Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

Some amateur gardeners create fences on their household plots from green plantings. It’s very beautiful and worthy. However, such a passion requires a lot of time. Beautiful live fence may turn out if it is subject to constant and thorough trimming. Take, for example, such a beautiful plant like Barbaris. A bush defender of the territory will serve you for a long time and delight not only you, but also passing by people. Consider how to properly trim the barbaris.

Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris


Barbaris retains his decorative properties throughout the season. Especially beautiful in August. His bright appearance appears to the entire area on which it lives, a special kind. That is why it is used as a fence. This plant has many advantages:

  • Barbaris is a shrub that is able to quickly grow up;
  • This natural copy has become famous for very tasty and healthy fruits.

Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

Like all setting of such a plan, Barbaris requires care in which mandatory pruning. Without it, you will not be aesthetically formed to form a plant, as it has very empty branches. Without trimming barberries can make your plot with impassable due to the fact that his “lightning” growing roots and spiny processes are able to capture large spaces. That is why barberries requires careful trimming. If it is done regularly and correctly, you will receive from this plant what we expected.

You can produce a procedure both in winter and in the fall. But best for such manipulations fits the spring period.

    However, here have its own warnings. Pruning must be finished prior to the beginning of a slightness, which begins with the middle of March and continues in April.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

    All gardeners goals are different. therefore If you do not want to form a bush in a certain direction, then just clean the extra branches in time. This process will help to avoid thickening and significantly overtakes the plant itself. In addition, Barbaris is able to independently form a crown, since its branches grow vertically. Then, after some time, you will only have to remove extra trunks, and your planting will always stay in a great form.

    It is necessary to take into account that deciduous units are trying to trim in the spring when they have not yet released the kidneys.

    What do not say about evergreen varieties. They are desirable to cut immediately after the completion of flowering.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

    Autumn trimming Try to do before the onset of frosts. At the same time, it is impossible to conduct it if the plant still goes the process of fruiting. Typically, such procedures are carried out either in September, or in early October. In addition, the autumn period is perfectly suitable for both plant rejuvenation and sanitary trimming. If the Kushist is for more than 10 years, then this procedure is simply needed. Strongly thickened copies are cut off excess growths at the root system.

    It should be noted that the manipulations associated with the trimming of young plantings are quite simple. Even inexperienced people will cope with such actions.

    If you are not going to give the bush the original shape, then after landing, remove unwanted shoots, and strong – slightly shorten.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

    Summer landing is good because for the warmer period, young planting begins to branch well and form roots. You will only stay trimming in 3 stages. And this method is considered the simplest. As a result, you will get an empty bush.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

    A few more recommendations from specialists.

    • Before starting the pruning procedure, you should thoroughly inspect the bush and choose suitable branches.
    • Procherate shoots only to a developed kidney.
    • Slices must be carried out under the inclination of 50-60 degrees.
    • Cut should be flawlessly smooth. Try not to allow burrs (if there are short-quality cuts, then wear your tool).
    • Side shoots, remove the base. If you leave a small thigh, then pathogenic microbes or pests can enter it, which will eventually destroy all the plant.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

    What tools are needed?

    All plants have properties to grow. Without careful trimming, your plot will turn into a solid impassable forest. Especially if the Barbaris bushes grow on it. To easily cope with the task of trimming, you need to have the necessary tools at hand. For a full care for the garden, the responsible gardener needs to have a number of instruments:

    • suchkoreau;
    • Costort;
    • hacksaw;
    • secator;
    • scissors.

    Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

      Of course, all tools must be in perfect condition. Here you should rely on certain requirements.

      • The tool must be high quality and withstand loads.
      • All units should not be too heavy, as well as they must have a bright form (provided by a colors).
      • Cutting items must have narrow ends. Then you can get to the very foundation of the plant.

        And also: it is important that all items are well sharpened. And before starting the trimming, they must also be disinfected.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        Now let’s move on to the consideration of each garden object and its purpose.

        • The tool used to remove branches with a thickness of about 30 mm is called a secateur. These products are bilateral and one-sided sharpening.
        • Brush cutter is used to trim young plantings. With this device form live hedges. Brush cutters are: electrical, mechanical, gasoline and batteries.
        • SUCHKERS is considered an enhanced secator. His difference is long handles, allowing to reach the most remote branches.
        • For trimming use hacks and saws.
        • Very convenient to use for trimming garden scissors with a long blade. A good alternative to them serve metal scissors. It is they will rise for figure haircuts of plantings and the formation of alive hedges.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        Types and techniques trimming

        Distinguish between several types and techniques trimming of any garden plant. Before starting a haircut, you need to decide on the shape of the bush and the type of trimming.

