What crafts can be made from the stump?

From the stumps, you can make a lot of different crafts. It can be both various scenery and original furniture items. Work with the specified material simply, and the result as a result can cause delight from the Master. In this article we learn what crafts can be made from the stump.

How to work properly with the material?

Before you take for the manufacture of natural homemakes, the master should know exactly how it is necessary to work properly with the material. There are a number of standard actions to which a master creating any craft must be resorted to. Consider which procedures will be needed.


The occasion is obligatory for proper work with stumps. The specified operation is carried out if there are serious damage, trunk, pest under the bark of the wooden basis. Also, the salary will be necessary if the bark spoils the appearance.

It should be removed by the chisel. The tool should not be too acute.

Slices of the cortex just carefully come up, and then peel.

In places where the bark separated from the ground, it is also clinging to the chisel and remove with whole plates. If the tree corte is sitting too tight, then the chisel must be put to the Luba or Cambia. After that, light tapping hammers tools are directed along the barrel. So you can easily break the pieces of peel.

The outlet is an operation that will require a large caution master. If the chisel suddenly hurt the firm swamp stump, then get rid of the remaining damage no longer succeed.

Removal of affected areas

For competent and neat work with stumps, the Master must remove all the affected areas. It happens that on wood there are pronounced trummers. They strongly spoil the appearance of natural material.

You can get rid of drums in the same way as from the remains of the bark. The master can be used by a manual metal brush.

It will not be able to harm the healthy surfaces of the tree, but the trunk and other defects will clean very easily.

If there is nothing in the inside of the stump, and it is empty (the core rotted), then this plot is simply cut, using the electric jig. Some masters prefer to enjoy a chainsaw. If the core of the hemp is a whole, the outline will be convenient to cut through with an electric bike. After that, very carefully small pieces will get to break the defective wood by the chisel.

If the depth of the lesion exceeds the pink parameters of the jigsaw, the rest of the defective material is removed by the chisel. First, it is plugged with the contour line, and then remove the strips with a thickness of 2 millimeters. Immediately put into the course of the chisel should not be taken, because it is highly risk to go beyond the limits of the contours and cause serious harm to healthy wood.

Many masters remove damaged places with a metal brush. It is installed on a grinder or drill with smooth start and revolutions. A similar method is relevant and in demand, because after its use on the tree, clear edges are not noticeable. Due to this, the treated surfaces look neat.

If the tree processing is carried out by the above tools, the master must use the respirator and protective glasses, as the brush always creates a lot of dust.


Before creating a sortie or another, the surface of the stump must be aligned. All protruding parts (branches, swirls) must be well processed. At first, such parts are cut off with a hacksaw or chainsaw, and then the surface is spilled with a well-sharpened branch.

Getting rid of irregularities that often appear on old wood, the planer can be moved exclusively from top to bottom. Otherwise, it can be left on the basis of many scaling, from which it will later be very difficult to get rid of.

Align the surface of the stump can also ax. Usually they are addressed to this method if you need to align the damaged tree. The best results brings a blow to the blade, directed towards the direction of the tree fibers at an angle of 10-25 degrees.

If the irregularities on the stump are relatively small, they can be removed by a grinding machine with a major emery. Move this tool is allowed in any direction – after that there will be no scope. True, to do too sharp movements and strong nazhms are not recommended.


The whole meaning of this manipulation is to cut one or a certain number of reservoirs from hemp, which can later be used in different ways. The stump on which the lower or upper parts is clearly cut, can be used as an original decorative stand, a small table (dining or journal).

To properly cut the stump, it is fixed so that the line passing in the inside of the barrel from the roots to the top was strictly perpendicular to the surface of the floor. After that, be sure to place the line of the future cut, by the usual felt-tip pen or marker.

It is also convenient to use plywood guides. For this, a piece of smooth plywood sheet with a thickness of 10 mm is taken, holes cut the holes corresponding to the dimensional parameters of the hemp.

After that, the guide is thrown on it and on the reverse side are attached to the furniture corners on the self-tapping screw. Once all the items are installed, along the guide move the saw tire.


