Tire beds: manufacturer ideas

To create an expressive appearance, the flower bed requires a curb designed for a clear designation of the design boundaries. An unusual solution in this situation is old automotive tires, which car owners throw out on the landfill as unnecessary, simply polluting the environment. The product made by your own tire hands will not only help in protecting the environment, but will also become a spectacular decoration of flower beds on your garden plot.


Flowers from tires used possess a lot of advantages:

  • Even a consumer with an average opportunity can afford to break the flower on its summer cottage or under the windows of the house, because the tires served as his age does not represent any material value. The material used will probably be found from car owners who dream of getting rid of old tires. For them, this is a garbage, and for a landscaped amateur designer – the basis of the future masterpiece.

  • Exhaust tires no longer have initial stiffness, so it is easy to succumb to any processing. When decorating, a small set of tools will use: chalk, a sharp knife or a jigsaw, a spray can. The simplest garden construction does not require any processing – the tire is put on the ground and fill in the ground.

  • Rubber garden accessory is known for his longevity: he is not afraid of moisture, does not rot, he is not terrible bacteria and fungi. The likelihood that it cracks from mechanical impact or a strong frost is too small. But even in this case, the situation is solved – the old tire is easily replaced with another.

  • The flower bed made of tires is a compact mobile design that does not represent complexity in terms of transportation and easily changes the location. Nothing prevents it to transport it even to another city, it is worth removing the old soil.

  • Tires are characterized by the ability to transform. Even unique flower beds, created with their own hands, can bother with time. Easy way to fix the situation – repaint product. With the help of paint, you can infinitely vary the color gamut, constantly changing the entourage of the garden plot.

  • Flowerbed from the spent wheel – Always a win-win option for landscape design. Such material allows you to show creative beginning, express, show your artistic potential.

There are no significant drawbacks of products. But the adherents of classicism do not complain of them: some require something more familiar and elegant, others do not want to spend time on the manufacture of decorative compositions.

The minuses include flammability of the material, but when compliance with fire safety, this fact is insignificant.

How can I do?

To create the most simple flower beds from the old wheel, a step-by-step instruction is not required – enough to fall asleep into the tire soil, and the flower bed is ready. But even such a trivial thing can be made beautiful, give her character and add some “highlight”.

To create an elegant tire vase, it is enough to make a piece of leaf or petals of different sizes along the edge:

  • For this purpose, the inner edge of the rubber wheel is cut into the form of a zigzag or wave, then the product is turned, polished and covered with the desired paint.
  • But at first place the future form of flower beds, inflicting the ornament with chalk. At this stage, it is worthwhile to give the will of fantasy and draw any ornament.
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Than cut?

After applying the pattern markup, it is required to cut a tire for future flower beds. This is the most time-consuming part of the work. To do this, you will need a sharp knife, jigsaw or Bulgarian. Cut the knife a little longer, but the Bulgarian smews the rubber and adds an unpleasant fragrance.

To increase the gliding knife blade, in the process of cutting it can be lubricated with liquid soap. Significantly alleviating the process will help the use of a logging saw, which allows you to cut even the most complex figures.

When cutting, it is possible to be injured, so you will definitely use special mittens and safety glasses. Work better on a solid wide surface: a steady table or a piece of plywood laid on the ground.

From the abundance of rubber dust, which the Chinese tires are famous for, will save the respirator.

Cut the pattern need strictly on the planned line, then the product will be smooth and beautiful. The carved part is not thrown away, it can be used as a base for a stand or a border for a miniature flower garden.

How to unscrew?

To rotate the wheel, you need to put it with the cut side down, take up the cropped edge and try to twist it inside out. It is important to at least start by doing the manipulation with a small part of the tire. Further the process will go easier – each part will pass the following. This work requires a certain physical strength, girls here will have not easy.

How to paint?

The process of decorating the tire is the most pleasant stage in the manufacture, it requires preliminary training. The surface of the future form is thoroughly grinding to smooth the roughness and other defects. The rubber blank is washed from fine dirt and dust stuck in the treads, and degreased by a solvent or White spirit. Only after that start painting.

You can paint wheel tires:

  • Tassel;
  • pulverizer;
  • From the canister.

The use of the tassel allows you to paint even the most hard-to-reach areas on the surface, including the gaps between the treads. This method is effective, but it takes quite a long time. With the help of the brush also create more subtle elegant patterns, highlight parts and forms of the product.

The sprayer guarantees the uniform distribution of the coloring agent. The advantage of such staining is the lack of drills and traces from the brush. Paint consumption in this case is a bit more than in the previous version.

It is most convenient to do this by a can, but this method is the most expensive.

As damp solutions, enhalar, oil or nitrocracies are used. The paint is applied not only on the outer side, but also capture the upper 10-15 cm of the inner surface. It was better to use the layer as a primer and only after that apply a color layer: so the finish color will be brighter and even more.

After coloring for several days you need to dry the workpiece in the sun.

When painting there are several rules:

  • When choosing bright shades for curb curls, the ground inside it will not overheat together with the roots of plants;
  • You do not need to impose a thick layer of paint, otherwise it can crack, especially in frosty winter or scorching summer heat;
  • Too bitter ornament of the vase can divert attention from the flower compositions themselves.
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The color palette is selected, according to the designer garden concept:

  • Silver metallic will turn the rubber tire into the glamorous steel vase;
  • Green color disks the decorative element on a green lawn;
  • Bright spectacular shades will allow making accents on the garden plot.

