What and how to make an inflatable pool?

Inflatable pool is the perfect solution to equip a free land. The tank is a mobile design, it can be transferred freely, and if necessary, blow and fold.

But it is no secret to anyone that damage the inflatable pool is very simple – the design does not differ in high levels of resistance to mechanical damage, since it is made of polychlorvinyl. The most common problem that may occur during the operation of the basin is puncture. Let’s talk about how to cope with this trouble.

Causes and nature of damage

There are several reasons that can damage the pool.

  • Inflated pool installed on an unprepared area. Harvesting the integrity of the design could sharp stone or subject, roots of trees sticking out of the ground, and much more.
  • The product for a long time was under direct solar rays, the quality and thickness of the material were violated.

Thus, the reason that the inflatable pool began to pass the air, is a violation of the rules of operation.

In addition to the puncture, there is another nature of damage, which is associated with seams. Such a problem may arise with the products of little-known manufacturers, which in the production process are most likely violated by technology.

If you bought a poor-quality model of the pool, then after the first filling of the reservoir, it will simply disappear by the seam. Sure, You can try to eliminate problems yourself, but it is best to assign goods back. That is why do not forget to keep a check and warranty card after purchase.

To minimize the possibility of such troubles, it is best to acquire products of famous trademarks. Manufacturers such as Intex, Bestway, Zodiac, Polygroup. These companies are manufactured by polychlorvinyl products according to all requirements and standards.

How to find a hole in the inflatable pool?

If the reservoir is damaged, it will immediately become noticeable: when it is in the inflated state, the air will begin to go out, and the design will start losing its shape. Conclusion Only one – Pool Pin. Of course, you can begin to seek the reason for the current situation, but it is best to start searching the hole.

There are several simple ways to determine the place of puncture.

  • First of all, you need to inflate the pool and decide on the part that passes the air. Next, neatly pressing the rubber, try to hear where the air passes. In the place where the pool is punctured, you will hear a certain sound or a blow of a light wind.
  • If you cannot define a puncture with your ears, apply your hands. It is necessary to moisten the palm with water and go through the surface. You will feel the airflow that will go through the hole.
  • This method is suitable exclusively for small designs of structures. The pumped out product must be placed in water tank. The punctured place will detect itself by bubbles on the surface of the water.
  • If the pool is large, you need to use the detergent. Prepared soap solution you need to deceive the entire area of ​​the tank. Next you need to look carefully – bubbles will start across the hole.

Each of the above-listed methods effective. Choosing a method for determining the place of puncture depends on the wishes and size of the product. It is recommended after the puncture was detected, mark this place with a marker or handle so that in the future it was possible to immediately see it.

Selection of glue

To cope with the bunch of an inflatable pool, not necessarily contact the specialized companies that provide these services. Everything can be done independently at home. The main thing: do not panic, assess the situation and prepare the necessary material for repair.

One of the important attributes that will be needed during the ripping process is glue. To take a hole in an inflatable pool, you can use:

  • PVA;
  • Super glue;
  • Professional composition.

The first two options are suitable if the repair is urgently needed, as well as for a small size and volume of the tank. But, given the practice and experience of consumers, it can be concluded that the patch, glued to PVA or super-chalk glue, will last a week, and that – provided that the pool will not be able to be operated.

Sure, Perfect option – use special glue, which is intended for the repair of an inflatable pool. Manufacturers advise, buying a reservoir, at the same time acquire and a set for repair, which includes professional glue and patchwork.

There are such craftsmen who, instead of glue, use the usual stationery scotch. But this material is completely unreliable, besides, it is constantly lipped by different garbage and dust, which ultimately can lead to water pollution. Therefore, it is better not to apply it.

Stages of repair

We offer instructions for phased repair work. So, to flick the hole in the inflatable product, you must perform several actions.

  1. Find the place of puncture and decide on its size. From how much a big hole is formed, it depends on what materials should be used. If the puncture is small, you can apply simple “moment” type. In the case, if the prophet of impressive sizes, you will definitely need professional materials.
  2. Next, using sandpaper, you need to clean the perimeter around the place with a puncture.
  3. Gently lubricate the hole with glue or sealant.
  4. After 2 minutes, impose a hermetic material on the puncture and press well. Keep needed for a few minutes so that the glue grab.
  5. During the day, “superimposed seams” must dry.
  6. As soon as the patch dries, it is advisable to apply the glue layer on it again to secure the result. Wait until you dry.

After all the stages of repair work are suppressed, your inflatable pool will be ready to actively use.


After all of the foregoing, it is worth thinking about the prevention of damage. After all, the key to long-term operation of the design is not only the initial product quality and manufacturer’s warranty, but also the right use.

    To extend the life of the inflatable basin, you do not need much, just adhere to simple rules and recommendations.

    • It is categorically not recommended to unpack the only acquired inflatable pool with sharp objects such as scissors or knife.
    • The place where the reservoir will be installed, you need to prepare in advance – cleanse from garbage, weeds, stones and trees roots.
    • Before installing the design, the plot is advised to pour the sand layer, lay a linoleum or carpet.
    • Do not patch the product. If it is maximized to pump it, the likelihood of damage will increase. First of all can stretch or break the seams.
    • In no case can not allow pets to contact with a reservoir. Their sharp teeth or claws can punch a hole in it and not one.
    • Do not jump in the pool and do not bathe in the shoes.
    • Follow the level of filling the bowl of water. You can not pour more than allowed.
    • Every 4 days you need to change water and perform the cleaning of the design completely. Special hypoallergenic detergents are better used for cleaning.
    • Do not divide fires near the pool.
    • Control so that children do not take sharp toys.
    • In the period when you do not use the reservoir, it is desirable to cover it with a film.

    Before starting operation, carefully examine the instructions for use that must be included in the kit. The manufacturer usually indicates all the rules of operation and care for the design.

    On how to make a hole in the inflatable pool, look next.

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