Types and varieties of oak

Oak – the genus of the trees of the beech family, has a huge number of different species. Oak growing zones are also distinguished. In this article we will get closer to different types and varieties of this kind and greatest tree.

Varieties found in Russia

In Russia, there are many different types of oak. Each of them has its own distinctive features and external nuances for which it is possible to determine the specific species of one or another tree. Consider what characteristics different oak subspecies are different growing in our country.


Beautiful tree that meets in the southern regions of the Caucasus. Very often, the large-scale oak falls out in the park areas formed by artificially. In recent years, work is actively working on updating the population of this species. The considered subspecies of oak has a number of distinctive characteristics, namely:

  • It grown short leaves, whose length is extremely rarely exceeded with 18 cm;
  • Leaves of large-scale oak have characteristic stupid blades;
  • This is a light-loving tree view;
  • Large oak is characterized by slow growth, so it usually takes a lot of time on its cultivation;
  • A tree is not afraid or freezing, no arid climatic conditions.

In a different way, a large-sized oak is called high-alone Caucasian. The height of this tree rarely exceeds 20 m. Today, decorative landings in most cases are formed from hybrid large-scale varieties of this tree.


You can meet in Russia and chesttopalist oak. This is a kind that was recorded in the Red Book. The tree is characterized by the presence of a beautiful wide crown in the form of an elegant tent. In height can reach up to 30 m. Leaf plates at wood massive, can reach 18 cm long. Have pointed triangular teeth.

The main distinguishing feature of the chesttopalistic oak is its very rapid growth and good frost resistance. Faster and best of all the tree under consideration is growing in a wet soil.


Very beautiful, elegant tree. It attracts attention to its decorative appearance. Height, healthy Mongolian oak can pass over 30 m. Leaves of this tree are characterized by an oblong shape and an inverse. Blades in leaves uncontaminated and short. The average length of one leaf is about 20 cm. The color of the leaves varies from dark green – in summer, to yellow-brown – in the fall.

Tree can very well tolerate side shaders. This is one of the important factors of accelerated growth of handsome oak. Despite this, Mongolian Oak feels very comfortable if it is enough lighting in the top. Optimal conditions for the growth of the tree under consideration – half. Mongolian oak frost-resistant, however, too strong spring frosts can harm him. Put a tree in the role of solitator or an array element when decorating an alley.


The most popular view of oak. In a different way, he is called “Oak English” or “Summer”. Tree is characterized by large sizes. Can grow in 30-40 m in height. It is this kind of oak that is able to form elegant large forest forests in the south of forest and forest-steppe zones.

Ordinary oak, like chesttitone, entered in the Red Book. The tree is well branching, has a huge crown in its size and a powerful trunk. This strong and good gigant can live 2,000 years old, but about 300-400 years live more often. In the height, ordinary oak stops growing only at the moment when it reaches age from 100 to 200 years.


Such a name is still wearing an ordinary oak, which was told above. On the territory of Russia, this species occurs more often than the rest. In nature, you can meet specimens, the height of which exceeds the mark of 40 m. For example, it can be a giant in 55 m. Tree has bright green leaves, curved branches. Crane of cherry oak is characterized by a pyramidal form. The tree has very strong and deeply leaving the roots.

There is a separate subspecies of cherry oak – Fastigiat Oak. This is a very slender deciduous plant, having a narrow and column type of crown. With age, it becomes wider.

Growing considered subspecies with average speed. Loves light, but does not tolerate water.


Plant, which is often found in the southern regions of Russia, as well as in the territory of the PRC and Korea. Also included in the Red Book. Is under guard since 1978 due to the threat of complete destruction. Green handsome characterized by extremely high decorativeness. It can be met in 14 botanical gardens of Russia.

The toothed view is low and height reaches from 5 to 8 m. The diameter of the trunk of adult trees usually does not exceed 30 cm. The view in question is fast-growing, has ribbed shoots having a yellowish.


The view having a large and magnific crown. Height is capable of reaching from 24 to 35 m. It has a very strong and powerful trunk, the diameter of which is about 1.5 m. European copy is a real forest long-lived, which feels particularly comfortable in wet soil conditions. Tree bark can reach 10 cm.

European subspecies has the leaves of the oblong form. They are going to small bundles and are located on the tops of the branches. The wood of this tree is coarse, but has a very attractive appearance and natural drawing.


A large broad-sized tree, in height can reach 40 m. On average lives from 120 to 150 years. The trunk is covered with cracking bark, which has black and brown shades. The shoots of the Austrian handsome are covered by unusual starpackers forming yellow-green omens. The leaves are growing extended, oval or inversely.

Mediterranean species

We will get acquainted closer and with some Mediterranean species.


