Swing Metal Gate: Pros and Cons

Gate are a key element of the fence of a country house or garage. Swing systems made of metal are quite popular: being a modern design, they have a lot of advantages, although there are no deficiencies. What are the pros and cons of the swollen metal gates, this article will tell.


Swing gates are a large wicket that provides passage to the territory of a plot of passenger or trucks. Metal designs used in the fence are subject to the rule: The higher the monumental fence, the more they are more and harder, After all, the weight directly depends on the amount of material used in them. Externally, it is one or two sash, fixed on the pillars, which, depending on the model, can open in any direction (inward or outward), differ automatic or mechanical opening system.

In most cases, the gate provides for a small opening (small gate), which allows you to pass inside without opening the gate yourself. These systems are recognized as one of the most simple structures, they can be performed in a single stylist with a fence of the territory of the house (garage) or differ from it, being a bright emphasis on the background of the fence.

Swing doors need sufficient space for sash. They are equipped with beams with a carrier function, while it is important that the beams themselves for the equilibrium of the gate were mounted at the same distance from each other. Swing metal gates (with or without a wicket) consist of several elements:

  • The framework to which the finishing material and the decor is attached;
  • Main metal casing;
  • loops required for fixation of the frame;
  • pillars without which the gate is impossible;
  • The locking mechanism by which the gate opens and closes.

In addition to the main set of design, in the installation can not do without auxiliary raw materials (sand, cement, rubble, bricks, paints), nails and appropriate inventory (bulgaria, square, level and welding). Installing the swap metal gates with their own hands is simple and is performed according to a predetermined drawing, which, if desired, can be compiled independently, taking into account your own preferences, or squeeze the finished option, to fit it for specific measurements and budget opportunities.

In the process of manufacturing, the profile is covered with a special coating that increases the stability of the material to the effects of adverse external factors. At the bottom of the profile beam model equipped with special blocks of rollers, which are activated at the time of work of the gate. Due to the use of the corner connector of the sash, which are attached through three-section loops, do not sag. The appearance is characterized by beauty, since All fasteners are performed mainly in a hidden form.

Pros and cons

Metal swing gates are easy to install. They can be installed in an existing fence. Having a solid and pretty presentable appearance, These systems have a number of advantages:

  • They are often equipped with a wicket built into the gate canvas either in a separate section;

  • may have different, including ergonomic shape, rarely noisy when operating the opening and closing mechanism;
  • can be equipped with a safe automated opening and closing system, having a remote control panel;
  • Due to the manufacturing material, high levels of safety and strength are distinguished, having corrosion resistance;
  • made from different raw materials with high performance characteristics and degree of reliability;
  • Depending on the design, the decoration of the fencing of the territory adjacent to the dwelling;

  • At visible, the foundation is easy to install, their installation does not take much time;
  • perfectly combined with different construction materials (wood, brick);
  • have different heights, which allows you to get rid of annoying views of people from the street and protects against thieves;
  • Based on the features of the alloy used, it is worth the cost, allowing each buyer to acquire an option taking into account the taste preferences and the scheduled budget.

These elements of fencing, featuring functionality and convenience, do not require special care. Being simultaneously protecting and decorating the fence, they serve long enough, without needing to repair.

Due to the variety of modern stylistics and the presence of the desired material in construction stores, metal swing gates can be performed to order by an individual sketch.

At the same time, you can beat the design features by staining the surface, forged ornament, if necessary, insulate them or tinkering with clapboard, which is especially important if these gates are part of the garage.


With a number of advantages, the metallic swing gates have several drawbacks:

  • For their installation, a lot of space is required;
  • The installation beams should be deeply buried in the ground, which is not always possible;
  • They cannot be installed without concreting pillars, which requires a certain time;
  • In case of insufficient concreting, the poles over time are pushing the entire design;
  • For opening and entry, a certain space is required, otherwise the comfortable use of the gate is impossible;
  • When equipped with the design of the electric drive, their cost increases.

In addition, the swollen gates from the metal are difficult to use with a strong impact wind: with a mechanical drive, they will be maintained to maintain them.

Types of designs

Swing gates from metal are different. In addition to solid structures, the lattice varieties with different design and manufacturing method attract attention. Having a mechanical or automatic drive, They are divided into several varieties:

  • frame-frame with a grid – systems with different decorative elements from a tubular frame, characterized by ease, acceptable cost and ease of manufacture (can be made independently with their own hands);
  • Varieties from the professional flooring with forging elements – durable structures with a large spectrum of color and design design, which are closed-type systems;

  • Mesh (lattice) forged – expensive gates from forged rods, made with artistic forging, characterized by the strength of the carcass itself;

  • Insulated – varieties, the use of which is associated with harsh climatic conditions (models for garages or other healing non-residential premises).

