Steering Adapters with Steering

The motoblock is a mechanized assistant gardener, which reduces the labor costs and user health. If such a device is supplemented with a steering adapter, it increases the management comfort and further reduces the physical exertion.

In fact, the adapter allows you to turn the motoblock in the semblance of a mini tractor. From the material of this article you will learn the device of the adapter, its purpose, varieties, nuances of installation and subtleties of operation.

Device and purpose

The adapter design for the motoblock is nothing but a simple device-trailer or a cart with a frame and a seat for the operator, which is connected to the motoblock. This device is convenient because when adding to the motoblock, it significantly increases its functionality, but it does not require registration, as in the case of a tractor. The system is supplied with wheels, and can also include mounting hardware. With this unit, you can transform a motor-block into a cargo shipment device.

The adapter may be factory or independently. However, regardless of this, its device will consist of the main working elements. Differences will be determined by the type of unit. The model is equipped with a steering wheel, which greatly simplifies the management of the technician in the process. The design itself may be long and short. Considering the ease of class, the product can be attached not only to two, but also one wheel of the motoblock.

The adapter design involves the presence of a steering drive, which is performed as a separate node, as well as a rigid coupling responsible for connecting to a motorcycle.

You can use the steering adapter for cleaning the hay, leveling the surface of the soil, transportation of goods, plowing, loosening and dipping soil, as well as the cleansing of the snow area. However, in each case it is worth understanding: for a particular purpose will have to use additional attachments.

Often, the plow, the harrow, the occupier, mower, snow blower, potatoes and potatoes. The rest of the device can be called comfortable – the operator in it is sitting.

The device consists of a frame, the seat for the user, two wheels, the axis and the coupling mechanism. The seat is attached to the frame that is fixed on the chassis. Wheels of the adapter for a motor-block with steering control can be different, which depends on the purpose of the technique. For example, metal options are used to work with soil, rubber analogs are used to move on the road.

Connecting with a motoblock, it turns out a full-fledged design with four wheels. Despite the fact that it does not obey the regulations (not registered) and On this unit, it is impossible to ride on public roads, The technique is indispensable in everyday life for any owner of a private house with a household plot.

A distinctive feature of the adapter for a motor-block with a steering control is the fact that the control of both the front and rear wheels is provided here. The technique itself is quite easy to manage.

The adapter coupling mechanism is made of steel either cast iron by welding. It allows you to fix the cart to the motoblock. At the same time, the best system is considered a P-shaped attachment, which in practice has proven its stability. Weigh adapter on average 20-22 kg, may have a load capacity up to 100 kg. The speed of movement it together with the motoblock may exceed 10 km / h.

Advantages and disadvantages

Adapter steering motor-block is convenient because:

  • The need for motorcycle drives is eliminated;
  • There is a complete implementation of the traction potential of the motoblock;
  • Increases the functionality of agricultural equipment;
  • Simplifies the carriage of the unit to a specific area of ​​processing;
  • facilitated management – more operator’s great efforts are no longer required;
  • The design can be disassembled as necessary;
  • A sufficient balance is carried out on all axes.

The disadvantages include an increase in fuel consumption, which after alteration leaves one and a half times more. However, these losses justify the simplicity of control and the saving of a colossal amount of time that the garden spends when working with the Earth.


Classify steering adapters can be called the wheel location. Steering is performed in the format of a separate node. Wheels performing the steering wheel option can be located in front and rear. As for the position of the steering drive, it depends on the characteristics of the design and spare parts, because during operation, it does not avoid the repair and replacement of extended parts.

Models that adapter is located in front, called varieties with front steering control. In such modifications, the engine is a kind of tractor of the entire unit. If the adapter is located at the back, and Motoblock has to pull it behind it, such a device is called rear-wheel drive. In other words, if the adapter is located in front of the fiberboard – this is a product of anterior type, and if the back is rear.

The choice of one or another buyer is performed by itself, based on its own preferences.

For example, the front option is more suitable for loosening and plowing of the soil treated. Here, in addition to the power of motorcycles, there is no need for a viewport. If you need to push the grown culture, then for such purposes the rear analogue is suitable.

However, you can look at the option where the adapter is closer to the drive axis. The weight of the operator in this case will create an additional load, not allowing the motoblock to pop up from the ground during the work of the technique.

Based on a variety, you can classify adapters for body and invisible. The first provide for the carriage of goods, the second is more suitable for soil processing. Depending on the power of the unit, adapters with a motoblock by means of a long or short breath. The first modifications are applied on heavy machinery, the second is used in light.