This is an evergreen giant, having a very wide and spread crown with not too frequent branches. It differs in that it has an impressive diameter. Bark at the tree gray with severe cracks. The leaflets at the stone oak are modest and from nature have small dimensions – more than 8 cm grow rarely. They are characterized by yellow or white substrate.


Very beautiful view of oak having bright and attracting color. In height, this gorgeous tree can reach a mark of 30 m, but there are also higher specimens that have grown up to 50 or more. Red oak can be a luxurious decoration of the cityscape, so it is often growing artificially in various parts of the earth. Red oak foliage has a rich-brown or pleasant raspberry shade.

As for the remaining parameters and characteristics of this tree, then they are largely similar to the cherry oak.


In a different way, this oak is called Armenian. It has inverse-shaped leaves. The main fruits of this tree are acorns, form and develop on elongated frozen. Oak Gatvis prefers to grow in moderate shaders, the level of humidity for the tree is also suited moderate. Optimal warm temperatures and fertile soil. The view of the view in question is experiencing badly, so it rarely grows in the cold regions.


Otherwise called Iberian oak. It has a very thick crown and lenders of the extended structure. The leaf blade is wide and stupid on the top. Flowers for this tree are completely inconspicuous and almost do not attract attention. The ripening of the acorns occurs in September. Winter-hardy tree, but being young, can lightly moderate. Not afraid of drought, not exposed to common diseases. Pests Georgian Oak also little interest.

Types growing in America

Now consider which oak varieties grow in America.


Beautiful tree, decorative due to tolten crown. It has a very powerful and strong trunk. Large-mode oak characterized by brilliant foliage of a dark green shade. In height, this tree can reach a mark of 30 m. On the trunk you can see the light brown boron, which is covered with cracks. This species loves light, but the partial side shading does not harm him either.


A tree that grows up to 20-25 m. Loves fertile and sufficiently moistened soil. White oak is not afraid of frosts. Considered a long-lived tree. There are copies whose age exceeds 600 years.

Wood White View is not too tough, but wear-resistant.


The average parameter of the height of the marsh oak – 25 m. Tree has a beautiful pyramidal crown. Oak Oak-considered, it is better and rapidly growing in the conditions of nutritious and well-wetted soil. Unbelievable can survive not very strong frost. It can only be frozen shoots.


Slender and very elegant tree is characterized by high decorativeness. Has a wide crown of rounded structure. Height reaches 20 m. The leaves of the wool oak are in many ways like willow leaves. Young leaflets have a characteristic omission at the bottom. It grows this tree on any soils, but it requires enough lighting.


This is a small tree or leafy shrub. Grows in the east of the United States. It has a smooth bark of a dark brown shade. It comes to the altitude to the mark of 5-7 m. It is characteristic of the beautiful round of Crohn, distinguished by impressive dense. Doodle wood leaves usually grow up to 5-12 cm long.


No less attractive tree, the average height of which is 20 m. Green Virgin Oak remains throughout the year. Tree is characterized by the presence of very dense and durable wood. Most of all Virgin Oak is distributed in the southern territories of the United States.

Far Eastern

High hard hardwood. Has a beautiful tolten crown that attracts a lot of attention. Leaflets of this tree grow large having small cloves around the edges. In the fall of the foliage of the Far Eastern Tree acquires a bright orange color, due to which Oak seems even more spectacular and bright.

Oaks in Japan

Dissolved oaks and in Japan. Local trees may differ greatly from curly or willow-shaped beauties growing in Russia and the USA. We will get acquainted with some of the most popular and common types of oak growing in Japan.


This tree grows not only in Japan, but also in China, Korea. Changeable oak is a leaf fall, has a characteristic deported crown. The standard height of the tree under consideration reaches 25-30 m. The bark of this oak is very dense, having long and winding longitudinal furrows. Form of leaves – pointed. Flowers of a variable view are grouped into charming earrings that are formed and become visible only in the middle of the spring season. They are pollinated by the wind.

Also changing oak gives other fruits – acorns. They have a spherical structure and diameter from 1.5 to 2 cm. Ripen acorns only 18 months after pollination. The tree under consideration is grown in a modest scale, especially in China.

This oak attracts high decorativeness and the possibility of its use in industrial processes


Gorgeous looking tree with wood moderate durability and attractive yellowish brown color. This magnificent handsome man grows not only in Japan, but also in the Philippines. Japanese oak wood color depends on a particular place on which the tree has grown. So, trees growing on Honshu Island have an interesting pinkish shade.

Today, the Japanese Oak attracts people not only with high decorativeness, but also the quality of wood. It is widely used in furniture, red and carp and joinery. Often it turns out to be a good solution when it comes to panel finishing of different bases.

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