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It is difficult to imagine how to solve some construction and household tasks without an ax. In the Russian market they earned a special confidence of the product “Ermak”, which are supplied in a large range and at an affordable cost.


Ermak manufactures professional home tools. There are in the range and models for more complex tasks. One of the main features of products is high-quality materials, which explains the reliability and a large operational term of products.

The manufacturer carefully thinks over ergonomics. Thanks to this, the instrument clearly falls into the hand, and during operation increases its efficiency. Axes “Ermak” are distinguished by the enhanced handle design, which is made of fiberglass.


All presented by the manufacturer Models can be divided into the following types:

  • carpentry;
  • carpentry;
  • Koluna;
  • Tourist.

Carpenter and carpentry tool is used in woodworking. The first has a lot of weight, and its edge on the cutting surface is performed rounded. This form provides good performance when working with the material. Sharpening angle – from 30 to 35 degrees. In joinery axes, weight is less (on average from 700 to 900 grams). Cutting edge is direct. The angle at which the sharpening is performed is 20-25 degrees. Used such a tool for working with boards.

A tourist ax is a small size and presence in the configuration of a special case. You can store such a hatch in a backpack and use it during trips. There are lightweight models weighing about 550 grams. Available cost – undoubted plus of such products. The base is made of high-quality wrought steel, the hardness of which is 50-52hrc. More expensive models are equipped with a fiberglass handle.

As for the kolunov topores, they are made with a flat, thick blade. The canvas is very massive, the weight of the design may differ depending on the instrument assignment. Such an ax can weigh from 1 to 5 kilograms. This is due to the fact that when the rods are needed by a lot of scope. Handle – about 800 millimeters.


Among the large range of products of Yermak, it is worth highlighting several models.

  • Forged Universal ax weighing 800 g with wooden handle. Can be used when solving household problems. A durable steel is used as a cutting cloth, which perfectly withstands the mechanical load.
  • Carpenter ax weighing 575 g with plastic handle. Used in professional sphere. Teflon coating applied to the surface of the metal. Handle length – 350 mm.
  • Tool with a fiberglass two-component handle Weight 600 g. Ideal for home, although it is universal.

  • Tourist “FISKARS X5 – XXS” with a length of the blade 23 cm. Fully made of steel, but has a slight weight (550 g).
  • Colon “662-038” It has a durable base made of forged 45 steel. Pen length – 90 cm, construction weight – 2.7 kg. Comes on sale with a quality certificate.
  • “Ermak 662-037” refers to the type of axes-kolunov, has a weight of 2 kg. The length of the entire instrument is 88 cm, the blade length is 8.7 cm. The canvas is performed in a wedge-shaped form using 45 steel. There is fiberglass on the handle, which significantly increases comfort while using the tool.

It is worth saying that the manufacturer offers comfortable and reliable hiking solids that occupy a little space and weigh to 1 kilogram. By its functionality, such a tool can easily replace the universal model, since it is able to cope with simple tasks.

In the next video, you will see an overview of the Ermak ax.

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