StandartPar product features for territory

    When planning the construction of a new home, reconstruction and repair of an existing building and a plot around it, many different products are used that provide comfort and perform a certain role in the intended design. One of the highest quality and well-deserved demand is StandartPark products, which has only positive customer feedback.

    The huge range of products manufactured by the company will allow all the necessary work on the improvement of the territory of the site, the promotion of communications to the building and conducting drainage events.

    Species and their distinctive features

    Since 2000, StandartPark has implemented high-quality products on the market exclusively in its own production. With its manufacture, only high-quality materials withstanding large temperature differences are used, and the most modern equipment.

    For landscaping, the manufacturer produces several types of products.


    Made from persistent impact-resistant materials, made in different colors, they perform both their direct function and are a beautiful element of the interior of the territory. At the request of the customer, they are made of both natural stone and from sand, gravel and small stone. Recently, popularity has acquired plates for tracks made of artificial stone.

    Having relatively low cost, they have many color shades, various sizes and shape.

    Retaining walls for terraces

    When using them, a plot having drops in height and slopes, acquires volume and beautiful appearance. This allows you to diversify the landscape with new architectural solutions. These designs, in addition to the main task, are decorative functions. They also eliminate problems with the movement of soil during precipitation, limiting and strengthening the edges of the slopes. The material from which they are made is not deformed and is not subject to corrosion.

    Drainage systems

    Used to remove both ground and rain and rainwater. This eliminates the cause of the destruction and washing the soil from the building and other elements on the site.

    The linear water eliminates the formation of puddles and streams of water, prevents the destruction of the tracks, retains their coatings, and also assigns streams of water from the foundation of buildings, not allowing flooding of basements. It consists of open trays for collecting and directions of water flows.

    The surface water conduit consists of in-depth channels, closed with lattices to capture large garbage. The composition includes a sand-trailer intended for detention of sand-brought sand and smaller garbage elements. The surface of the surface water conduit itself is structurally connected to a storm sewer for output from the water flow section.

    Point drainage is used to collect and remove water in the locations of its point accumulation. This establishes a special raid-seeker for collecting and removing water flows. It is used as an addition to linear drainage in places of large cluster of water flows. In this case, the receiver is necessarily covered with grille for tracing debris.

    Internal drainage is used indoors and is made of stainless steel. Such a need arises in the premises, where in the process of work on the floor is a large amount of water. In particular, these are industrial premises, where on production technology it is necessary to ensure the withdrawal of its excess. For example, such drainage is needed on car wash, which uses a large amount of water with detergents.

    Underground drainage is the necessary measure for removal of groundwater. It represents a whole system of pipes laid under the ground from pipes, reducing groundwater aside from the building. This type of drainage is used at a high level of groundwater, the presence of a reservoir area and requires careful analysis to increase the efficiency of the system as a whole.

    Deep and surface drainages perform different drainage functions, and their integrated use guarantees a good result in the development of water flows and ensuring the preservation of the building.

    Automatic irrigation systems

    They became available relatively recently and are used for irrigation of lawns, landlined areas with vegetables, trees and other places where it is necessary.

    Represent a whole system consisting of plumbing networks laid to places of watering, with the installation of special sprinklers. In addition, the electronic programmable part with electroclapanes includes and turning off the water according to a given program. At the same time, modern systems can also take into account weather conditions (the presence of precipitation in the form of rain, the temperature of the surrounding air, the season of the year, time of day), changing the scraper of watering, depending on these parameters and not allowing the convergence or drying the soil.

    Thus, without the participation of the owner, such a system will ensure the admission of the desired amount of water to the pollen areas of the specified territory. In addition, at any time you can adjust the program by changing the parameters of watering.

    Modern technologies and Internet access make it even remotely, being on vacation or at work.

    Such systems provide high-quality watering depending on weather conditions and allow you to achieve good results in growing both colors and vegetables, and fruits.

    Lighting systems

    Used to illuminate the territory at night. At the same time, the lighting systems installed in various places are and element of the decor, creating the atmosphere of comfort and comfort on the plot. Used both scattering and directed light sources of different colors. The enterprise also produces original street pillars from various materials, taking into account the wishes of the customer.


    Fences are used to fence the site as a whole, as well as to highlight a certain territory inside. Made from various materials (there are plastic, cast iron, polymer concrete) and are element of the decor of the site. In this case, made by individual order from high-quality materials this element emphasizes the common style of the whole project as a whole.


    They are one of the elements of the decor of the site, originally inscribed in the general plan. Possible their manufacture in a wide variety of forms, from various materials.


    Geogriet (lawn grille) is used to strengthen the approaches to the building, the aisles in the garden, various paths and tracks around the campgrounds and sports grounds. Made from plastic. Its laying does not take much time and gives an excellent result.

    An integrated approach to solving problems on the improvement of the territory, accounting for all necessary factors and the choice of quality products – all this guarantees an excellent result and efficiency in the design of the site around the built house.

    More information about StandartPark products See More.

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