What and how to mow grass?

Now summer, and many people who own the site, there was a situation where you need to work with lawn. It must be cut, clean, handle. Today we will look at the main questions: what and how to conduct all this work.

Treatment types

First you need to figure out what exactly you want to make a lawn, because the amount of time that your job will take. There are several basic options for cleaning the territory from excess herbs, which in the summer grows pretty quickly.

First of all, you need to choose a quality tool. Your equipment must be suitable for you, as the tools have different differences, weight and features. Some types of equipment have more power, others – smaller. And also the choice depends on the grass, which on your site grows.

There is no need to buy a powerful unit, if a small grass grows on your site, for which a completely simple tool may be needed for.

Manual braid

Simple and long-known people tool called Spit. They were cut off the grass long before the appearance of specialized informative equipment. The big plus of this tool is that it is completely autonomy. For him, it is not necessary to breed the oil and gasoline, but they, and, in general, do not need. And no need for electricity. But this option is suitable for physically strong people, as it will have to work in this way even in the middle territory.

Of the features, you can note the technique of pouch. It is necessary to correctly be able to use scythe in order for the work to be high quality and did not occupy you with extra time and effort. Do not forget that it is necessary to pay attention to the blade. If you begin to chop small shrubs or branches, then the blade can be fused, and if it is not sharpened, then, in general, it can break.

Use a stupid braid – it is only to spend your time and strength, so the operation here is also needed. In addition, it will be very difficult to create a smooth lawn, because braids do not have a certain height of cutting. Here everything is done manually.


This is a more modern tool than braid. These helpers can mow grass and in hard-to-reach places, as a person moves with him as well as with oblique. Cutting elements There are two types: Special discs that rotate at high speed (can up to 9000 revolutions per minute) and nylon fishing line. For the lawn surface, you can use less powerful options.

Trimmers are two species: gasoline and electric.

  • Petrol – work on fuel, and the fuel is prepared in the form of a mixture of gasoline and oil. Basically use gasoline AI-92, and the oil is already dependent on the manufacturer. Some types of gasoline trimmers work better on the oil producer itself, which specialized under garden technique. Do not and forget about exhaust, as some models have such a minus, as quite bulk exhaust, which makes them not completely environmentally friendly.

And also they can work loudly, which can interfere with enjoying calmness on their plot.

  • Electric – cleaner ecologically and safe for nature. Disposable in the title, we understand that for such motocos you need electricity. It’s minus in terms of mobility. If for braid, in general, do not need fuel or charging, and for gasoline trimmer you need fuel, then for this technique you need to have a permanent source of electricity. As a rule, they are easier than fuel, making them comfortable. All trimmers (and electrical, and gasoline) are equipped with handles for work and shoulder straps to work simply. Operation of trimmers is quite simple: most functions are on handling controls.

Lawn mower

Another representative of modern technology. The main difference from trimmers is that lawn mowers have wheels. Thanks to the function of movement, they facilitate the work of a person, because they only need to smoothly push forward. But lawn mowers are divided into:

  1. self-propelled;
  2. Non-slip.

Consider the differences in self-propelled and noncommet representatives. The fact is that self-propelled moves themselves, they do not need to manage. All that you need to do a person is to serve this device and monitor its movement.

Uncomfortable lawn mowers need direct impact of man. They need to push, and smoothly and just right. No need to make sharp turns, it can affect the quality of the grass.

There are also differences in lawn mowers and the type of nutrition / fuel:

  1. gasoline (fuel);
  2. Electrical.

Pros and cons of electrical and gasoline models are the same as in trimmers. One needed a close source of electricity (or using carrying, which is not very convenient), others need to breed fuel.

How to pick up?

It is necessary to pick up the mower that in the country will be more convenient for you. Do not forget about the same gasoline exhaust when working, because the gasoline models are present, just at someone to a greater extent, someone in a smaller.

From all of the listed you need to choose models that are suitable for your site. It should be understood that in different areas: a small or large, even or inclined, thick or legitimate will need completely different tools. It all depends on what a total work is planning to perform.

    During operation, there are some very important items, they must be observed.

    • Always check the filters, grassballs, because if they are clogged, then your equipment may not start, or work is not fully power.
    • Carefully follow the knives and other cutting elements. Their quality directly affects the quality of the pcs of grass and various shrubs. Here everything is the same as with oblique. It is better to check the blades and not to spend too much time on repeated beep, excessive work.
    • Do not forget about the level of fuel (if it comes to fuel versions). Check it before starting work together with filters and other components of the machine, which over time you will need to replace or clean.
    • The tool must be stored in a dry place so that there is no moisture, which may result in corrosion development
    • Remember to adjust the height of the bow. To your lawn be very smooth and enjoyable in appearance, it is necessary to cut grass equally in the altitude.
    • If necessary, sharpen knives better contact the masters.
    • When breakdown some parts and faults, contact technical centers where people are well versed in such a garden technique

    Consider some representatives from each type of tools.

    Braids also have different species, more precisely, from different materials. The canvas should be of the steel of good quality, durable and flexible material. It is advisable to make the copowishche from birch, and handle from willow.

    Trimmers – have a different price range that we will also consider and give a small rating.

    Cheap trimmers

    • BBT-230 – easy to use. Easy in management. Relatively cheap.

    • HUTER GGT-1000T – more powerful than the previous, larger number of revolutions. Also a simple model.

    • Patriot PT 555 – very hardy and resistant model. Cutting the cutting element durable.

    By the ratio of price- quality

    • Stihl FS 55 – Technique with many functions. Excellent endurance with good quality assembly allows you to perform a large amount of work.

    • Husqvarna 128r – Multilateral apparatus. High power allows you to cut even small shrubs. But because of the powerful motor there is a lot of noise when working.

