Welded Fences: Features of Designs and Mounting Subtle

Welded metal fences are characterized by high strength, durability and reliability of the design. They are used not only to protect and fencing the site and territory, but also as their additional decoration.


Like a fence made of any other material, a metal welded fence has its own individual features.

  • The main feature is the manufacturing material. Today, several varieties of metal products, differing from each other price and quality characteristics.

  • The second feature lies in the fact that it is possible to connect all sections of the fence with each other with welding. The welding machine can be gas or electric.
  • The third feature is to combine welded products with forged. It is their symbiosis that allows not only reliable and durable welded metal fences, but also to simultaneously make them real works of art.
  • The fourth feature of such welded fences lies in the obligatory coating by their special anti-corrosion. They allow metal details for a long time to maintain not only their appearance, but also qualitative characteristics.

In addition to features, welded fences have pluses, and cons, however, like similar designs from other materials. These points should pay attention to.

Pros and cons

Among the main advantages of such welded metal fences, experts identify the following:

  • High level of strength that is inferior only to high-quality wrought. Such a fence is pretty difficult to break and bend.
  • Not exposure to negative climate. Even with a sharp and strong increase or decrease in temperature, the fence does not lose its qualities.
  • Hard to straighten up under normal conditions.

  • Unable to set fire.
  • Have an affordable price, represents the variety of models.
  • Not subject to negative and destroying mold and fungus.
  • Long service.

  • Possibility of manufacturing in a short time.
  • In contrast to fences from other materials, the welded fence does not reduce the territory of visually, does not make it visually closed.
  • Such a hedge does not need constant and thorough care.

Despite such weighty and important advantages, the welded hedge has cons:

  • Such a fence is not able to protect the territory from dust, dirt and garbage from the outside.
  • Installation of welded hedge makes it difficult to penetrate the area of ​​unauthorized persons, but will not allow the territory from their eyes.
  • Metal itself, despite all strength and durability, strongly susceptible to corrosion.
  • Make such a fence without special experience and tools is almost impossible.

These designs still have more than disadvantages, so it is not surprising that, despite the presence of minuses, their popularity is not reduced.


Specialists allocate three main types of welded metal fence. Each of them needs to be studied in detail in order to understand what will meet your requirements.

Mesh welded fence

This embodiment is considered universal, can be installed on any territory. He misses the maximum of sunlight on the site, has the minimum possible cost and a simple design. The main feature of such a fence is the possibility of its installation on any territory.

The main advantages of such a fence are considered:

  • low price;
  • quick installation;
  • practical use;
  • lack of care;
  • Attractive view;
  • Ability to use as support for curly plants.

There is such weld fence and cons. The main ones are the same appearance of all models and low protection of the territory from dust and debris, as well as stray animals.

Sectional fences

Such a fence is also called the profile fence. The hedge itself consists of pieces of profile pipe, cooked with each other, thanks to which he received its name. This fence is often installed in places of massacre of people: in squares, parks, hospitals and parking lots.

The advantages of such a design are considered:

  • ease of manufacture and installation;
  • long service life;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Ensuring an excellent survey of adjacent territory.

Without minuses did not cost here. The main disadvantages are unprofitable from sauards from the outside and easy access of irrepressable guests to the territory.

Cognan-welded hedges

In essence, it is a hybrid of welded fences and forged fences. Recently, their popularity increases, as such products have more advantages than minuses.

The advantages include:

  • External appearance;
  • high level of protection of the territory from the penetration of third parties;
  • quick installation;
  • long service life;
  • The possibility of universal installation. This means that such a hedge will be appropriate both on private and public territory.

If we talk about disadvantages, then cooko-welded fences is one – quite a high price. Despite the presence of only three types of such welded fencing, it can be manufactured in various versions. Fencing models are quite a lot.


Welded steel fence, if necessary, can be made and with your own hands at home. To do this, you need skills to work with welding. Also in advance should be purchased all the necessary tools and materials. At home, it is better to make a fence from the wire, that is, making a mesh fence or profile hedge. Next, it will be step-by-step reviewed the execution of exactly the second option, since these panels are easy to do.

