Swing-hammocks: what it is and how to make it yourself?

    To decorate the household plot, you can use not only a variety of floral plantings or gypsum figures, but also such popular structures like swing. There are many product options. Popular to date are not only classic structures, but also special swing hammocks. Let’s get acquainted with these models.


    If earlier all the designs of the swing were the same type, today there are many options for such structures. They can have different dimensions, structure and manufacturing materials. Many consumers in our time stop their choice on products such as hammock.

    The popularity of such copies is due to the set of advantages with which they are characterized.

    • In most cases, such swings have low weight, so they are installed quickly and easily.
    • Hammocks are represented by different modifications. Pick up the perfect version for everyone.
    • Such designs can be quite possible to make with their own hands. It will take quite some of the materials and free time. Even newcomer will be able to cope with such work.
    • According to homeowners, hammocks are very convenient in use. They can be pretty relaxed and distracted from everyday fuss.
    • Such structures are inexpensive. Moreover, this applies to both the finished options and products designed by their own hands.
    • Some varieties of hammocks have excellent strength characteristics. For example, stylish options from the rattan may smoothly withstand an impressive load of 130 kg.
    • Qualitative options are not subject to deformations.
    • Beautiful swings made from Brazilian walnut are very popular. Such copies can boast not only durability and durability, but also resistant to temperature differences.
    • Swing, made in the form of a hammock, are distinguished by an attractive appearance.

    Thanks to its design, these designs are able to decorate landscape design or dwelling interior.


    Despite the fact that these types of swing have many positive qualities, They have both definite flaws.

    • Mesh and woven options are not distinguished by high reliability, such as wood patterns. These designs can be accidentally breaking. In addition, over time, they stretch and lose their former elasticity.
    • The same woven and mesh copies are not designed for heavy loads. Under their influence, such products can come into disrepair.
    • Mexican, rattan products and other tree breeds have a high cost. Of course, their operational characteristics with interest justify the price, however, allowing them not every buyer.
    • Products from expensive rattan can dry, if they are in conditions of sharp temperature differences, so they are difficult to call practical.
    • If the hammock is made of the vine, then it must be borne in mind that over time it can start making creaking sounds, especially if made of low quality material.
    • Lose, which has not passed the pretreatment, is susceptible to rapid cracking and breakdowns. Such swings do not last long.
    • Not all varieties of swing-hammocks are durable. Some models are too vulnerable to listen long enough.


    As mentioned earlier, there are many variants of a hammock swing. Such products differ from each other not only by their structure, but also material manufacturing materials. Consider in detail what types of such designs produce modern manufacturers.


    Such varieties of hammocks are the most popular. They are acquired by many owners of private houses and country buildings. These models are silent between trees on the plot. Special columns can be used as fasteners. It is very important to choose the most reliable and strong support details that will uncount the weight of an adult person without any problems. Dimensional swaying on such a hammock will be positively influenced by the nervous system of the user. Under these conditions, a full-fledged person is guaranteed.

    Suspended hammocks today are found in many outlets. They are inexpensive and represented by a huge assortment.

    Such products are easily hanging with the use of stretch parts.


    No less popular are hammocks with frames. Similar models are peculiar mobile furniture that can be delivered anywhere on the plot. Often framework models are transported in cars, install houses or used as full-fledged furniture designs. Frame hammocks can be chosen in any color design.

    Mounted frame models very easily and fast. That is why they are very often acquired for the arrangement of the country area. Such products are permissible to take fishing with you or on a trip with a good company. If you failed to find the appropriate option in the store, it can be ordered in accordance with your own wishes. Of course, such a hammock is most likely it will cost more, but as a result you will receive an optimal model that will suit you in all respects.


    Prices today are extremely often complemented by concerning hammocks in the form of chairs. These varieties of designs refer to the attached category, however, have one important difference from standard options – they have an unusual form of a sun bed. Today in stores you can find a huge amount of diverse pendant chairs with the seats of a variety of modifications.

    In such designs, very comfortable chubby pillows and beautiful canopies are also present. The universal product is the most convenient and comfortable for a relaxing and pleasant stay. In such conditions, you can read different literature or knit, being on a cozy veranda. If you are planning to work, sitting in such a hammock chair, then it will be able to fit together with a laptop. Based on the specific selected design, in this chair you can or sit or lie – the choice only for the consumer.

