The better to feed geranium?

Do you know that geranium and pelargonium are absolutely different flowers? Many people believe that both names belong to one beautiful flower. And in vain. And geranium and pelargonium refer to the Geranium family, on this similarity ends. Differences are in the structure of flowers. For example, Pelargonium forms large inflorescences, geranium in inflorescence is rare. There are other differences, well-known only to botany.

The better to feed geranium?

The better to feed geranium?


The main difference of plants is in places of natural growth. Pelargonium in Russia – Foreign. She arrived to us from there, where there is no winter. The thermal-loving flower in our country passed on the windowsill. On the summer it can be planted into the garden on the flowerbed. But with the approach of autumn, the weather is necessary to return to residential premises.

Long stay at + 10 s will lead to weakening and fading of Pelargonium.

Quite another thing – geranium. By nature, it refers to street plants. In nature, geranium grows on the whole of the European part of our Motherland, with the exception of the northern regions. Effective garden plants do not require shelter for the winter, as they are frost-resistant.

Our article we will talk about Gerani, but not about the street, but about the one that pleases the eye all year round. The plant feels perfectly in pots: blooms for a long period. Pleasant thin fragrance and lush greens create in apartments a unique atmosphere of heat and coziness.

The better to feed geranium?

How to care?

Despite the fact that the plant is unpretentious, he still requires a certain care. Those who only intend to breed a beautiful flower in the house, you should know the following.

  • Frequent watering are contraindicated. Moisturize the soil is needed as it dries: in the summer more often – a couple of times a week, in winter less often – once. The conjunction will lead to the rotation of the root system. Non-driving drought will not cause any harm.
  • More frequent feeding are required during flowering period – in spring and summer. Without the need to “throw” the flower is not needed.
  • For free air access to roots should periodically loose soil in pots.
  • Once every 2-3 years, the flower is transplanted into a pot of longer. Otherwise, the roots will be closely, and the plant will not receive a full nutrition.
  • In the spring produced Trimming.

The better to feed geranium?

Features of seasonal subordinate

    There are some features in feeding. So, nitrogen-containing substances need to be made exclusively after pruning plants. Excess nutrients will lead to the yellowness of foliage and even complete fading of the flower. Therefore, when you decide to feed geranium, it is important to observe the amount of nutrients and the timeliness of their introduction.

    When complying with uncomplicated rules, your bushes will be good for several months.

    The better to feed geranium?


    Even those flowers that all year round are indoors, rest in the cold season. After winter, when the sun shines brighter, and the duration of the daylight increases, all nature wakes up. Geranium is no exception. It is the time to help the plant fill the supply of nutrients and quickly gain strength. For feeding geranium need to water mineral mixtures. You can buy them in a flower shop. Mixes are preferably used, as they contain a complete set of all the necessary elements. In addition, an aqueous solution of iodine can be used. Periodicity of fertilizers – 2 weeks.

    The better to feed geranium?


    Summer – intensive flowering period. On the formation of flowers plant requires a lot of strength. During this period, you need to preserve the frequency of feeding: once in 14 days. Buy fertilizers optionally, they can be prepared at home from everyday used substances and food. For abundant flowering in the early summer of Gerani, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen are required. Later the nitrate decreases.

    If you want your geran to bloody well, drink it with iodine mortar after another watering.

    The better to feed geranium?


    With the onset of cool cloudy autumn days the flowering process goes to a decline. Geranium is still ridiculous, but it no longer needs a lot of nutrients as in the spring and summer. During this period, feeding is reduced to 1 time per month.

    The better to feed geranium?


    Indoor plants can be fertilized in winter. One feeding spent in February will be enough. The number of useful elements in winter is halved. The flower will perplex and will be ready for the next development cycle.

    The better to feed geranium?

    Best tools

    In specialized stores you can find fertilizers for any flower crops. And yet lovers of indoor plants often prefer purchased chemicals proven folk remedies. It has long been known that yeast is used to grow geranium. Finding into the soil mixture, yeast fungi give impetus to increased potassium and nitrogen formation. These elements are required for active growth.

    A yeast feeding is especially relevant when landing and reproduction with cuttings. Fertilizer gently affects sprouts, do not harm neither stems or gentle roots.

    The yeast feeding is preparing like this: a 20-gram bag of a dry substance poured into a capacity with a 1 liter of warm water. The contents are mixed and sent to a warm place to insist for a couple of hours. After allocated to insist time to the fluid, 5 liters of water is added and mixed. Fertilizer is ready and use. Feeding is performed no more than 3 times. Periodicity – week.

    The better to feed geranium?

