What is a sowing lawn and where it is used?

The device of lawns in the design of the houses and country farms is considered a popular landscaped solution. The first lawns appeared in European countries in XVIII in. Initially, they were carpeted landing of low colors, but later greeted green lawns were included in fashion.

Device and description

Sowing lawn is a grassy cover that has grown out of seeds planted. To create such a lawn usually use the following varieties of herbs.

  • Bluegrass – the most cold-resistant version of the sowing lawn, but at the same time the most heat-resistant. Even if it is grown under the scaffolding sunshine, he will still stay beautiful for a long time.

  • Pasture rags – The benefits of this grass include high growth rate, as well as the low cost of seeds. However, it is growing rapidly, so it is best to use it in the composition of herbal mixtures.

  • Oatman Krasnaya – It grows well even in shady places. This grass is not afraid of dry days, it remains greine even if it is not watered and not cut. It is considered an optimal option for a green lawn device.

The main advantage of any sowing lawn consists in its minimum cost – it costs cheaper than everyone else, costs are reduced to the acquisition of seed mixtures and complex mineral fertilizers for feeding herbs.

Such a lawn involves landing only those plants that are suitable for specific operating conditions. This allows you to get floral cover and on solar, and in the pronted areas.

However, it should be noted by some disadvantages of this landscape decision.

  • Manual sowing does not allow to achieve uniform landing per square meter. The voids that need to be seen inevitably appear on the site.
  • To get a full-fledged lawn cover, not less than 3-4 seasons will be required.
  • Sowing lawn is not protected from weeds.
  • All work can be carried out only early in spring.
  • Sowing lawn requires frequent loss and regular fertilizer.
  • In addition, during the first 4 months it is not recommended to walk on young grass and expose it to other mechanical loads, otherwise you will not be able to form a neat vegetation cover.
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What is different from the roll?

Many gardeners are interested in choosing – sowing lawn or rolled. The latter is already a finished coating that is delivered to the area in the form of rolls. On the prepared area, they are neatly unfolded and lay out on Earth. In a certain sense, this lawn is also considered sowing, since initially the grass is evicted, and then grown – only after this layer of the turne is cut and roll.

The main differences between these two types of lawn is the method of device of them in the country. Sowing lawn are grown directly in garden ground through seeds and further cultivation of shoots.

When laying a rolled lawn, the upper layer of the soil is replaced on the prepared turf flooring with the plants ready for vegetation.

The difference between the lawns is also clean in the purity of grass. If we are talking about the roll coating, here the upper part of the site is completely replaced on the delicate flooring. Thus, it is possible to obtain the predominance of one culture or combination of 2-3 lawn herbs and completely eliminate the appearance of weeds. With independent sowing, it is difficult to achieve the necessary purity from the calculation per square meter, as it is not possible to seek the upper layers of the garden soil at home.

The pluses include the fact that the rolled grass allows you to create a special purpose coating, resistant to damage and mechanical loads. That is why rolled lawns often use for landscaping stadiums, sports fields and public areas. Herbs, which are part of the sowing lawns, are most often not distinguished by special durability to sweeping, so they are used mainly for decorative purposes.

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Sowing lawns are more demanding in care. At least once every 3 days need to water. Twice a month they need feeding nitrogen, potash and phosphoric fertilizers. In addition, the sowing lawn will have to be periodically gone, eliminating weed herbs.

Technology disembarking

The furniture of the sowing lawn on the household plot of the private house includes several main stages.

  • To begin with, it is necessary to clean the area under the lawn from the garbage – cut the old trees, to irrigate the stump and we rize the weeds. Preferably a year before the lawn device to plant the Siderats. If it is impossible, then immediately before sowing seeds should be treated with herbicides. These measures will allow you to get rid of weeds and insect larvae.
  • Earth intended for growing lawn, you need to move to the depth of shovel. The turf of the soil should be at least 15 cm, you can additionally make some organic fertilizers.
  • After careful preparation, the land under the lawn must be loosened by robbles, to pour and wait carefully until the soil falls.
  • A few days later, you can proceed directly to the sickness of the seed. The grass is planted at the rate of 40-50 g, after which the Earth is sealing the land and rolled the roller.
  • At the end of work, the area is poured by a drop in. In the course of irrigation, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the seeds will be washed out on the surface.

How to care?

For the young, just planted with a sowing lawn need to carefully care – it will allow the grass to increase the green mass faster and distributed throughout the site, eliminating properly.

Within two weeks after planning seeds, the Earth should be watered twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

If possible, get the autopolivation system, then you can program it to work in optimal mode.

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After a couple of weeks after the appearance of the lawn shoots, it is necessary to carry out the first haircut of grass, it performs using a wheeled mower. In the future, the cover should be mounted 2-3 times a month as it is revealed – the optimal height of the lawn grass is considered to be 8-10 cm. During the first 3 years, it is necessary to regularly make fertilizers.

How to get on the lawn, look in the video.

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