The choice of the desired variety depends on the budget and the characteristics of the fencing itself. It is important to choose the gate so that they are combined with the fence in color or style.


Swing gates are subject to certain requirements of GOST 31174-2003 with clearly prescribed requirements. At the same time, the fineness of the design and the nuances of the characteristics can be determined when designing. Since metal with large quantities has a corresponding weight, need to take into account several requirements for impeccable and proper work:

  • The move of the sash must be free: for this, the size of the gate is selected either count on the dimensions of the existing transport;

  • The minimum allowable distance from the rack to the lateral part of the vehicle should be 30 – 35 cm;
  • The gate should differ resistant to hacking: the thickness of the galvanized sheet should be at least 2 mm;
  • To ensure protection against rain and snow, you need to use vertical constipation in the design, fixing the canvas and prevent skewers;
  • The gate opening and closing mechanism and the corresponding nodes must be made in strict accordance with the project documentation and the calculations of the manufacturer;

  • The visible defects of the metal surface are excluded;
  • When processing the surface of the paintwork, its thickness should be at least 30 microns;
  • The minimum height of the products used for the private sector should be about 3 m (for industrial type enterprises, this indicator is 5 m);
  • The strength and continuity of welding seams must be laid in GOST;
  • Accessories, framework and frame are chosen with a double safety margin, having a confirmation of a quality mark in the form of a corresponding certificate of the GosanaPid Sannezor regulations.


Swing doors are made from different raw materials, including metal. So that they were practical, reliable and durable, to the choice of material are suitable with full responsibility. First, it depends on reliability and strength, secondly – weight and feature of the installation technology. For trim try to use durable raw materials. Choosing wood, Need to take care of additional protection against rotting and antimicrobial processing. This will prolong the service life of the material.

If you plan to use a professional flooring, you should give preference to classes C, H or HC.

The raw material for the frame is different, but subordinates the features of the drive. The weld type is durable and reliable, but due to the high weight absolutely not suitable for the gate with automation. In this case, the best solution will be aluminum, characterized by a small weight. The bartee frame is quite easy to manufacture, but of all varieties of the material it has a smaller service life.

The best material for pillars is brick. It is distinguished by durability, durability, can withstand the large weight of the metal frame and the entire design as a whole. A decent competition is concrete: This material, in addition to high reliability indicators, allows cosmetic repair and surface processing, due to which the poles can be decorated taking into account the idea of ​​stylistics selected for design.

Tips of professionals

So that the metal swing gates serve for a long time and did not need to be repaired, it is worth noting Several recommendations of professionals:

  • It is advisable for the frame to use metal: it is more durable wood, resistant to negative natural factors and mechanical damage;
  • If the design is provided with a surface coloring, first need to be treated with metal sandpaper to eliminate the manifestation of rust, testing and extinguishing welding;
  • If you need to degrease the surface, it is worth using any solvent;
  • If you need to insulate the gate, it is necessary to do it on the inner surfaces of the sash, using the polystyrene foam or mineral wool, eliminating the formation of air pockets;

  • sash it is preferable to a steel sheet whose thickness is more than 2 mm;
  • The best lock for metal swing gates is attached, while you can install powerful and reliable goals that need to be protected from moisture and strengths of frost (the best type of key is tubular);
  • Having calculated the width of the gate, it is necessary to proceed from the existing space (usually three-meter width for passenger transport);
  • It is not recommended to make a big gate where there is no need: it leads to high wind loads and will require additional strengthening to avoid skewing and sedimentation.

Successful examples and options

Large gates made of metal products are perfectly combined with forging elements, creating a clear geometric pattern grid: standing out against the background of fencing height, they are an accent of a brick fence.

The design of sheet material with forged bars and gilding successfully crowns the fencing of the private sector with columns under ancient: I am supplemented with gate and peaks, the fence looks a single ensemble.

Laconic gates that complement the brick poles are harmoniously connected with a common stylist through a single shade, while beautifully looks with a stone finish of the fence.

Figure forging, peaks, ornament and sheet material – an excellent solution of the fence against the white brick background: stylish and modern.

How to make metal swing gates yourself, see the following video.

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