What and how to treat lily from beetles: red, black and colorado?

In search of a perfectly beautiful and hardy flower for growing on a flowerbed or in a parisader, many experienced flowerflowers stop their choice on lilies. Already for a long time, this plant is an indispensable decoration of the local area and cottages.

In this article we will talk in detail about how to prevent the attack of various beetles that can harm the beautiful flower.

Pest overview

Lily – an unusually beautiful flower. It loves not only those who grow this plant and admire them, but also various pests. Last, Using any convenient case, be sure to attack the flower, thereby applying to him serious harm. Even despite the fact that Lily belongs to hardy and strong plants, it can perish from the attack of pests.

Pests among representatives of the Class of Zhukov, which most often attack Lily.

  1. Red Zhuk. It is also called a fireman or a pisk. It is considered the most dangerous. These insects – sheets. Such beetles provoke the following diseases – fungus, mold, other bacterial infections. Eats this fireman green part of the plant. Being on the plant, beetles also mate, after which the pest female begins to postpone the eggs that in 24 days turn into larvae. The newly emerged is able to eat not only green leaves, but also buds, stems and kidneys.
  2. Colorado beetle. He is well known to all that he can harm not only vegetable crops, but also in flowers. As well as the Red, the Colorado beetle eats the green part of the plant, breeds, and his offspring can completely destroy the culture.
  3. Cobed tick. For him, the greatest delicacy is the juice of a young escape. One individual may organize a large colony for a short time and completely destroy the flower.
  4. Lilyna fly. During his habitat on lilies, she rapidly laying eggs, of which larvae hatch. Pestitors and stamens.
  5. Medveda. Its main goal is the roots of the plant, she eats them. Can also harm bulbs and shoots.
  6. Khrushch. The scheme of the action of this bug is similar to the one on which the Medveda is valid, that is, the root system of lily is under threat. The appearance of the Khushchev is fraught with a plant of death.
  7. Long Muha-Burcha. Her goal is to postpone eggs in the soil near the plant. When they turn into larvae, they eat enough leaves and bulbs quite quickly.
  8. Wire. Its very often can be observed on potatoes. This is an orange insect that resembles a caterpillar. If the individual hits Lily, begins to eat a bulb with a big appetite, which in the end picks up and the flower dies.

Causes of appearance

Many lovers of green vegetation, including lilies, are wondering what can cause the appearance of pests on the plant.

In fact, the reasons that contribute to the attack of beetles and other insects are not so much, but you can highlight the main.

  • Incorrectly selected landing. It is very important to comply with the correct neighborhood and the soil.
  • Not ongoing activities for the prevention of pests. Preferably before planting a flower, in the spring to prepare a place and treat the Earth with special drugs.

But, unfortunately, even the most prudent flower flows face the problem of pests that can calmly move from one plant to another and postpone the larvae in a new place.

How to get rid of beetles?

Before starting to fight with aggressors, you need to recognize what kind of harmful insect attacked Lily.

The information contained in the table will help it.


Signs of presence

Red Zhuk

Watching the flower is not necessary: ​​the beetle is bright and large, you can see it with a naked eye.

Colorado beetle

Common leaves and the presence of orange eggs on them.

Cobed tick

Plant covered with small red dots.

Lilyna fly

The presence of this pest becomes noticeable when the plant begins to bloom. The flower at the same time ugly, shapeless and quickly begins to rot.


Availability of numerous holes around the soil.


To determine this “beast”, you need to step up the soil – it is in the ground near the root system.

Lukova Fly – Burcha

Small black flies that sink near Lily – this is the Medveda. Not to notice them is impossible.


Common leaves and bulbs.

But be that as it may, for each of the above listed pests, there is a way of struggle.

From the red beetle will save Special preparations “Carbofos”, “Inta-Vir”, “Decis”. Plant need to spray according to the instructions.

The Colorado beetle is afraid of drugs that are used to leave the potatoes, but if the instructions indicate that they are harmless to colors.

From the web tick will save “Akttellik” and “Phytoverm”. But the remedy for the Lily Fly, unfortunately, did not come up with. There are only substances with which you can reduce the number of individuals on the plant – this “Carbofos” and “Duts”.

The ideal option in the fight against the bear are special traps – it is dug and filled with pre-manure pit. On the way to the plant, the insect can linger in this natural matter and not get to Lily.

“Grizzly”, “Thunder” and “Medvetoks” – these drugs will help to remove the Khushche.

When mugh-burglars start massively flying over the flower, it should be pole “Carbofosoma” or “Inta-Virogram”. As for the wirepiece, use such drugs like “Zain”, “Vollar”, “Provotox” or “Medvetoks”. Also to cope with the wireman will help the solution of manganese, which need to spray the plant.

There are other ways. They are more suitable for supporters of folk wisdom, which has found their use and in the fight against pests, therefore, If you do not want to process the flower with chemicals, apply folk remedies:

  • Collect pests and their larvae manually;
  • Try to wash off the pests of a jet of water, then collect from the ground and destroy;
  • It is possible to make a plant after planting with a natural solution (it is possible to prepare a mixture from dry mustard, household soap, ash and wormwood, you can only process the flower with such homemade solution 1 time per week);
  • On the plant you can apply dry mustard or ash;
  • In order for the larvae of the beetles did not get out of the ground and did not attacked the flower itself, the soil near the plant can be covered with film.

But such methods will help only partially solve the problem. In most cases, folk ways to combat pests can only scare adult beetles for a while, but they cannot cope with their larvae.

Prevention measures

In order to prevent the appearance of pests on lilies, you can conduct preventive measures that will reduce the risk of the attack of beetles. Experts recommend:

  • Before planting the plant, reduce the acidity of the soil with the help of lime or wood ash;
  • With the arrival of autumn, it is necessary to switch the soil and make mulching using peat;
  • Lily bulbs before planting to treat the drug, which is called “Bazudin”, can also be used special substances – acaricides.

Absolutely all drugs that you will handle soil or plant must be certified, high-quality. Also make sure that the instruction is attached to the drug, as you should act exclusively guided by it.

About pests of lilies and ways to combat them.

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