        Haircut of a young bush

        It is enough to leave a small number of major shoots. If you are going to form a fence from a number of plants, the number of shoots should be responsible both in length and its width. When you have a goal to give a branch more branchy and rounded view, in the spring, when the plant is already a year, it is cut in almost the very root. As a result, on the surface there should be a shoot of about 11 cm.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        In the summer, the bush will well develop, and in August you will get a thick crown. On the third year, these manipulations repeat. Only during re-trimming it is necessary to leave shoots that will be slightly higher than last year. However, if you do not strive for perfection, you can limit only by sanitary trimming.

        Do not worry about what you may not work. Barbaris moves well trimming. However, if you are strongly shortened shoots, you will not get due harvest.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris


        Old bush necessarily needs to pruning, which is called rejuvenating. Besides This manipulation is well raised by the yield and gives the plant a certain respectable form. This happens, because when trimming, tested branches are removed, which are pulled by nutrients.

        The only condition – the rejuvenating trimming should not be carried out if Barbaris has not yet been 10 years old.

        And one more nuance: the plant, which has not yet released the kidneys, should not be removed dry branches. Therefore, it is best to carry out rejuvenating manipulation in the autumn period before the start of frosts. For this, weak shoots need to be removed directly near the root. If young twigs have grown too much, then they should be switched. Greens must have sufficient length. The future is the future of high-quality fruiting.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris


        Such trimming is considered the most significant, as you can protect your plantation from diseases and even death. Old branches are most susceptible to various diseases, and precisely pests often come in. The torn branches take a significant part of nutrition on themselves, besides, they are able to transfer diseases to other parts of Barbaris.

        Sanitary processing do often. It should provide for the procedures for removing sick branches and cutting the crown.

        Extra shoots interfere with the development of the entire plant due to the fact that the inner part of Barbaris from the Sun is blown off. Therefore, some bush branches can weaken and dry. And here it should be noted that it is precisely on young branches that fruits appear. And their quality and quantity depends on the above factors.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris


        Modern gardeners try to give the bushes of Barbaris the most beautiful and original appearance and cut in time. To “build” a specific shape of a bush, it is necessary to cut one annual gains, leaving about 6 cm at their base. At the same time you need to make efforts and try to give the initial shape of the plantation, it is the one that you have conceived. Next, let your favorite develop freely and releases new shoots. Thus, its gradual formation will occur. Then for 4 years, Barbaris is trying to cut 2 times a year (in spring and autumn). It is so young shoots should be trimmed when they grow above 10 cm.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        Please note: any bush originally has its own form. Therefore, you should notice it in time and stick to this direction. Note that even without specialized care, barbaris grows and acquires the shape of an empty ball. In order to trim in the shape of a ball, you need to make some efforts, since this figure is considered difficult to form. To achieve the goal, build a frame from the racks in the form of a circle. So you limit the sizes of the bush, and you will easily create a specific direction.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        The topical form looks fashionable and original. In order to do it, initially send the plant “in the right direction”. As soon as the planting starts to release shoots, leave the main trunk in the middle of the bush itself, and the rest are removed under the root. Next, you should wait for the left branch to strengthen, it will develop and flies. New branches will be held in the form of a bowl.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        How to crop different types of barbaris?

        Barbaris is a plant that is distinguished by a variety of forms and species. There are decorative specimens. The most original thing is considered a virtual balberry. The formation of bushes implies their pruning. Less than all such manipulations are required by dwarfice slow-growing species. For example, Barbaris Tunberg grows in a year only 3-5 cm. To achieve his density, you should just shock shoots.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        Ordinary barbaris has different colors of foliage and can grow up to 3 meters long.

        Such copies are used as a living hedge, and form the figures of them are bad. Amur view has a height of more than 3 meters. If you carry out the forming trimming, then you can get a bush from it. Barbaris Ottavsky is practically no circumstances. His branches grow up. For a beautiful view, you need to leave only a few trunks.

        Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

        Subsequent care

        With incorrect care of plants in the garden, they may die. Barbaris is no exception. In order not to happen trouble, it is necessary to follow the humidity of the soil when growing this plant. Otherwise it can get sick.

        Too good warming of a young bush without ventilation will lead to his death.

            Be sure to fight pests. The most effective way is the processing of water-soap solutions of branches and leaves. Colloid sulfur and burglar mix can prevent Barbaris’s disease. If you notice spottedness on the leaves, then process the bush with copper-containing drugs.

            Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

            Types and rules of the trimming of Barbaris

            In the next video you can watch the process of trimming Barbaris.

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