How to install?

Consider the principle of installing the adapter with the wheel on the example of the model for the Motoroblock KTZ with the steering column. The docking of the adapter with a motor-block begins with the installation of the trailer on the pin of the motorcycles, which is in its front. The node is fixed by cotton. After that, you need to rearrange the gas to the seat under the seat, transferring it to the native cable. To do this, use the key to 10 and the screwdriver, remove the gas control lever, remove the top plug under the seat, cable. If necessary, change the bolt, because depending on the adapter model, it may turn out to be more than.

Next, the bolts are tightened by a key on 10. When the gas is rearranged, the cable will not interfere anywhere. From the motoblock removed the steering wheel and disable clutch and unlocking gearboxes. Next remove the steering wheel using the stand for convenience. Removing the steering wheel, remove the support, proceed to the installation of pedals. At this stage of work, use a cable with a transition plate, which is included in the adapter package.

The plate is installed on the wing of the motoblock and fixed with a bolt with a nut. The lever screwed to the cable set the roller bracket. After that, they put a second cable, fix it and trailers for the installed bracket, fixed until the moment that allows.

Now you need to set the front turn to the right pedal. You do not need to shoot it. Along the way, adjust the nodes by checking the front turn tension. After that, the reverse is installed.

Operating recommendations

Regardless of the type of assembled and the connected product, it is necessary to start working with it from accounting for safety regulations. Before you have a motor, you need to have a visual inspection of the equipment for the exception of visible damage and faults. You can not add fuel to the fuel tank when the engine is turned on.

If the extraneous uncharacteristic noise is heard when turned on, you need to stop the engine and reveal the cause of the problem.

It is impossible to use gasoline inappropriate grades or fuel mixed with oil and other impurities. Before each start, you need to control the oil level, since it is exactly the cause of the engine stop.

In order to extend the service life of motorcycles, a new product must be running. It will contribute to the reliability of the operation of the motoblock.

In the process of it, the work surfaces of the parts usually occur. The duration of the run-in is usually varied in products of different brands and modifications. Some varieties can be up to 20 hours and more. At this time, you should not load the technique in the maximum volume.

One of the recommendations is to replace the oil after the first five hours of operation. As for the warming of the engine, it is necessary to do it on medium turnover without load about three minutes.

Based on the modification of the motoblock, the first hours of its work should be operated to the unit on the first gear (with the middle position of the gas lever). It is important to try to avoid not only the maximum, but also the minimum revolutions. Upon completion of the use of technology, you need to check the tightening of threaded connections.

As for the soil processed, in the first hours it is better to handle a simple soil. In addition, it is necessary to consider that on the stony and clay soil do not make the run.

Before work, you need to inspect the site and remove stones, as well as large trash. In general, working with a motorcycle, you need to constantly monitor the maintenance of its purity, check the strength of fastening the available elements of the adapter and motor-block, including hinged equipment.

You must not forget to pull the weakening of the mounts. Need to remember about timely maintenance.

Maintenance and storage

As a rule, it is necessary to check the oil level with each inclusion, to replace it – at least half a year. Air filter checks are performed before the direct turn on the unit. Clean it as the pollution or times in three months. Cleaning sumps Perform once every six months. If necessary, replacing consumables try to buy original details or similar to them for quality characteristics.

They will contribute to the extension of the service life of agricultural equipment and will not cause the engine breakdown. As for the cleaning of the air filter, it is necessary to support the working state of the carburetor.

It is impossible to use a solvent with a low ignition point for this, as it is flammable and can lead not only to the fire, but also to an explosion. It is impossible to use technique without a air filter, because the engine is accelerated.

Repair performed in a well-ventilated room when the engine is turned off. It is necessary to provide a sufficient level of ventilation in the work room. Exhaust gases are dangerous to human health, their inhalation can lead to death. Store motorcycles need in a dry ventilated room.

During the summer season, it is not recommended to leave it on the street, and especially – if the base of the operator’s seat is not made of plastic, but from wood. In order to extend high-quality and performance characteristics when storing an aggregate on the street you need to cover it with a tarpaulin case.

If it is not planned to use agricultural machinery for more than three months, gasoline is poured out of the fuel tank, clean it, check the position of the gas lever. If necessary, disconnect the wheels.

About the adapter to the motor-block with steering control – the following video.

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