    There is another version of yeast feeding. In it, the weight of the main element is dropped by half – to 10 g. “Released Place” takes a tablespoon of sugar sand. The rest of the preparation process is repeated. It is important that each time the fertilizer should be fresh. It is impossible to store it. 3 percent hydrogen peroxide helps from the yellowness of foliage. Feeding is made by spraying and watering. For the preparation of a solution, a pharmacy agent in the amount of 2 tablespoons dissolves in a liter of water.

    Milk feeding – a wonderful preventive. The likelihood of color diseases is reduced if watering with water alternates with watering diluted milk. For fertilizer, 100 ml of milk and 1 l of water will be required. In the pharmacy you can buy another very useful for room flower. This is boric acid. In experienced flowerflowers, geranium blooms abundantly thanks to a special feeding. Poligram powder dissolved in water liter, wonders are creating, increasing kidney formation.

    The better to feed geranium?

    Fans of bananas do not need to buy fertilizer for indoor flowers. The peel of thermal-loving fruit contains a lot of useful elements: potassium, calcium and nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus. All that is required – crushing the peel and buried to the ground. After a couple of weeks, the skins will decompose, providing a plant with good nutrition.

    Before saving fertilizer in the ground, it should be thoroughly rinsed. Bananas are taken to Russia from afar so that they are preserved, sellers subjected to chemical processing products. Only after removing the harmful surface film, the peel can be used. For the magnificent foliage of Gerani banana peel suitable for other means.

    An important role in the life of indoor plants is played by amber acid. With it, you can regulate the development of the flower, protect it from diseases and accumulation of toxins. And she helps the plant to survive the most unfavorable times. Amber Acid improves the state of the soil, helps the process of foliage photosynthesis. Geranium benefits will be obvious if used amber feeding together with other fertilizers.

    The better to feed geranium?

    The better to feed geranium?

    Do not dwell only on fertilizers. Remember that the flower needs timely trimming and pinching, then its strength will not be embarrassed by excessive growth, in which rare maritime rare.

    General recommendations

    Geranian reproduction

    Of course, you can buy an adult flower and put it on the windowsill. But this is not all, therefore it is worth familiar with the rules of reproduction. The easiest way is the shilling. From an adult plant separated twigs with length not more than 6-7 cm. Stalks put in a container with water. Very quickly germinate roots. When the root system is formed, the twig is transplanted into the ground.

    More complicated way – growing from seeds. In order to quickly get a healthy seedlings, the seeds are laid in a small depth. Landing do not watered, but spray and covered with polyethylene. Capacity should be in a dark warm place. Shoots, as a rule, appear after 7-10 days. After the appearance of sprouts, polyethylene is removed, the container is brought out. In some pots, flowers are planted when 4 sheets appear. After picking, you can start feeding the plant. Landing performed in winter so that in the summer geranium bloomed.

    The better to feed geranium?

    How to eliminate yellowing leaves

    Experienced flowerflowers are perfectly understood in a state of favorite plants. They determine the reasons for the state of foliage. For example, education on yellow kayma leaves indicates a lack of water. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly braid the land in a pot and produce a one-time abundant watering. In the future, one should adhere to the periodicity of the introduction of the wounded water under the root:

    • in hot weather – 2-3 times a week;
    • In winter – 1 time in 7 days.

    Yellowness and wilment appear in excess of moisture. In order for the leaves are not a graticle, geranium should receive a full timely nutrition. Flower pot choose medium sized with mandatory drain holes in the bottom. So excess water will not be stamped, and the roots will not damage the rot.

    Green begins to flexible with a lack of lighting. It does not mean that the flower needs to be exhibited on the sun. Just he wants a space. There should be a decent distance between adjacent pots, when the colors are spacious, they are fluffy, and the leaves will acquire their natural color.

    The better to feed geranium?

    What to do with flower disease?

    Geranium sick infrequently, but if the disease mastered the plant, it is necessary to determine the nature of the disease. They are fungal and viral. From sheet rust and black legs, as from rot, helping fungicides. If the plant attacked insects, for example, the wave or caterpillars, various mites or whiteflies, the salvation will be special means.

    As soon as the first signs of the disease appear, you need to explore the flower. Special attention should be paid to the opposite side of foliage. Often the presence of insect pests can be found only on the remnants of their livelihoods. Timely spraying with disinfecting agents will help Gerani restore forces.

    The better to feed geranium?

    After the disease, the flower will require more attention. You need to remove all dry and damaged leaves, pour under the root of the nutrient solution.

    Beneficial features

    Lush geranium perfectly cleans air in residential areas from pathogens microbes. Thin fragrance positively affects the nervous system, relieves stress and depression. If you attach a fresh sheet to scratch or affection, healing will occur much faster. Our ancestors used a decoction of a flower for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

    The better to feed geranium?

    About how to care for geranium bloom all year round, look in the following video.

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