    For children

    Hammock swing can be selected for children. Such varieties are not much different from standard adult structures, however, most manufacturers dismiss them into a separate group. Typically, such products have modest dimensions, colorful design, as well as a maximum convenient and absolutely safe design. As a rule, children’s swing-hammocks are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials that they cannot harm young users’ health.

    Very often, children’s hammocks are equipped with such safe details as side sides.

    As for the bottoms of such structures, it should be noted that it is to the maximum ergonomic, so the child will always be convenient to sit in such models. In addition, such a structure will not harm the health of Chad. Basically, these hammocks are designed for a load of about 40 kg. Most products have additional protection against turning. Install these hammocks both in the country areas and within different dwellings.

    Selection and preparation of materials

    From the quality of materials used in the manufacture of raching hammocks, their comfortable and operational characteristics depend on.

    For this parameter, the following varieties of such structures differ:

    • Mesh;
    • woven;
    • Wicker.

    Mesh hammocks are cheap, but today their popularity is gradually fading, because they are not the most durable and durable. The mesh over time begins to sag, as well as heavily dug into the skin, even if you lie on it not for a very long time.

    Wicker options are more reliable. They are made of the following materials.

    • Rattan. These are aesthetic and durable copies that are not afraid of the Sun and Large Loads. However, such products can dry with a sharp change of temperature. You can refer to the options from artificial rattan. They are deprived of these shortcomings, but cost cheap.
    • Brazilian nut. This is an expensive exotic. Such material is very strong, not afraid of temperature differences and bad climatic conditions. However, such models of swing are quite expensive.
    • Vine. From such a material make hammocks that are planned to be placed in an apartment or under a reliable canopy. From the vine, light and beautiful designs are obtained.

    If we are talking about woven hammocks, then materials such as:

    • cotton;
    • sackcloth;
    • linen;
    • parachute silk;
    • nylon;
    • polyester.

          For self-making swing type hammock, you can use a variety of materials. However, they should always be properly prepared for all required works. Read this procedure on the example of a simple woven model.

          Take a piece of matter with a size of 150×300 mm. Send it the edges in length, and then step on the typewriter. If you do not want the suspension design to be soft, then such trims should be two. They are put on each other, and then flash along the length, leaving the hole near the meter.

          Through the left hole, it is possible to put inside the soft carpet or a special water-repellent oilcloth.

          How to make it yourself?

          Swing can be completely made independently. For example, for this you can weigh the appropriate mesh model or construct the vessel from the tree (if you have the appropriate skills). However, the most simple is the creation of a hammock of woven canvas.

          As we considered earlier, the material to carry out such work should be carefully prepared. It must be remembered that the edges of the canvas are required to be subjected to about 5 cm, and also flash. Only after that we can say that the material is fully ready for subsequent procedures.

          In the hole formed during the preparation, it is necessary to stretch the most durable and reliable linen cord. It is turned off several times, and then make strong nodes. After that it will be possible to attach hammock to the tree. To this end, you will need to connect a cord with a rope.



          Of course, there are other fastening options. For example, in the left tunnels, you can install rails with pre-drilled holes at the ends. Ropes are skipped through holes, after which they are tied. If there are special plugs on the end of the rails, then it is not necessary to dry anything to be drilled, because the rope will not slip.

          Many users complement such designs with chippers on lateral details. For this, at a distance of about 10 cm, holes are done. Their diameter should approach the diameter of the chalks. Next, the rings themselves are installed with a hammer with the bearing. Through them skip. Each sling is permissible to skip through a hole in a plank of wood. After that, the laces are tied up with rope or special spears.

          Beautiful examples

          Decorate the garden plot can be pendant swings round shapes with a hoop type frame. Such structures can be made of wicker material or dense tissue. Seats in these designs can be decorated with decorative colored pillows that will do swing brighter and original. Mesh options are possible to supplement the fringe at the bottom.

          Braided rumble hammock can be made of threads of different colors, effectively combined with each other. Such manufacturing will harmoniously look complete with snow-white holding laces.

          With a similar model, you can decorate the cottage, a garden area or a veranda, making the situation with a brighter and alive.

          A striped hammock combining red and blue tones will become a spectacular addition of the country area or garden. Specified paints will be amazingly echoing with fluffy green grass and high trees.

          About how to make a hammock-chair with your own hands, see the following video.

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