The cultivation of the maple of the Ostromatte “Drummondi”

Luxurious Ostrolent Klen Klemmondi with a thick crown looks beautiful not only in park areas, but also on household plots. Therefore, these perennial trees are grown.


“Drummondi” is a variety of maple, which was led in 1903, in the nursery with the same name. Like most maples, it is a rather large tree. On average, it grows in height to 10-14 meters. Crohn is thick and beautiful. Maple leaves change their color several times a year. In the spring they are brighter, in summer they replace their color to bright green, and in the fall become yellow.

Young seedlings have a brown brown. Over time, it becomes dark, almost black and covered with small cracks. In early May, flowers appear on Maple, closer to autumn they are replaced by fruits, which are brownish-yellow winters.

The tree grows very quickly. The average duration of his life is 100 years.


Best to plant maple early spring or late autumn. The place in which he will grow should be well lit. You can also plant an ostolistic maple in half. The distance between the trees should be at least 3 meters. If males are used to create a living hedge or alleys, it is enough to leave only 2 meters of free space between them. A pit is to prepare in advance. It is necessary to make it a big thing to fit all the root tree of the tree. At its bottom before landing, you need to lay a layer of drainage thick up to 15 centimeters thick. Use gravel or crushed brick.

The pit prepared in this way must be filled with a mixture consisting of 3 parts by humus, 1 pieces of large sand and 2 parts of the turf. After that, the seedling must be placed in the center of the pit and carefully straighten it the roots. On top of them need to sprinkle the earth so that the root cervix maple was a few centimeters above the surface of the earth. Then the sapling need to pour well. Use at a time worth not less than 3 buckets of water. The rolling circle of maple must be medulored by peat or dry leaves.

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This tree is not too welcoming, so does not require much care. It will be enough from time to time to water and feed correctly selected fertilizers.


In the first few days, the sapling need to water daily. As soon as it is strengthened, irrigation frequency can be cut. Summer maple is watered 1 time a week, and in the fall and in the spring 1 time per month. Be sure to follow the color of foliage. If it becomes a pale green, it means that the earth is strongly overvalued. To correct this problem, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of irrigation.

If the leaves droop the leaves and began to wither, the tree lacks water.


Make fertilizers for normal maple development need regular basis. Do it best early in spring. For one tree you need to use:

  • 40-45 grams of superphosphate;
  • 20-30 grams of potash salt;
  • 35-45 grams of urea.

Also in the summer period you can buy a water-soluble fertilizer “Kemira”. To make it best in the evening, when watering plants. 100 g of such a means for feeding one tree.

Other jobs

Also do not forget about the moay of the soil and removing weeds around the trunk. It is necessary so that the moisture does not leave the earth. In the spring, it is necessary to remove all dry or damaged branches and a young roasting threshold. The rest of the time tree It is worth periodically inspecting and ending the crown or remove infected sprouts if necessary.

Young seedlings for the winter period should be stipped either by branches, or a dense layer of straw or dry leaves. Trees on a winter strain can be wrapped in a few layers. It is required in order for the young bark to be damaged during severe frosts.

If the shoots are still damaged, they should be cut early in the spring, before the movement of the juice.


There are several ways to breed this tree variety.

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The easiest to use for this purpose seeds. In nature, they ripen in August, in the fall fall, and in the spring begin to bring. In order to grow maple from seeds, you need to create conditions for them similar to natural. Cold stratification is best suited for this purpose. It consists of several stages.

  1. Plastic bags are filled with peat moss and vermiculitis. The resulting mixture must be sprinkled with a small amount of water.
  2. Next in bags are placed seeds. In each of them you need to lay about 20 samples. Air from bags must be removed, and after carefully close them.
  3. After that, they need to move to the refrigerator. The seeds must be stored at temperatures from 0 to 5 degrees.
  4. Once in one or two weeks the package must be checked For mold.
  5. After 3 months, the seeds need to get from the refrigerator. At this stage, grain is already beginning to germinate.

After that, they can be planted in the stuffed trays. Five sprouts will appear 2-3 weeks. In the open soil, seedlings can be resettled in 2-3 years, when they are growing enough.


In this case, the branches of an adult plant are used. Several selected sprouts must be left, and then carefully make several cuts along the entire surface of the cortex with a sterilized knife. After that, cuts must be treated with “rhoin” or other stimulating growth. Next, sections should be covered with a layer of land.

A year later, there will be durable roots in the field of cut, and the branch can be cut off and replant. Such a seedling is taken in a new place very quickly.


Also for breeding maple can be used branches that were cut in spring. The length of the cutlets should be about 20-30 centimeters. It is desirable that there were several kidneys and leaves on the branch. In this case, the plant accurately takes. Before boarding the cutlets, it is also recommended to soak in stimulating liquid root growth. As soon as the roots grow up and strengthen, they can be planted in a pre-prepared pit. After disembarking, the plant must be abundantly pouring.

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Diseases and pests

In order for maple to live as long as possible, it needs to be protected from various pests and diseases. Most often affect wood Coral spot or fungal diseases. Note that the plant is infected with fungus, just enough. In this case, brown spots appear on the surface of the leaves. To solve this problem, infected branches must be removed, and the tree is treated with special means.

Coral spot is also easily recognized. In this case, the disease of the branch of the maple begins to die, and the bort is covered by burgundy stains. To solve this problem, all damaged branches must be carefully cut and burn. Sections of sections need to immediately treat Garden Wara. Also Maple is attacked by insects, which can also harm him strongly. These include:

  • Bellenka;
  • Mathematical Chervests;
  • Weevils.

To get rid of such pests, it is best to use insecticides that are sold in specialized stores.

Application in landscape design

Maple “Drummondi” is often used in landscape design. Despite the big sizes, it is great for both single and group landings. Maple looks great on the background of coniferous trees and shrubs with dark green leaves.

This variety is also not bad Suitable for creating alleys. When they decide, the plants are planted at a distance of about 1.5-2 meters from each other. Since the tree grows quite quickly, walking along the alley in the shadow of maple trees it will be possible in a couple of years.

Also maple can be planted in the recreation area. It gives a large shadow, which means that it can be located near the terrace or gazebo. Summing up, it can be said that Klenmmondi Maple is a tree that does not require special care. It may even far from gardening. Therefore, it can be quietly planted at home and after 2-3 years to enjoy the fruits of her work.

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