What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

Lily – an incredibly beautiful flower, which, thanks to his endurance, is in demand for both crop-like-lovers and professionals. It is called the Duchess Garden, it fills the flower bed with aroma and some charm, makes her luxurious.

The more popular Lily becomes, the more questions arise relating to its cultivation. One of the most relevant is this: how and what to feed Lily in front of flowering so that its buds are big, lush and pleased the eye as long as possible. It is about this and let’s talk in this article.

What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

What do you need feeding?

Absolutely any plant needs to be correct and timely feeding. Lily is not too demanding towards care, but fertilizer is important for it. This is due to the fact that the plant during the vegetative period consumes many nutrients, without which its further normal growth and development are impossible. The fertilizer needs to be approached very seriously and responsibly.

Lilia feeding in the spring before flowering gives the opportunity:

  • accumulate organic matter;
  • accelerate growth;
  • For a long time to bloom;
  • more actively struggling with pests and diseases.

What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

    The presence of additional organic substances in the ground contributes to the full development of the bulb, which in turn is responsible for greens, forming buds, flower.

    Also fertilizers are well strengthened and root system.

    Be sure to make them if:

    • The plant was transplanted;
    • On the leaves began to appear dark or yellow spots;
    • Screenshots, drying and foaming of leaves.

    Once on lilies, the manifestations of various diseases become noticeable, the feeding should be made immediately.

    What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

    What fertilizers can be used?

    In order for your lily to grow well and beautifully bloom, you need to be aware of what feeders can be applied, and which are not welcome.

    Mineral fertilizers who recommend using experts.

    • Ammonia Seliver and urea. These substances contain a large amount of nitrogen, which has a beneficial effect on the growth of plants and the health of young shoots. Also these mineral supplements contribute to the appearance of chlorophyll lily foliage and the accumulation of useful organic substances. To prevent the substances of the plant, they need them or dissolve in water according to the instructions, or simply in the granular state to put in the ground.
    • Superphosphates. They give the plant forces in the fight against parasites and harmful microorganisms, make Lily more sustainable before adverse weather conditions. Superphosphates are entered exclusively in a dry condition in the soil during resistance.
    • Sulfate potassium. Gardeners are recommended to make this fertilizer if you transplant the plant – it will help Lilies faster getting ready in a new place.
    • Nitroammofoska. This substance is considered universal, as it has all the necessary vitamins, trace elements.

    What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

    What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

      If you chose mineral additives for feeding, which are enriched with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, be sure to follow the instructions and observe the proportions, otherwise there is a risk to harvest the plant.

      Organic fertilizers are considered fairly effective. Gardeners are used in some cases:

      • dung or leaf humus (preferably rotated);
      • bird litter;
      • Cherry earth.

      What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

        Fertilizer data must be made to the land where plant landing is provided.

        Before you begin to feed colors and determine with the type of additives, you need to figure out exactly what kind of grade belongs to Lily. The thing is that some additives can be contraindicated certain varieties.

        In addition to useful positively affecting the growth and development of the plant, there are also such that is strictly forbidden to use as a fertilizer of lily. It is impossible to fertilize Lily with fresh humus and compost, substances that are designed for spraying. The thing is that supplements that fall on the leaves provoke burns, drying and it is possible that the flower may eventually die.

        All supplements must be bought in specialized points, Checking the shelf life and quality certificates. Also pay attention to whether instructions are attached to use.

        What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

        What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

        The use of folk remedies

        Very often, gardeners prefer to use not ready-made fertilizers, but made independently with the use of long-known recipes. If you do not have above the listed organic or mineral additives, then you can use the following folk remedies:

        • The onion husk is cheered into the ground, it prevents the appearance of diseases, pests, strengthens the root system of the plant and contributes to beautiful flowering;
        • For the prevention of fungal diseases, garlic can be used;
        • To rouding cuttings and young shoots, it is recommended to use aloe juice;
        • The use of lemon peel, orange and mandarin well affects the growth and appearance of the flower;
        • An egg shell is a well-known storehouse of nutrients;
        • Wood ash – a very popular and well-known type of additive, consisting of a lot of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, zinc and calcium.

        What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

        What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

        Of course, most of these home fertilizers are harmless, but you should not get involved too. Such fertilizers can be applied more than 1 time per week.

        How to fertilize correctly?

        It is important not only to make the right fertilizers intended for lily, but also to comply. Every time of year requires their feeding.

        The following rules are recommended to comply with experienced flower.

        1. The first fertilizers are entered immediately during the planting of the flower in the spring. In this case, the state of the soil is of great importance – if it is fertile and well rested, you can do without additives. Otherwise, fresh manure should be added to the soil (approximately 8 kilograms per 1 m²) or wood ash in the amount of 100 grams per 1 m². You can also apply mineral fertilizers: Before boarding, rich rich in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.
        2. Films need nitrogen additives that contribute to the development of the ground part of the plant and abundant flowering. As the first feeding, an ammonium nitrate is used – approximately 2 tablespoons per 1 m². You can also feed the urea – just prepare a solution of 10 liters of water and 1 tablespoon of the drug. It pours out in the ground.
        3. It is very important to fade by Lily at the end of May-early June before flowering, when the first buds are just beginning to be formed. In this period, the flower needs nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Supplements with such a composition form a full-fledged and beautiful bud. The next summer feeding should be produced during a rapid flowering. Flower must be pleased with complex fertilizers and microelements. Specialists are still advised to apply wood ash.
        4. To lily abundantly and lastly bloom, it is desirable to feed it in the summer of azophos or nitroammophos. These substances need to be twisted in water in a proportion of 2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water.
        5. In the fall, when the plant has already hungf, it also needs to be filtered and thereby prepare for winter. The bulb falls asleep with nutrients to help her cope with frosts. With the arrival of deep autumn, the soil is covered with compost.

        What and how to correct lilies before flowering?

          A few more advice will be useful to fans of lilies that grow these gorgeous flowers with love and special concern.

          • So that with the arrival of frosts lily does not frozen, the soil around it needs to be inspired. To do this, use the foliage or humus. Before planting lily and bring mineral additives, it is advisable to get acquainted with the state of the soil. If the acidity coefficient is high, then it needs to be reduced before fertilizer. You can do this with the help of hazed lime.
          • To make fertilizers in the soil for the denunciation of lilies only when the air temperature is at least + 8cº.
          • When choosing a fertilizer also carefully examine its composition. For each season there are certain additives.

          If you adhere to all of the above-mentioned rules of care and feeding, lilies will be strong, healthy, rich and beautiful blooming. These beautiful plants will be able for a long time to delight the eyes, decorating flower beds, parisades, complementing landscape design

          About how to feed lilies before flowering, look next.

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