What and how to bother lilies?

Lily – one of the most popular garden crops. Its unusual shape, bright coloring and pleasant fragrance invariably attract attention and become decoration of any flower beds. In order for the plant to bear the flower water to their decorative type as long as possible, lilies need feeding.


Development of garden lilies and their ability to blur and longly bloom directly depending on the quality of the nutrition of the bulbs, the saturation of the soil useful macro- and microelements. It is extremely important to provide this culture with the right feeders throughout the growing season.

Fertilizer needs a plant in a variety of periods, with the exception of winter – good gardeners feed their green pets from the very beginning of spring by autumn.

What and how to bother lilies?

The first stage of fertilizer begins early in spring – As soon as the snow cover comes down, the flower begins to awaken from the winter hook and collects all his vitality in order to recover as quickly as possible, give magnificent foliage and form buds. Undercalinking lilies during this period should provide a sufficient amount of nutrients in bulbs.

The next stage when the plant is especially necessary to support from outside – this is a period of bootonization. At this time, lilies need strength to release the flowerons and give abundant and beautiful flowers. How it is impossible for phosphoric feeders, which contribute to the active formation and growth of buds.

In the summer, lilies will also need a portion of fertilizers. These flowers are literally fascinating with their charm, and the task of each owner of the household plot is to support this beauty. In June-July, you will also need feeding, however, no longer so abundant as in the spring.

And finally, In September, Lilies need the latest portion of vitamins and microelements, Which will help the bulb accumulate nutrients to grow and withstand a long winter. Let us dwell on the features of the feeding of garden lines at different stages of vegetation.

What and how to bother lilies?

What and how to bother lilies?

What to focus before the shoots of shoots?

The need of lilies in feeding in early spring to the rustling of new shoots largely depends on the quality of the soil in the garden plot. If the culture was planted on rested lands with a high degree of fertility, then from the introduction of spring feeding it is possible to refuse, in all other cases, Lilia needs to be filled.

Lilies are very well responding to the introduction of high-quality organics: for 1 kV. m will need 7-8 kg huming or overworked compost. Draw attention to the fact that Fresh manure to enter plants is categorically prohibited – This will cause the root burn and the ambulance of the entire plant. Together with the Organic during this period to the nutritional solution, you can add a bit Double Support Dosage 100 g per square meter.

A good version of organic fertilizer can be Wood ash. Such treatment contributes to the appearance of large and beautiful flowers, and besides, the plant acquires resistance to diseases, and winter it will take it much easier. The rate of ash is 100 g / kV. M. Alternatively, organiche can use mineral feeding.

During this period, the plant will need nitrogen: it is best to prepare urea, it is bred in water at the rate of 1 st. L. on the bucket and bring in the snow.

What and how to bother lilies?

What and how to bother lilies?

What to get down when shooting shoots?

For growing green mass, the plant is necessary Sufficient amount of nitrogen, otherwise, strong and magnificent blooming lily you do not get. Fertilizer contributes in May, immediately after the appearance of the first sprouts. Liliils at this stage will need ammonium nitrate – in accordance with the instructions, it is dissolved in water, and the plant waters. Nutrients very quickly penetrate the bulbs and saturate the culture necessary by trace elements.

During this period, lilies will not prevent processing Bordeaux liquid – It will be an excellent prevention of root system diseases and protection from the lesion of green parts. The drug is on the root and use for extractive feeding.

What and how to bother lilies?

Necessary fertilizers during the bootonization period

From the very beginning of the formation of buds, the plant requires a new serving of nutrients. During this period, the flower will bring much benefit Phosphorian-nitrogen – Lilies are very loved by nitroammophos. The drug is made at the rate of 1 st. L. per square meter. Additionally, you can process the infusion of a cowboat or chicken litter, it is bred with water in proportion 1 to 10.

When Lily has almost completely formed buds, and the plant is about to bloom, the root should be made a little Ammonia Selitra: 1 Art. L. The drug is bred in a bucket of water, then watered in a rigorous circle.

