What equipment is needed to improve the pool?

Beautiful pool with crystal clear water is the result of considerable effort. In order to achieve this, you need not only to make garbage from the water surface, but also to conduct a number of other procedures. Despite the fact that the pools require manual cleaning, the main work on the purification of water takes on the set of devices installed in the kit. About how this modern hydraulic structure is arranged, about the intricacies of self-equipping pool, and read it in this article.

Minimum equipment set for different types of pools

In this article we will look at a number of equipment that should be equipped with Stationary pool. It is a construction of quite strong, its base is most often concrete, so it needs to be taken seriously to its equipment and construction. Such a pool can not be moved, and repair with improper installation will require considerable effort.

It is believed that each owner can choose the equipment with which it can equip the pool at its discretion. However, there is a minimum set of devices necessary for its operation. They carry out good water treatment (the process whose purpose is to bring water to the composition that meets sanitary and hygienic standards). The list of devices includes:

  1. devices responsible for disinfection of water;
  2. heating system;
  3. pump filtering devices;
  4. lamps;
  5. ladder;
  6. Side Leoras.

If you plan to equip the street pool, but, for example, a similar structure in the bath, then a number of installations are added to this list:

  1. air ventilation system;
  2. Desiccant.

In the ordinary outdoor pool, filtering and purification of water can be carried out once every 24 hours.

However, this can only be done with the use of this “reservoir”, as well as if there is a windless weather. With frequent bathing, especially in hot weather, plants for water filtering should work around 18 hours a day.

A set of devices for the jacuzzi is much less than for the pool. Among the main devices needed to install in this case, you can mark the hydraulic pump, jet, water intake, as well as a number of water guides.

The children’s pool can become the cheapest in terms of the cost of equipping its devices. For low inflatable models, there will be enough hose alone for filling.

It should be immediately noted that the set of all subsequent devices that will be installed is determined even during design design, and not at the construction stage.

What is needed for cleaning and filtering water?

Ideally, all installed disinfecting devices should make water in the drinking pool, but in fact it does not happen. Installations responsible for cleaning and filtering water are the “heart” of the pool. When breakdown in this equipment, the pool is undesirable to use. Water in it will deteriorate sharply in quality.

The basis of water purification, as is known, is Ordinary filtration. As filters serve Propylene Cartridges or Sand-glass Analogs. Among other materials used for filtering – diatomitis, anthracite crumb, zeolite and others. The service life of such equipment is about 5 years.

Another equally important part of such equipment – pump. Most often it is quite simple by the mechanism of its work – screw or centrifugal. In order to avoid jamming the impeller, the pump is installed on the pump. It prevents suction by the pump with respect to large items. Filters, as well as prefilters, require regular replacement. The average life of their use is around 2000 hours.

Also included in this equipment included Instruments saturated with water chlorine or free ozone. Latest are cheaper and efficient. Analogue to them can become bactericidal ultraviolet lamps. This can also attribute biopop with a bactericidal tablet, which is gradually washed out of it while in the water.

An important factor is the effect of ventilation equipment, which is installed in the indoors pools.

It supports the necessary ambient temperature (1-2 degrees higher than that of water). Without this equipment, the whole water filtering process can go to no.

Heating system

There are several varieties of the heating systems of the pool.

  1. First of all it is the heating system of the house itself. It is joined by an additional heat exchanger through which water pumps. Water is heated by burning coal or gas.
  2. Also water in the pool can be heated and a special electric heater. It looks like a boiler for heating water, which is installed in apartments or houses. It is most comfortable in use, but its installation requires a special permission from Energy Pressor. For such a system, the installation of high-quality isolation, grounding, as well as UZO. For pools, where sea water is used, installation of models with titanium case is needed.
  3. A more eco-friendly water heating in the pool – use solar panels. They have small power and not very high efficiency, however, as a rule, this happens enough to heat a small pool.

For most similar buildings in the open air, it is not installed Heating system. The water in the pool heats up at the expense of sunlight.

Quite often heating is a matter of very expensive. Therefore, the pool bowl is covered with a black polyester film. It not only helps to keep warm, but also able to reduce the heating time of the pool.

Protective coatings

The modern market offers a large selection of protective coatings for pool bowls. Now they are a product almost mass production. They are distinguished by quality and long service life with proper care. They are often called “floating bedspread” or “floating blinds”. Color protective coating you can choose to your taste. For convenience, you can also purchase Roller for floating bedspreads included. Rollers can be both stationary and mobile.

Pumping equipment

We have already mentioned above about pumps, and now we will focus on them. Their task is to ensure the consistency of fluid circulation. Before purchasing a pump, you need to know which one you need – for public or private pool. First has a greater power than the second. Pumps are divided, as already mentioned, on two main types – self-priming (centrifugal) and with normal suction (screw). The first are always installed above the water mirror level. They are able to “raise” water up to 3 meters. Such a pump works as follows: First, the liquid is downloaded from the pool into the skimmer, and after – in the filter, then it goes back to the pool.

The second type of pumps is intended to create fountains or bubbles. Such a device is also installed on a slide to create a directional flow of water. With the help of them you can also create a small underwater flow inside the pool.

Gorki and stairs

The main characteristic when selecting stairs and slides should be Reliability and safety when descending into water. Usually the case of modern models of stairs is made of steel.

Material of the hill – most often fiberglass. Gorki can be chosen depending on the percentage of tilt, which is listed in the instructions. Private pools are often equipped with colorful low children’s slides.

Additional accessories

Pretty important for the pool is lighting. Luminaires are contour, remote. The latter can only be installed at a distance of 1.5 meters and more from the side of the pool and 2 meters above the mirror. Sometimes light from these lamps is sent to reflective surfaces that dispel it. Contour lamps are designed to illuminate the side of the pool.

Submarine vacuum cleaner needed. It is needed to suck water with dirt or other biological sediments from the bottom of the pool.

You also need to additionally purchase a cuckoo for the pool. With it, you can collect garbage from the surface of the mirror. Skimmer is used to collect larger garbage.

How to pick up?

First of all, the design scheme of the entire basin with additional installations is compiled. Selection of materials, as well as their cost, calculation – all this is already drawn up later than an experienced engineer-the estimator.

In general, the design of the design includes the following steps.

  1. Definition of the sizes of the chash. This is usually directly related to the financial capabilities of the owner, as well as with the territory on which the pool will be.
  2. Under the volume of the bowl selected Equipment depending on the power of each device.
  3. Various in the circuit Additional accessories and installations.
  4. Produced Calculation of all necessary materials.

Some of the equipment is selected and installed at the moment when the pool bowl is built. During the construction, some conditions may be changed, and equipment marked in the estimate will require replacement or other installation. In particular, such are pipelines for heating systems and water circulation systems. Also immediately during this process is carried out wiring for lamps.

The main thing in the basin is a thorough installation of the remote block, with which you can manage all the basin systems.

The minimum set of equipment for the pool is presented.

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