To begin with, you need to stock inventory:

  • rope and roulette;
  • water, screening, sand and cement;
  • struts;
  • shovel;
  • Bulgarian;

  • level;
  • welding;
  • pegs;
  • Construction mixer or drill;
  • fittings for foundation;
  • Profile of suitable diameter pipes.

All works begin with creating a sketch of future hedge. The drawing is created on paper with an accurate indication of the height and width of each section, as well as the total area of ​​the perimeter of all fence.

Further sequence will be as follows:

  • It is necessary to determine the location of future reference pillars. To do this, from the border of the site all over its perimeter, pegs with a stretched rope. The distance between them should be 2.5 meters.

  • It is necessary to dug holes in those places where pillars will be installed in the future. Their depth should be at least 1 m.
  • Pillars are installed in the pits, poured with cement mortar. Immediately, it is necessary to check their evenness to check the level, and if necessary, while the solution is not frozen, to correct.
  • Now, while the cement dries out, you can proceed to creating panels. From pieces of profile pipe, according to the previously created sketch, the future elements of the fence are welded.

  • You can attach them to the columns after full of cement.
  • For better bonding supports with panels need a miniature lattice. Creating a lattice consists in welding two profile pipes at the bottom and above to each support in such a way that the pipe connects two colums. It is to such an additional support that finished sections are welded in the future.
  • After all the work is finished, all parts of the welded fence must be treated with anti-corrosion solution, then paint in the selected color.

An independent manufacture of welded metal fence is a troublesome and long-term lesson, but a beautiful and durable fence, obtained in the end of the work, fully justifies such costs.

Useful advice

Finally, I would like to introduce your useful recommendations to your attention, the observance of which will help to preserve the appearance and quality of such a welded design for a long time.

  • If you decide to make such a fence with your own hands, you should choose the maximum simple to design fence. To create a beautiful fence with a complex design, it is necessary to have not only additional materials, but also certain skills. For the same reasons you should not try to create an independently construct on screw piles.
  • Be sure to make sure that the support pillars have protective caps or plugs. They will not give dirt, garbage, dust and atmospheric precipitates penetrate inside and destroy the stability of the design. Usually factory hedges are already equipped with them. If not, then the plugs are either made independently or purchase in the profile store.

  • At least once a year, the entire fence must be treated with special protective equipment that will protect the design from corrosion.
  • For staining such welded fences it is better to choose acrylic paints. Oil colorful mixtures are too quickly peeling and treated, and therefore, they cannot fully protect the metal from various negative impacts.
  • If the welded hedge has forged elements, then as a support, it is best to choose pillars with a round or square cross section. Such fences look especially stylish and beautiful.

Beautiful options

Welded metal fence – this is not just a metal fence. With the right approach to its choice, it can be stylish, beautiful and unusual.

  • Low welded fence with forging elements. Such a fence looks modern and aesthetic. If necessary, it is possible to increase its size, and use the resulting fence to protect the plot of a larger area.
  • Minimalistic mesh fence as it is impossible to fit into the surrounding exterior. It is here that it looks quite appropriate, performing its basic function – separation of the territory. At the same time, he does not distract the view from other items around. Such an elevation and visible, and invisible at the same time.

  • Sectional welded fence of this species is ideal for both installation on a private area and for installation in squares, parks or hospitals. Nonsense, but at the same time an unusual and beautiful view of aggregate with high quality characteristics makes such a fence favorable acquisition.
  • Another cook-welded fence, which has a simple appearance, but has a highlight. Pointed peaks located in the upper part of it will impede the access of foreign on its territory. This option fencing will be appropriate in school, and in kindergarten, and in the country.

Welded metal fences of all kinds may look stylish, modern and beautiful, and these photos only clearly confirm it. In general, welded metal fences, rather, serve to clearly divide the boundaries of the plots and their small decoration. Hide territory from prying eyes, protect the plot from other people’s people with their help is almost impossible.

About the features of structures and intricacies of the installation of welded fences, see the following video.

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