When the buds bloom, and bloom will begin (usually it happens in July), the plant needs to be filtered Double superphosphate. The rate of application is 1 g on the water bucket, while it is important to use a solution in warm. Calimagnesia will be used as an alternative: 10-15 g of powder takes each water bucket of water.

Throughout the entire period of bootonization and flowering in open ground can be made Touched wood ash – It does not bear any harm and at the same time contributes to the strengthening of the plant. Powder scatter around the flower and carefully watered with water drip method – in this way you will facilitate nutrients access to roots.

What and how to bother lilies?

What and how to bother lilies?

Cheap, but at the same time an efficient version of feeding for garden lilies is considered Ordinary bread, You can use even a slightly covered mold or completely dried. Uppercumber on the basis of the looked at the bread is very useful for plants, it contributes to active growth and reinforced flowering.

The recipe for the preparation of the nutritional additive is quite simple.

  • Bread should be chopped into small pieces and pour tap water.
  • For greater efficiency in the mixture, chopped nettle leaves or dandelion greenery.
  • The resulting mass is placed under the oppression and maintain in warm, protected from the direct ray of the sun. Keep in mind, the fermentation of bread is usually accompanied by a rather unpleasant smell, so the container with bread and grass is better put in a secluded place.
  • After 7-10 days the resulting mass is bred by water in a ratio of 1 to 10, and fertilize lilies. During the flowering of single processing it will be enough.

IMPORTANT: Yeast contribute to the absorption of calcium from the soil, including this trace element is very useful for lilies. So that the flower does not suffer from its deficiency, it is necessary to make ash or a turf flour at the same time with bread feeding.

What and how to bother lilies?

What and how to bother lilies?

What do need after cutting or blossom?

At the end of the flowering period, it is necessary to make the last for the current vegetation period. It is necessary in order to help culture to go to wintering prepared – the bulbs accumulate the amount of nutrients they need, thanks to which lily easily tolerate prolonged frosts.

At this stage, the plant will help Phosphorian Potasy Preparations. It is advisable to make a double dose in order to increase the winter hardiness of the flower bulbs. In the preparation of nutrient solutions in the water bucket, 2 spoons of calimagnesia and superphosphate are bred. And in conclusion, some tips from experienced flowerflowers that will make feeding more efficient and useful for garden lily.

The first external feeding should be made after the earth warms up to + 5 … 6 degrees Celsius (with the exception of urea). The climate in each region of Russia is poured, and the soil warms up at different times, because in one country the fertilizer can be made in April, in another – only in May.

If on the site where garden lilies landed, the flowers did not grow long, then, most likely, the substrate is rich in humus, respectively, it will not need special feeding for 2-3 years. In the first year of the life of the culture of the flowerons it is better to turn. Without them, the plant will be able to strengthen and gain strength in order to give abundant and lush flowering next year.

What and how to bother lilies?

Note, Lilies poorly transfer highly concentrated fertilizer solutions, Therefore, it is best to feed them in several numbers in small portions.

From folk remedies has the greatest efficiency ammonia – It provides Lily to her nitrogen and improves culture growth. To compile a nutrient solution of 1 h. L. The drug is bred in a liter of water. By the way, the same composition can be used in case of lesion of lily tool, only the dosage in this case will be completely different – 50 ml per bucket of water.

If the landing site is distinguished by increased acidity, it must be reduced, because for lilies such conditions are not recommended for lilies. For this every 5 years, 3 kg of ashes either contribute to the square meter of the Earth Haashed Lime. Treatment is carried out in autumn, after Lily will flash.

In order for your garden lilies to please you with their colorful bloom and an unusually subtle aroma, a lot of effort should be made, to study all the information about how to feed these flowers – after all, they need proper systematic feeding.

What and how to bother lilies?

About how to feed the lilies before blossom, look in the following video.

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