    • Kruger GTK 52-7 – Powerful and reliable, strong. A large number of functions, big endurance – about it. Minus one and this is not the tougher rod during the bow.

    The highest quality

    • Makita EBH341U – It is distinguished by the presence of an ergonomic and comfortable handle, a high-quality shoulder strap, a high level of engine protection against moisture and herbs. Easy and versatile model that will be a good helper for working on a small or medium area.

    • Echo SRM 350es – stand out among other options with its capacity. In addition to power, very good quality cutting elements, along with the cooling function of the motor. Professional status talks about quality.

    • Stihl FS 130 – Highly professional trimmer in all senses. Easy control, understandable operation, high power, low fuel consumption, large width when working with fishing line, durability, maneuverability – and this is not all positive qualities of the 130th. There is a minus, but it is unbound with the most complete set. This is the price. But this is a professional trimmer, and they can be treated even the branches of trees, not to mention shrubs.

    Next, go through the main models of lawn mowers.


    • Hyundai L 4310;
    • Viking MB 248;
    • Champion LM5347BS;
    • DDE LM 51-60D;
    • Makita PLM 4628 N.


    • Makita ELM3311;
    • DDE LME3614;
    • Al-Ko Classic 3.82 SE 112856;
    • Bosch Arm 37;
    • Daewoo DLM 2200E.

    Having understood with the most chassis and best models, it is still worth approaching the choice neatly. For example, a woman needs to pay attention to weight and difficulty in controlling trimmer or lawn mower.

    In order to cut a high and thick grass, it is advisable to take the device more powerful, and if you have a square lawn, it will be easier to mow the grass with the help of self-propelled lawn mower.

    Requirements for workwear

    Since working with equipment requires a separate security, you need to pick a special type of clothing. It should defend an employee from grass from entering (which can be swollen casual clothes), on probability of cuts (if it is incorrect to use the tool), also from the unpleasant getting into the face in the face, in particular.

    The main kit can be the following set: Protective mask and overalls.

    Mask will prevent herbs and other little things. It is necessary when led by high herbs in large quantities. In addition to the mask, you can use special glasses that are used not only when leaning herbs, but also when working with other techniques, for example, with a grinder. They can be wiped at the right moment, if there is no complete opportunity to see.

    The overalls should be dense, well stitched, so that in case of an unexpected contact with the blade, the damage was less severe. You can also use working suits that protect from work, for example, Rob Welder, which protects it from possible burn.

    Of course, you can not use overalls, but this is the main safety technique. During the forefront, there were a lot of cases when, because of the wrong equipment and a negligent attitude towards a garden tool and clothing, people cried themselves.

    Better rebuild, and do not risk your health.

    Technique of mowing

    We will analyze the main nuances of the technique when firing. It is because of poor work techniques that some owners blame their tools in poor quality and low assembly level. We will explain to those who work with the garden equipment of this kind for the first time.

    In the first seasons, the lawn shat at 4-5 cm, reducing gradually up to 3-4. Lands of pouch can install themselves. You can leave more, smaller. It all depends only on your vision of your site.

    Now we will deal with what the difference when the lawn mile and trimmer.

    Trimmer you can change the direction as you want. There are no rules and recommendations here. And also a trimmer is more convenient to clean the grass in uneven areas, as the person himself will direct the blade on the lawn and determine where and how he agitates.

    But minus is that if you mow the grass while dew, then water can get into the motor of your technique. If the motor is located below, the probability of moisture will be even higher. It is also not recommended to work trimmer during the rain all because of the same reasons: the possibility of water from.

    This can cause a circuit that in the future can grow into a malfunction of the aggregate. Therefore, it is better to wait more favorable for the weather.

    The lawn mower can be operated on rainy weather, and this is a certain plus in front of the trimmers. But here there are some recommendations and restrictions on the technique of work. It is not recommended during use to make sharp and fast movements – it will affect the grass cutoff level.

    And also undesirable to turn sharply or deploy the technique. Too much grass volume, which comes on knives, can easily operate in all directions. Technique need to be controlled smoothly to get the maximum result from their activities.

    Pay attention to the direction of movement. Striped lawn looks very beautiful now. It looks especially nice on flat sites, creating a kind of herbal field. So, so that you have these most stripes, you need to use the lawn mower only in one direction. You can do it a sideway, can come forward. Lawn will not have lanes if it is diagonal to be diagonally all in various ways.


    First of all, it is a technique. She has crashes and breakdowns. Before work, carefully check all the components of your technique, because the lawn haircut with such instruments is an important thing. You need to check the filters (if necessary to clean), the fuel level, cutting elements (knives when blunting better give to those skilled in the art), motor and other parts. This can be done after work, but some manufacturers recommend that.

    On some trimmers no accident is the cooling system and vibration damping system, but they are not present on all copies. Therefore, keep track of the heating of the motor during operation, as its overheating can lead to problems with the apparatus. Sometimes look at the bolts and other fastening elements.

    Although the system of quenching can work, but on some representatives of garden assistants, the fasteners are still gradually spinning, and in the end it can also lead to equipment breakdown.

    Sometimes it happens so that turns are falling, or no complete power is performed. In this case, first check the filters, and then try to work. This once again says that checking the technique is much better to direct action.

    When breakdown, contact the technical center. It is better not to try to repair this technique itself, because it can entail a complete breakdown of the instrument. Knowing people have the experience of such a repair and will help you fix everything in better quality.

    I would like to pay attention to the fact that on some trimmers manufacturers do not leave competent operating information, so you will need to look for the data of the Internet. But before buying, you can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of models and their price, so the finding of operation will not be difficult.

    About how and how to mow grass, look in the following video.

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