Sweeping Tips for Snowplow Inventory

Each owner of a country house is familiar with the situation when after a large snow fallout falls for hours to rake. For this purpose, you can use powerful snow removal machines. But buying such equipment for working at home is not expedient. For this there are special devices. Below will be considered all the types of snow removal techniques, as well as the criteria for its choice.

How to choose?

Before choosing the desired device, it is recommended to deal with the features of the work. It can only be a fine ice rack, deep drifts deposited for several days or melted snow, gradually turning into ice. To perform these works, resort to several inventory options.

Please note that the number of physical efforts depends on the snow cleaning method.

Snow removal shovels

With their help, you can manually remove the snow, folding it down on the sides for several meters. They will be the perfect option if you are the owner of a small area. Cleaning large areas with such a shovel takes a large number of physical strength and time.

Big or scraper

This device is similar to the previous one, but a little wider it. Thanks to the scraper, you can push the snow, moving on the right distance. The tool is suitable for work on smooth territories with recently dropped snow. You will not be able to remove the ice or settled snow.


The main component is the vertical blade. The tool is remotely similar to the scraper. It appears in various variations and significantly increases the efficiency of work.

Ice ax

This unit specializes in the crewing of ice and cleaning the departed snow with smooth territories, for example, from tiles. The tool is useless when working with just dropped, loose snow.

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Important! There is another kind of scrapers. Their appearance is very similar to the ice ax, but it is distinguished by the presence of a blade instead of an ax.

Select the tool for cleaning snow is depending on the purpose, namely:

  • If you need to remove snow from the roof of a low home or garage, you can do and homemade mop;

  • If your task is to clean the car, then it will be appropriate to use broths and rubberized blades; With their help, you can carefully remove the snow-covered mass, without damaging the car body;

  • Snow that fell a few hours ago, is easily removed using a broom or memet.

    When cleaning the territory, special chemicals are also common. Snow can be sprinkled with salt or sand to create a greater clutch of shoes with a surface. So, ice will no longer slide, but after a time, the dirt is formed in its place, which will need to be removed. For the same purposes in the market you can find a huge number of different substances. They are very effective and do not apply any harm to a person or the environment.

    Snow removal shovel

    This tool is one of the most common snow cleaning devices. Of the features you can note the width of the canvas, high sides and a small mass. During the choice, always pay attention to the material from which the shovel is made. If you have allocated a small budget to the purchase, then stop your choice on plastic products. Although galvanized iron and aluminum representatives are characterized by greater efficiency and durability, but also cost more.

    Important! There are other varieties of hand-drawn shovels equipped with a telescopic handle on the market. With their help, you can customize the saw under your height.

    Varieties of shovel for snow cleaning

    These designs differ in the following criteria:

    • The material from which the canvas is made;
    • Type of holder;
    • Dimensions and form.
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      The most popular materials from which these devices are manufactured are iron, aluminum, plastic and wood. Wooden options can be made and personally at home. And also they are the cheapest of all models presented in the market. But they have such minuses as:

      • Due to the constant impact of moisture, the tree begins to rot, so these representatives of the shovel need a permanent drying;
      • Wooden shovels do not have high strength and not equipped with high sides.

        Aluminum options are characterized by a lot of weight and price, but they can serve much longer. These shovels are not afraid of moisture. Many home country houses recommend buying plastic shovel. They do not have a big weight and endowed with high strength at a small price. Of the negative sides, it can be noted that plastic options are not durable and broken with non-beaches. Standard plastic shovels are vulnerable if the operation has been working at temperatures below -25ºC. However, a little overpaying, you can buy a composite plastic tool.

        Screper or engine?

        If you are the owner of a large area, then snow cleaning with the help of a shovel will be quite time consuming and takes several hours of your time. It is advisable here that the device has a greater width of the canvas. It was for this that screenshots were created. This is a wide shovel with a P-shaped handle. The main and only purpose is to clean the snow with a shift. The workspace is located at an angle of 180 degrees and is equipped with high sideboards both from behind and around the edges.

        The principle of operation of the engine is similar to the scraper, but the working facility is arcuate and installed at an angle of 90 degrees.

        Snow cleaning with this unit strongly resembles the work of the bulldozer. The device can shift the snow to the sides, thereby clearing the passage part.

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        Types of engine

        Engines are represented by several varieties.

        • Standard option. Represents a tool that controls which is carried out due to the pushing by the handle.

        • With Sneck. This option is a design with a screw part, which is pre-installed in front of the engine. It is activated due to the rotation, thereby cleans the processed territory, spreading snow along the edges.

        • Engines on wheels. One or two pairs of wheels are attached to their body, thanks to which the required effort from the operator decreases significantly.

        Ice ax

        A distinctive feature of the aggregate is the presence of durable cutting powders. With their help you can delete even the oldest snow and ice. Please note that at a large pressure there is a chance of damage to the territory under the snow. The unit is a cloth that is attached on a long handle. The handle is installed so that the cutting part is at an angle close to 180ºC. This is a very durable tool that exactly a width of 90 to 150 mm.

        The removal of ice occurs due to the vertical progressive movements, as a result of which the ice crumble into small pieces and develops. Please note that the weight of the ice ax directly affects the difficulty of work. The harder device, the weaker the blow. However, work with large-sized units requires great physical efforts. Ice axes are of different widths. Thick ice is easier to remove with the help of a narrow blade, and the weak is well removed by large-sized ice axes. Because of the wide blade, the speed of work increases.

        Important! Specialists do not recommend using ice ax when working with just dropped snow. Otherwise the device will be ineffective.

        About how to make a scraper for snow with your own hands, look next.

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