The form can be left a monochrome or apply a drawing using a stencil, arrange a strip or pattern that imitates brickwork, chess – a variety of ornaments provides huge opportunities and space for flight of fantasy landscape designers.

Where to locate?

Regardless of the location of the design, the flower bed from the old wheel always looks spectacular and attracts attention. Fancy figures from the auto strokes can be made to decorate the courtyard, placing them in a hall near the entrance or on the playground, they successfully look in the courtyard of a private house or in the country.

Flower beds are installed directly on Earth or on special stands, hang on the walls and trees as a cachep, the pyramids and other complex designs are folded.

If there is a strong fence or a deaf wall near the house, the flower garden can be equipped with them, hovering the tires on the cables or chains. The space inside fill the earth, suitable blooming plants plant. The holes are done in the rubber to be where to drain excess water. The bottom of the vason is assested by drainage – enough small pebbles and sand.

Such a variant of flower beds is relevant for the veranda or walls of the arbors.

Examples of design

Original ideas, how to make yourself a flowerbed from old tires, a lot. Everything that is enough for your creative imagination in creating a flower garden has the right to exist.

The main thing in the landscape design of the household plot – decorate everything in one style:

  • Clumbus can serve as tires installed on each other in a checker order. Such a fence will not only become an excellent decoration of the courtyard, but also will allow zoning space at the house.

  • The composition in the form of a children’s pyramid is made up of several wheels of different diameters. The top often serves a miniature decorative wheel or a pot with flowers.

  • Of the many old tires, the construction is well obtained in the form of “Flower Mountain”. For the composition it is not required to cut and turn the tires, you only need to paint and collect them in a certain order. At the base of the mountain range 6 wheels, on them – 5, hereinafter – 3 pieces, the composition is crowned with one small tire.

  • Tire from the car can be used in a vertical position. To do this, it is screwed down with a screwdriver to the wooden wall by the type of mailbox. In it, curly plants or flowering nasturtium and petunia will be spectacular.

  • Old tires are able to take the appearance of any animals and birds, insects and other fauna representatives. The topics can serve as dishes or household items, cartoon characters, architectural monuments, floral motifs.

Flowerbed in the form of a brewing cow or cup of coffee, funny minions or a pisan tower – there is nothing impossible for flexible rubber material.

Kommba Romaista

If the space of the household plot allows, you can make a flower bed. For the design, 4 tires are required, of which 3 must be cut across two parts – they will become petals of the future chamomile. The whole tire will be a middle of a flower around which the petals need to be laid.

Tires roll into the ground by 5-6 cm. Previously all blanks are painted in bright positive shades. Petals can be both in one color range and alternate among themselves in 2-3 colors.

An extraordinary addition to the pattern can be glued glass pebbles, on a flower flower flower, such decorator elements will resemble the frozen dew drops, which will revive the design.

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Decorative well

Even those who do not have special artistic skills and a rich fantasy will be able to construct such a flower garden. Tire well does not require much time and special costs, but it will be spectacular to look in landscape design.

Such a decorative object will harmoniously complement the cozy atmosphere of the court of the private house, and the bright design of the design will emphasize the beauty of garden colors.

For the design you will need three old tires of the same size. In each of them, from the opposite sides, they do the slits to a sharp knife to insert the support poles for the roof. Poles can be installed and from the outer side of the tires, which makes it much easier.

Wheels are placed on each other so that the slits coincided. Through them stretch the supports (usually beams or bars) that deepen into the ground and cheer. The plot under the well should be even so that the design is stable.

With a roof resembling a real, well looks more realistic. Therefore, it is better to do it from roofing materials, if any remained from repair. Between the bars, it is installed with a support for the roof like a crossbar. Sheefer, metal tile, other sheet material or boards.

The easiest option is to make a roof of cut rubber wheels. Color the well in any suitable colors, the pattern is often used as a brickwork pattern.

Tea Couple on the Dacha

Food in the form of a tea pair. For her, two tires of different diameters will be needed, which must be installed on each other – first a little one, above, and grind them with self-draws.

The top of the tire is cut to give a cup of realism and make a saucer from it. For handle use trimming.

You can paint tea set in the appropriate color for this, for example, red in white polka dot. Sleeper blue or pink palette will fill the landscape of the Provencal Spirit of Mediterranean. For the same technology, you can make a kettle, only instead of a handle from crawling rubber make a teapot nose.

“Princess Frog”

The flower garden in the form of funny farm will appreciate the kids, and adults will not be able to pass by the green “princes”. Flowerba in the form of a frog is easy to perform, in fact, even a child will cope with her. All you need is three rubber tires, painted pre-in emerald shade.

Two wheels are located next to each other, and the third put on top in the center.

For your feet, you can adjust pieces of old hose and flat trimming of tires. The eyes of green beauty can serve as plastic buckets, and a plastic bottle is suitable for the crown. If there is a desire to add glamorities, you can glue the eyelashes with a glue gun, scarlet paint draw lips, and complete the image of the “princess-frog” arrow.

From old tires can also be made an interesting flower. Detailed master class on its manufacture, see the following video.

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