The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

The appearance on sale of lawn mowers significantly facilitated work on the care of grass on lawns. Depending on the engine model, they are divided into 2 types: gasoline and electric. If you choose between these options, then gasoline is preferable, since it is much more mobile – does not require wiring and electrical outlet.

So that the benzocos helped in care of the lawn as long as possible, you need to carefully monitor its condition and regularly carry out maintenance.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

The amount of oil per liter of fuel

Two types of engines are installed on gasoline lawn mowers – four-stroke and two-stroke. There are significant differences between them. The first option has a separate supply of oil and gasoline, that is, it is not necessary to prepare a special fuel mixture. And the second type of motors requires constant lubricant of engine parts by mixing fuel and oil in a certain proportion.

If you have acquired a tool for the shelter of grass with a two-stroke engine operation cycle, you will have to make cooking fuel makeup to fill the mower.

The fuel mixture consists of gasoline and special oil for engines with a two-stroke cycle. When choosing an oil, it is desirable to use the lubricant material of the same manufacturer as a lawn mower, but this question is not a principle.

The main thing is that the oil is high quality, and not cheap fake – in this case it is not worth saving.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

Finding oil for two-stroke engines from others can be marked on the label. It also indicates the ratio in which it is necessary to dilute the lubricant with fuel. When using good and high-quality oils, the dosage, as a rule, is: 1 part of the oil to 50 parts of the fuel, that is, 2% of the total fuel volume. Some owners are confused in these proportions. In fact, everything is very simple.

If 50: 1 is indicated on the label, it means that on 5 liters of gasoline you need to pour 100 grams of oil. In other words, a 1 liter of gasoline is required to add 20 grams of oil lubrication oil.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

Rules for the preparation of the fuel mortar

Before starting work, you should carefully examine the instructions. In no case do not need to do everything “on the eye”. Each manufacturer adds its components in fuel, so you will get acquainted with his recommendations.

The main rules for the preparation of fuel for gas station with a two-stroke engine are held in the following paragraphs.

  1. Strictly observe the proportion when preparing fuel mortar. If the concentration of the lubricant component is insufficient, the piston with the cylinder is strongly heated, the engine in such conditions may fail. Due to overheating on the walls of the cylinder, burstles appear, which will subsequently require serious investments in the repair.
  2. Do not add and excess oil into the mixture. His large amount will lead to the appearance of additional nagar and a speedy reduction in the resource of the engine. The elimination of defects will also do not, as well as when saving oil.
  3. Long – more than one month – the storage of the fuel mixture is not recommended, as it begins to decompose and lose its basic properties. The prepared mixture can be stored no more than 90 days, pure fuel is even less – about 30.
  4. Carefully follow the cleanliness of a fuel solution, protect it from getting into various garbage and other pollutants, because of which the engine can be mounted.
  5. After the end of the work, if a long break is to be left, the fuel mixture is better drained from the tank.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

Before preparing the fuel mixture, it is necessary to take care of its preservation in the future. Gasoline is better to store in a metal container, the content of fuel is allowed in plastic cannors specifically designed for this. In no case should not keep gasoline in plastic bottles: fuel enters into a chemical reaction with polyethylene and decomposition products when entering the carburetor can disrupt its operation.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

Preparation of fuel mixture

Many mowers manufacturers are already included in the kit supply special containers for gasoline and oil with measuring marks. But to more accurately mix lubricants and fuel, it will be better to use a syringe.

For operations for the preparation of a mixture of gasoline with oil, it will take reliable equipment:

  • watering can;
  • Medical syringe or measuring cup;
  • one liter capacity;
  • Oil suitable for two-stroke engines;
  • petrol.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

First, with the help of watering can be poured into a liter gasoline container. For fuel mortar, it will be correct to use that brand of gasoline, which is indicated in the instruction manual, Since the fuel with a lower octane number can be ruined the engine.

Next, we recruit the oil, observing the proportion, and fill in fuel. We carefully mix the mixture – the fuel solution is ready.

After adding oil to the fuel, the mixture acquires a special color, which in the future gives you the opportunity to distinguish the finished fuel solution from pure gasoline.

Do not prepare the fuel mixture with a large margin – manufacturers of the benzokosa this do not recommend.

The solution of fuel and oil should be stirred in such a volume to have enough for one or two refills.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

Characteristic features of erroneous use

The use of contaminated or incorrectly diluted solution often leads to serious faults. To this not happen, you need to closely monitor some engine indicators:

  • Fast fuel filter pollution;
  • The appearance of dirt and various sediments in the carburetor that will interfere with normal operation.

If there are aforementioned signs, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the engine mower engine.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil


Applying the outlined recommendations, you can independently prepare a high-quality fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine. It will ensure uninterrupted operation of gasoline lawn mowers in a long period, and will also help protect the engine from significant faults.

The proportions of gasoline and oil oil

How to replace the oil in the lawn mower with a four-stroke engine, you can learn from the video below.

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