Torning: species and peculiarities of growing

Trankings got widespread in our area. The birthplace of this exotic beauty is African tropics. The plant draws attention to its original inflorescences. Flower shape – tubular, externally reminds the well-known bell. Torning includes more than 40 plant species. Usually the flower is cultivated as annual. When trading in room conditions or in a greenhouse, its life is extended for several years. In care, such a bell is unpretentious and quite resistant to various diseases. In the article, consider the characteristics of the plant and methods of growing.

general description

Among the huge number of flying colors is highlighted by its original appearance. This herbaceous annual belongs to the Norichnikov family. The plant forms a small lush bush with branched creeping stems. Adult talk height can reach 30 centimeters. Tropical plant petals have the most diverse color: from gentle bright shades to saturated dark. Location of lanceal sheet plates – alternate. Have an elongated form. The edges of the leaves are smooth, and their tips are slightly pointed. The leaves are painted in the rolling green color, and their streaks – on the tone lighter.

To date, specialists have a lot of varieties of this plant. Many of them partially have a spotted color. There are also varieties with a two-color or even three-color color. Due to its decorative properties, an exotic flower is often used to decorate household sections or recreation areas. Talk flowers bloom at the end of the last summer month. Stormy blossom continues to autumn cold, after which the fruits of the oblong form appear on the spot of the outflower inflorescences.

Plant can be grown both in street conditions and indoors.

Review of species and varieties

Gardeners were derived many varieties and hybrids of an exotic plant. On the household flower beds and in parks, most often used Yellow or dark purple talking, as well as Fournier. According to the species sign, the flower is difficult to determine, usually when choosing is guided by the colors.

For growing in the garden and in the premises, different types of talking are used. However, their bloom has many similar devils and can not but delight their owner.

Gardeners allocate 3 main varieties of the plant.

  • Tanning yellow. The inflorescences of the plant are painted in yellow, the middle – into the purple, and the lower part has a darker strip, externally resembling the tongue.
  • Trankings dark purple. Small tubular species flowers painted in purple color. Flowers location – Single. The opposite leaves have a pointed shape to an end, and their edges resemble a Christmas tree. Shooting closets elongated.
  • Torning Fournier. This specification is considered the most popular. Buckets have branching shoots. Long leaves of ovoid shape. The color of “lips” and petals is often combined with bright blue shades and purple. Fournier is suitable for both growing on the household plot and in the house.

The last type of talking includes many subspecies that are often used in landscape design or grown indoors.

  • “Qui Burgundy”. This annual has a very compact form: Grow up to 25 centimeters to height. Leaves of bushes lush, and flowering lasts for quite a long time. Inflorescences have a peculiar shape and color gamut. Perfectly tolerate high temperatures and drought.
  • Kauai Mix. This variety is a launcher. A large number of flexible branches forms lush compact bushes with a height of up to 20 centimeters. Thanks to its decorative properties, balconies often decorate, usually grown in cachep. Blossom continues for a long period of time. Buds emissions – wave.
  • “Lemon Lollipops”. To a smooth stem whip attached lush leaves. Plant is covered with a huge number of flowers. Size of this veneering is very compact. Flowers tropical flower for a long time. Petals are painted white and covered with lemon shade stains.
  • “Lemon Drop”. This annual has a spectacular appearance. Lush foliage and branched shoots form a compact ball-like bush. The height of the adult plant is 20 centimeters. Flowers painted in a gentle white color and decorated with a saturated lemon spot. These flowers are grown in both indoor pots and garden flower beds. Often the plant is used for group landing.
  • “Diushes”. The plant belongs to fast-growing, height reaches 20 centimeters. A small bush has a lush foliage, the flowering period comes early and lasts for quite a long time. Flowers have a tubular shape, painted in blue color with a lilac, on the bottom “lip” there is a stain.


To landing this exotic flower, it is necessary to treat very carefully due to its fragility and tenderness. It is not recommended to leave seedlings in the garden in advance. Exception can be the complete absence of night frosts. The young plant is very sensitive to low temperatures, so that even the slightest possibility of cold ones can destroy it. Therefore, landing should be engaged in the early summer.

Tropical beauty loves fertile soil with good air filtration.

It is best for growing such colors is a sublinous or sampling soil.

Tanning is very demanding of lighting. Therefore, the landing place should be well covered, but it is impossible to immediately get the sunlight. This factor can destroy the plant at the initial stages of development. On shaded sections of bushes grow rapidly, but with abundant bloom to please their owner can not.

By virtue of the above reasons, it is recommended to choose a slightly shaded seat. The plot must be well protected even from the weakest wind or draft.

Soil mixture for planting an unusual talking can be obtained by mixing in equal quantities of garden soil with river sand. The distance between the seedlings should be at least 15-20 centimeters. When falling down colors in plastic boxes, for example, landing is a bit thickened, however, the distance between the seedlings should still be 10 centimeters. After planting the soil moistened, but the water should not fall on the leaves of talking.


