Straps for a motoblock: selection and installation

High-quality drive belt (belt of aggregates) for the motoblock ensures long-term use of a device for cultivation of seeds. Based on the intensity of operation and resource of technology, it is necessary to choose the appropriate belt of the aggregate. You can not buy the first drive belt to the unit, which will advise in the store. Increased physical properties of the unit will not make its work better if the unit itself is not intended for this.

Technical parameters of different modifications

Motoroblocks of all manufacturers, whether Mototechnics “Neva”, “Ural” with the engine UMP-5B or Hyundai T-500, Euro-5 and many others are produced almost by the same scheme. Only in separate episodes we are talking about different power and features available. The manufacturer “Neva” made the upper placement of camshaft. As a result of the activation of the air coolant belts for motorcycles, it is required to buy less.

In the model line “Cascade” an emphasis is on the use of belt transmission. The owner of the equipment should be in accurately compliance with the technical conditions of the manufacturer to select the belts for motorcycles. The slightest deviation from prescribed requirements will provoke the rapid wear of the mechanical elements. In essence, similar conditions are exhibited to the assemblies “ZUBR”.

The “Mole” unit should be mentioned, in which the belt gear applies the same model A-710, A-750, where the length is 710-750 mm, the width is 13 mm, and the procedure for their replacement is similar to “Cascade”.

Motor blocks are endowed with high power, which imposes specific restrictions on the permissible types of belts of the aggregates. It is persistently recommended to pay the focus of products with marking A-1180. In the case of an off-plane or scheduled repair of repair, a flexible element of belt transmission with similar parameters is purchased.

Chinese-made motoblocks are characterized by very large freedom when choosing a belt.

Belts of aggregates for motorcycles, as well as for mounted equipment, for example, belt pump, are selected taking into account only one condition: the length and strength of the product cannot be varied by +/- 1.5% with the prototype. In this case, the use of analogs will not provoke repeated failure.

Work at elevated speeds

Dear modifications of motoblocks are endowed with several speeds. The indicated function allows you to optimize the course of sowing, cleaning or cultivating the field. But on the other hand, the work of motoblocks is largely directly dependent on the quality of the drive belt. The first thing to be remembered is the frequent gear shift not in the best way reflected in the operation of the unit. For this reason, it should be abandoned from the use of penny and sometimes low-quality products.


To properly choose a belt for motorcycles, The following information should be positioned:

  • view of the drive belt, suitable specifically of your modification of the unit;
  • his length;
  • tension level;
  • Type of clinorem transmission (for specific models).


Belts of aggregates are:

  • wedge;
  • toothed;
  • front turn;
  • rear stroke.

To ensure optimal tension and long period of operation of not only the entire belt transmission, but also of transmission, the unit of the unit belt must be accurately selected under a certain modification of the motoblock. If you put extremely long products, as very short, are quite quickly demolished and create an excessive load on the engine or gearbox. For example, the KROT belt transmission 750 mm is put on units with a domestic engine.

In addition to the above, before purchased it is necessary to check the product outside: The belt should not have damage, scratches, sticking threads, fuss. Qualitative is the product on which a distinct factory drawing is saved, and which cannot be stretched with hands.

How to choose the right size?

The size of the belt of your unit can be found in the documentation either by the number on the old product (if remained). If you can not find the sizes, you can put the roulette and the usual rope (cord). And you can also use special tables.

Replace and configure

Flexible belt element on the fiberboard can be replaced independently and configure.

Clinorem transmission reliably reports effort from the motor, but over time the belt is shaken, cracks are formed, impulses.

The task of its shift appears. This can be made in special service centers. This is the most correct choice, but it will no longer. You can independently replace, and if you at least once revenge your car, you have experience with appliances.

one. Remove the spent flexible element

First of all, we remove the plastic safety casing, unscrewing the fixation nut. After the belt of the aggregates is removed, relaxing the stretch between the pulley (friction wheel) gearbox and motor.

On separate modifications there are specialized devices for stretching and loosening belts. But usually there is no such mechanism in the motoblocks. To loosen the drive belt stretching weakening the engine fixation nut (4 pieces) and move it right. Then remove the belt. Do not forget, move the motor to the right side (on the left side) for the stretch (weakening) of the product only within the boundaries of 20 millimeters.

2. Wear new products

Installation of the new belt of the aggregates perform in reverse order. Then you need to pull it, considering the mandatory sagging of it by 10-12 millimeters. We definitely check the center of friction wheels of the gearbox and motor. Watch the nuts fastener diagonally.

In non-working, the belt must shut down to the primary shaft without difficulty, but do not jump off it. To bring the belt of the aggregates to the working status, the clutch handle is squeezed, the cable raises the downstream shaft, pulling the belt.

3. Independent tension

When the new product and the loop (calm) will be mounted, it is required to carry out their tension and adjust, because immediately the belt will be fed out, which is considered to be non-disabilities. It is capable of shortening its use, the wheels will start slipping, the motor will start to have a challenge at idle.

To perform tension, it is necessary to clean the friction wheel by the vehicle, and also relax the motor fixing bolts to the chassis, the key to 18 turn the adjusting bolt towards the movement of the clock arrow, pulling the device. At the same time, you need to try the tension of the drive belt with the second hand so that it freely spring. If you drag it, it will also be destructive to reflect on the reliability of the bearing and belt.

When installing all activities, it is necessary to exercise gradually and carefully to eliminate damage to the product. It can provoke to its rupture or early drive breakdown.

Upon completion of mounting and tension, you must check. The new product should stand exactly and not to have ignition and distortion.

Processes that demonstrate installation and tension errors:

  • Vibrating the case in the process of movement;
  • overheating drive belt on idle speed, smoking;
  • Slipping wheels when working.


After installing a new product, it is required to run a battery running, without producing loads on it, in order not to damage the structural elements. When using an aggregate, it is necessary to press gear mechanisms after 25 hours of operation. This will prevent the rapid wear of the friction wheels, will provide a soft movement of the motor-block itself.

How to change the belt on the motoblock, look in the following video.

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