Spruce Blue Diamond: Description, Facilities for planting and leaving, reproduction

Each owner of country houses dreams of refining its plot with evergreen beautiful plants. Great popularity in modern gardening use blue spruce. Their varieties are diverse. However, the special interest of the farmers causes Spruce Blue Diamond (“Blue Brilliant”). This amazing coniferous plant has a presentable appearance and is distinguished by unpretentiousness.

A bit of history

Popular variety “Blue Diamond” was removed in the nursery Dutch breeders in the early 90s of the last century. “Blue Brilliant” received by crossing the ate of “glaucy” and unknown Colorad firings. The result was an amazing plant with a bunny hue. The plant was studied and tested for a long 15 years. And only in the early 2000s of this century managed to receive an international patent. After a short period of time, Blue Diamond grade won tremendous popularity and began to appear on almost every site of gardeners from all over the world.

Description of appearance

Blue Brilliant corresponds to all the parameters of the Christmas tree. The tree is distinguished by a bicycle crown and fluffy beautiful cheese. Gorgeous busty spruce looks very attractive. The peculiarities of the plant include:

  • dense branches forming symmetric tiers;
  • barbed thin joy painted in the color of the sea wave;
  • cones of oblong shape that have a saturated brown shade;
  • The plant “keeps” the crown of the pyramid shape, however, the spring convection requires prophylactic trimming.


Variety is known excellent frost resistance. The plant grows perfectly in the regions for which low temperatures are characterized. Blue Diamond prefers solar sections where the beauty of the tree is revealed in “full force”. However, the plant recognizes and the half-day, but the lack of sunshine will undoubtedly affect the shape of the crown and the color of the needles. Then the tree will “lose” their slimming and amazing shade.

As for the soil, then This variety of blue spruce prefers a fertile medium cynical soil. For the root system “Blue Diamond” is important. It does not tolerate excess moisture and high soil density.

In the hot summer “Blue Diamond” does not dry, but they still do not recommend forget. Note that the first 8-10 years this variety does not differ rapid growth. However, subsequently the growth rate of the plant increases.

Adult tree reaches a height of 5-7 cm. Blue fir width ranges from 2 to 3 meters. Blue Diamond seedlings need to be purchased in proven places. Doubtful sales points should be bypass, so there is a high probability to buy a plant with a disease.

A healthy seedling has a root system slightly moistened, and stems and shoots have no damage and suspicious spots.

Care and landing rules

In order for the spruce of Blue Diamond grown beautiful and fluffy, it is necessary to follow the following rules for care.

  • Regular watering, especially in the summer.
  • Pruning with the onset of spring, as sanitary prevention. You must safely remove dry and old shoots. At the twigs that were frozen harsh in winter, only the tops cut off.
  • Mandatory feeding and processing of plants by fungicides.
  • Periodic loosening of soil. Such a procedure will help the root system to obtain the required amount of oxygen and moisture.
  • Fertilizers according to the scheme. In the spring, nitrogen compositions are suitable, and phosphoric can be used hot summer. With the approach of autumn it is necessary to move to organic fertilizers with potassium.
  • Protect blue spruce from weed grass. It can be deleted manually, as well as use herbicides.


Blue spruce twisted with cuttings, seeds and seedlings. Shining, as a rule, spend at the beginning of summer. Landing is carried out at a depth of 3 meters. Soil should not be dry, however, excess moisture is also able to harm the root system of the plant. As for seeds, they must be pre-soaked in water, and they are usually planted at the end of April. For spring sowing, the appearance of the first germs in 2 weeks.

If we are talking about saplings, then special attention is paid to the location of the root cervical. It should remain at the same level as in the previous capacity.

Prevention of disease

No less important preventive measures aimed at combating pests and diseases. Wood “Blue Brilliant”, which does not receive proper care, may suffer from Tly and other parasites. Often the plant is discomfort due to the appearance of sulfur rot. Therefore, preventive measures are among the mandatory rules for the care of the Blue Diamond variety. In winter, young trees are covered with a special bag or cotton fabric, fixing a strong rope. The soil around the plant must be mulched with dry foliage and sweetheart.

Application in landscape design

Beautiful blue spruce love to use as recreation plants. In winter, young Christmas trees (under 10 years old) decorate bright toys and garlands. No less luxurious variety “Blue Diamond” will look like a central composition. If the site allows, then around the decorated evergreen tree will be able to drive away dances in the New Year’s Eve.

Besides, This variety is suitable for group landing. For “highlighting” of certain sites at the bottom territory, the Blue Diamond is planted with rows. It is worth noting that the ate “Blue Diamond” is great and in the city trait. They are planted in parks and along car trails. However, the arid summer conifers need periodic watering.

In the next video you are waiting for more information about the spruce “Blue Diamond”.

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