In the care of the tropical flower almost unpretentious and requires one’s attention. The main thing is to carefully observe the plant to prevent pests on it, to make preventive measures from diseases, fertilize and watering to the necessary. The soil around the plant needs periodic mulching. Plot around the vein should be regularly cleaned from weed grass.

In transplantation, the plant does not need if there is no serious causes in the form of infections of various dangerous viruses.


In the summer, the plant must be watered regularly, and in the winter period, moisturizing to minimize. It is impossible that during watering the water falls on the colors buds, – only the soil is moisturized. Stagnation of water can lead to reinforcement of the root system. Therefore, after moisturizing the soil around bush needs to be disappeared.

If the plant is grown at home, then it is necessary to provide its high level of humidity. Spraying will not be enough, but the presence at the bottom of the pot of wet drainage will become excellent output from the situation. Dry air in the room will negatively affect the health of the talking and will lead to the appearance of a paustic tick.


Plant needs regular fertilizer with nutritional elements. This process must be carried out at least once every two weeks. It is best to purchase compounds intended for flowering plants. Fertilize the movement is recommended with it with water. Complex fertilizer must be dissolved in water and moisten the soil obtained by liquid. This method will speed up the effect of feeding.


When the length of the sprout reached 8 centimeters, you can exercise the first piece in. After the transplant of young bushes in the open ground or a pot is pumped up the upper part of the shoots. So the blowing will be fastened faster. In the presence of damaged or unhealthy elements, it is necessary to make the process of removing them. Bulk Bust Sorts must be kept in shape by carrying out forming trimming.

Conduct this procedure in June during the growing season.


The main thing is to make watering in time, loosen the soil, to target the weeds so that they do not interfere with the growth and development of buds, and subsequently their emission. With this care, the fiction process will occur on time, which, in turn, will accelerate the formation of new buds. To improve the quality of inflorescences, hanging on potassium-based feeders.


We have a plant usually cultivated as a uneline. The thing is that tracing (by virtue of its exotic origin) is a heat-loving flower and poorly tolerates winter frosts. In the fall, before the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to collect all the seeds from the fruit, the green part of the bush is cut off, and the roots gently seize from the soil.

If the trading is grown in roommates, then during cold weather, the room temperature should not be descended below 15 degrees.

Methods of breeding

There are two main methods of breeding tropical talk at home.

  • Growing from seeds. Sow planting material recommended early spring. This will need small containers with a height of at least 10 centimeters. Capacity should have a drainage hole. It is necessary in order to prevent water stagnation from the rhizomes of bushes. If the holes are missing, they need to be made independently. The container is falling asleep soil mixture and well moistened. Then small hopes should be made, corresponding to the length of the container. Maximum distance between them – 5 centimeters. The gap between seeds planted in one row should not exceed 3 centimeters. After the seeding of the planting material, the containers are covered with glass and placed in a polyethylene package. Such a greenhouse will be an excellent growth stimulant for seeds. Seeds are plunged into the soil at half acetimeter.

Store containers with future learn need in a warm place, the temperature should be at least 22 degrees. The first shoots appear on the third week after sowing.

  • Shining. Planting material can be obtained after pruning the plant. The optimal length of cuttings is 7 centimeters. Shoots put in perlite or vermiculite. From time to time, seedlings need to water. A few weeks have a root system. With this method of reproduction, the new flower gets all the varietal qualities of the parent plant. After the bush is fully formed, it can be planted in household flower beds or suspended pots. The second option is perfect for the decoration of the loggia or the open veranda. Tanning can also be transferred to indoor pots and decorate the windowsill in the house with a tropical plant.

Diseases and pests

In the process of breeding flower talking, there is practically no problems with health status. This exotic bell has a high level of resistance to pests and almost never sick.

The only parasite that can harm the shrub is a fungus. If this infection occurs, the leaves and branches are most damaged.

In case of irregular watering, the plant may also complicate complications. Stagnation of moisture can negatively affect the talking, and its root system will start rotting. If this disease still struck the bushes, it is necessary to be treated with a fungicidal solution.

    As mentioned earlier, dry air indoors can negatively affect the health status of the flower. He is weakening and exposed to a paustic tick attack. To get rid of pests and restore the flower, it is recommended to regularly spray it with therapeutic drug. For this purpose, gardeners typically use a solution based on essential oils: 10 drops by 1.5 liters of water.

    All the above reasons are caused by violations of the rule of learn. Therefore, ensuring normal conditions of content is an excellent prevention of diseases for the plant. The key to the successful cultivation of tropical beauty – regular soil moisturizing, constant feeding and exclusion of water from the leaves of the bushes.

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