Correctly working with hemps, you can not forget about competent drinking. If you need to cut a healthy piece of stump, it is advisable to use the compact chainsaw. True, she will manage only rectangular notes. If they have to be more complex in their form, then the main part can be removed by chainsaw, and the remaining areas to line with a knife and a chisel.


When dumping the master should work like. This tool will need to influence the workpiece in the direction of wood fibers.


Operation, due to which the wood surface is perfectly smooth and neat. Grinding for this use is not recommended. It is better to do everything manually using sandpaper of different sizes. First apply large, and then gradually go to the small.

It happens that it is not possible to completely remove the pile. In this case, the surface of the tree can be low. So the villi will be able to raise. Then the sandpaper will need to move in turn – bottom-up and across.

Furniture options

From the stumps you can make very reliable, high-quality and beautiful furniture. Many options can be equipped with their own hands at home. Consider several schemes for the manufacture of various hemp furniture.


Very interesting solution – the manufacture of a comfortable chair of a large stump. The resulting product can be used to decorate the garden. In the country, such garden furniture will not definitely be unnoticed!

We will analyze step-by-step instructions for self-decoration of the chair from stump.

  • First, the master must prepare all the necessary tools. It is advisable to have at least minimal work skills in question.
  • For the manufacture of the chair, it is better to use a stump height of 40-60 cm from the ground. If you drink a blank from the barrel yourself, you need to take a biggest height. For example, for a 50 cm chairs, you will need a blank at 100 cm, because the furniture will still have a back.
  • Next you need to form a support under the back. Horizontal incision is done at the seats level. Propil will need to make a 2/3 trunk depth. It follows from the side to which the chair will then be “watching”.
  • For the formation of the back, a vertical cut is made from above until the horizontal slice is reached. Cut piece must be removed.
  • The basis is ready. Now the chair needs to reorganize. At this stage, the master will need a chisel and grinding machine. It all depends on what kind of decoration you want to apply with respect to homemade furniture.


From the stumps you will be able to form an excellent bench on wheels. At the expense of chainsaws, it is necessary to cut the stump so that both the upper, and the lower cuts are parallel to each other, but perpendicular to the axis line. Consider step by step, as you need to act further.

  • Both surfaces will need to be well aligned with an electric branches or grinding machine.
  • Course can be removed, and you can leave – everything solves the master.
  • Purified tree can be decorated at its discretion.
  • On the top of the bench can be put a piece of foam rubber and beautifully cover the foundation of dermatitin. As a result, the bench will be like a cozy pouf.
  • Approximately the same scheme you can build a coffee table, but for this you will need a stump with a more impressive difference in circles (between the above-ground and underground parts). Underground half, which is located higher levels of roots on the sides, will serve as the top, and the wheels must be attached to the top slice.

Decorative table

Using hemp, you can build a wonderful decorative table that will look very original and interesting. Such a piece of furniture will definitely refresh the surrounding environment.

In the manufacture of a table of hemp, the main problem is the choice of table top. It’s not so easy to find a fuken having a diameter of the upper part of 80 cm and more, and then make a perfectly smooth cut with a suitable thickness. For this reason, the countertops are so often produced from other materials, for example:

  • shield from boards;
  • Chipboard, osp;
  • glass;
  • plexiglass.

To attach a beautiful glass countertop, you need to use a special adhesive composition, which is based on epoxy resins. Degreased components will also need. Sometimes the masters first glue the epoxy cap, and then align it until the desired plane. Then stick to the worktop with a special glue for glass.

How to arrange flower beds?

Stump – Great Basis for Gorgeous and Original Looking Flower Garden. Many gardeners resort to accommodation in their sites such decorative subjects.

Mostly flower beds Mastery of sticking in the ground or pre-emerged hemp – both options are suitable. If the stump is in the ground, then it will be much more difficult to process it, because people have to be very much. If you want to cut some drawings on such a flower garden, you will have to act alone.

Work with an emergency meager much easier. He is raised to the workbench, where all manipulations are carried out extremely simple and convenient.

Especially large hemps can serve as a spectacular dacha decor for flowers more than 5-15 years, depending on the surrounding conditions.

