, strong side shoots to take away the strongest, strong trenches for them, slightly dance at the base and put in the prepared grooves. The top of the branch remains above the ground, is supplied with a backup, the horizontal part is fixed using a bracket.

Meals are obtained from the maternal bush, so it will have to turn the emerging inflorescences during the year. This will increase the formation of roots in the affected shoots. In addition, they will have to provide regular watering. By the end of the season, the root system of the tanks will be formed, but they must be wintering together with the parent plant in shelter from dry leaves. In the place of permanent cultivation, the resulting young bushes transplant in the spring, separating them from the main plant at a distance of 15-20 cm from the base.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

Dividing bush

The method of reproduction suitable for plants of age is 3-4 years. Younger bushes of Spirea still have insufficiently developed rhizome. Too adult plants may die after such a procedure. The optimal time for dividing the bush is autumn, but in general it is possible to perform it in summer or in the spring, waiting for a wet weather. In front of a sharp dug plant immersed roots in a bucket with water for 4-5 hours.

The division of the bush is produced by a secateur with the formation of 2-3 parts. The tool is pre-disinfected, fallen or dry areas of rhizomes are crossed, shortening. Next, the plant is planted as a separate independent bush. Upon completion of the planting process, it is necessary to provide spiree abundant watering.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

Tips of gardeners

In order for the process of reproduction of Spirae with the landing to the place allotted for it, the place has passed successfully, it is worth considering the recommendations of experienced dacities. So, in the first years after landing, the shrub requires much attention. To help acclimatization, plants provide constant moisture flow, produce watering as the soil drying. To prevent the root rotting, you need to take into account the weather conditions: in the rain additionally, you do not need to bring water under the bush.

With the onset of the growing season, the intensity of the care of young landings of spiries is enhanced. They must be easily supported by organic compositions and mineral complexes. To avoid freezing the plant in winter, his rolling circle is abundantly murdered. The upper part of the branches binds, is covered with a sweetheart or special material. The first trimming is carried out in spring on the second year of landing.

For the right cultivation, it is very important and landing for all the rules. Spirea requires a sufficiently deep, volumetric pit, in diameter and height 3 times more than the root system of the plant. The resulting well in the bottom part is covered with a 10-15 cm drainage layer to ensure good conditions for air access and moisture outflow. As a soil, experienced gardeners are recommended to use a combination of 2 parts of the steady land with 1 peat and sand.

When and how to properly propagate spirits?

When landing and in the future, if the roots are taken off, and there is a linkage of the Earth, it is important not to greet the root neck, but also not to close it. Violation of this rule often leads to the death of the plant. Mulch the plant after landing is best not sawdust, but by deciduous. In addition to the additional supply of nutrients, such a measure will ensure the slowdown in the growth of weed grass and in general will affect acclimatization.

Having planted with a spire for living hedge, should not be landing unnecessary frequent. 50 cm distances between the wells will be enough. If you want to grow spire as a solitator, from other landings should be retreating at least 1 m.

About how to multiply spirits will tell the following video.

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