In the stump, you can pre-drill the drainage hole, after which the plants are not directly in the wood, and in a separate pot, which will continue to be inserted into the harvested recess. After this, the pennies itself will need to be carefully treated with a special hydrophobic / antiseptic solution, and then wrap in high-quality varnish. With this processing, the flower garden is able to serve a lot of years.

Other ideas

Correctly cut and treated stump can become a chic decoration or functional component of a garden or garden. If you want to improve your site, you can make an original border for flowerbed or colors in Kashpo, make interesting animal figures (often make hares, owls).

If you want to build from hemp, it is not just a bed fence, but a more complex figure, for example, it can be the originally decorated led, owl, mushrooms and other “forest” objects, then for this the master should be able to work well with a tree. Especially this applies to cases when it is necessary to cut into stump small and detailed details.

If there is no proper knowledge and experience, you can make an extremely simple, but very cute figure. It can be charming amanita. For its manufacture, you will need to prepare just an enameled basin or a bowl, as well as aerosol. The bowl should be cleaned, and then paint the paint saturated red shade in the can. When the coloring layer will dry, on a red background it will be necessary to draw snow-white circles, like on a hat for a real amamor.

The peecs itself should be painted in white. So that the figure turned out to be more original, you can draw a smiling face on the stump. After that, it will only be put on top of a beautiful mushroom painted hat. After that, homemade will be ready!

Also from the stump you can build fairy tale, which will certainly become a bright accent of the house. To make such a scenery, you need to prepare dry, for example, oak stump. It will play the role of the base for a hut or a terme, decorated with a different kind of decorative elements. Decoring components for teremka can be cut out of plywood or a piece of fiberboard. The decoration should be attached to the drain on the screw. Wooden components of homemakes will definitely need to be treated with antiseptic compositions so that they do not start rotting in the open.

Often in the trunk of dry trees, quite close to the surface of the Earth, there are small humps or growths. These are elements of natural origin, but they can be safely used to create a spectacular composition. For example, you can pull out miniature toy stairs with cute gnomes, keeping behind them. On the outset, which is available on the stump, you can arrange different interesting figures.

There is another unusual version of crafts from stump. Otherwise, he is called the “green monster”. For a similar solution, the stump of huge sizes should be prepared and with a very powerful root system. If there is one in your garden plot, it is very cool. It is only necessary to buy in the Garden Store Moss Moss Make Your Climate. Then it is planted on a stump. Periodically it will be necessary to spray with water. It is important to ensure that moss has grown well. As soon as it happens, it will be possible to fully appreciate the entire gradation of the natural craft.

Examples in landscape design

Using Stumps in Landscape Design – Winning and Very Original Solution. Consider several bright and beautiful compositions, spectacularly decorating a garden plot.

  • Realger the garden plot can be natural furnished made of high and strong-quality stumps. It can be 3 improvised stools with high backs, 2-strokes from low hemps, as well as the original table from the spikes of a tree. Such a composition will become a stunning and functional addition of the local area.

  • A pair of hemps laid “on the edge” and with drank internal space can serve as a chic natural vase for bright and elegant colors of different shades. Against the background of wood, various color combinations of buds will be considered especially expressive: red, purple, green, yellow and many others.

  • From hemps you can make funny figures with funny face. To do this, it is quite impressive to color them, draw big eyes on them, nose, mouth, glue the improvised mustache from laces or flasks of fabric – options for implementing such ideas insanely many. Cool beat the easiest peneck with the help of conventional or luminous paint will not be difficult.

  • Very smart and unusually looking design solutions in the form of hemp made in the form of houses, locks or teremochekov. They can be made from a bounce roof, high towers, paint or decorate with carved items – no restrictions. Around such chic garden jewelry, you can make a neat and beautiful floor, covered with pebbles, or spend a neat garden track to houses.

  • Interestingly, garden furniture will look, for the manufacture of which birch stumps of sufficient height. It can be a combination of 3-chairs with backs and a table made of a large sawing stump. The composition will definitely not be unattached guests and neighbors and will be perfectly decorated to decorate the local area.

Interesting workshop for work Safety can be viewed in the following video.

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