Spiray of paper: description, landing and care

Spirire of paper or pink – shrub, which is highlighted with a decorative view, large sizes and exquisite flowers. The plant is known for its endurance and carefulness.


Spiraea Bumalda or Tololga belongs to the decorative leaf falling shrubs of the family of pink and is one of the many varieties of Spirey. The height of the plant reaches about 1 m. The leaf plates of the bush are small, have an ovoid shape, depending on the season, their description is modified: In the spring they are light green, and in the fall are made with red-orange or greenish-brown. Crown of shrub rounded, with straight, ribbed branches. The bark on young shoots is green, as they enjoy the brown tone.

Compact inflorescences are formed from small flowers painted in lilac pink tones, although some varieties can have a lighter color: white or white-pink. The flowering period lasts from June to September, time mainly depends on the climatic conditions of the region, where the plant is cultivated. The shrub is distinguished by high frost resistance, resistance to drought and normal tolerance of the tanned air, which allows it to land it in large cities.

Undemanding spire and to the composition of the soil, so it can be planted on any plot.



Besides It easily adapts to different climatic conditions. Representatives of the species are characterized by a long life cycle, some copies reached a 40-year-old age. Shrub has both medical properties. Weatherproof paper can be raised not only in Europe, but her gardens in Asia and America are decorated. Every year, plant varieties are becoming more and more, because breeders are constantly working on the removal of new forms with more improved properties and appearance.

How to plant?

Although the spiray of the bulma does not require special conditions, Nevertheless, when it landing it is worth considering the following nuances:

  • So that the shrub showed all his decorative properties, it is better to choose a plot with good lighting, in the shade of the leaves and buds will not have a bright color;
  • For landing, a plot from the south side is optimally suited, with a small amount of trees giving a bustling shading;
  • The soil for the Toll is suitable for any, but to preserve the decorativeness of the shrub it is better to choose a turf or leaf;
  • The perfect composition of the soil for shrubs consists of 2 parts of the earth, 1 part of the peat and 1 part of the sand.

Landing is better to spend in April. Saplings should have a strong root system, without damage. Lunka for landing should be made about a third more than the volume of the root system, it is worth a 40-50 cm in its depth. If the land is not mixed with sand and peat, they can be made directly into dug-out deposits, but then they should be made 3 times more than the sizes of the roots. In the pits you can also add a little humoring.

The plant is placed in the well, well straightening the roots, and rushing the earth. The root cervix should be on the same level. Roots plants can be both with an earthen room and naked. In the second case, the seedling should be kept in a stimulator solution about 24 hours. Lached plant watered warm water.

Spiray is recommended to plant rows, the distance between them should be 35-45 cm, and there is a distance between the bushes about 50 cm. Proper landing serves as a key to a good development and a beautiful view of the shrub.

With too dense placement, the bushes will not be able to grow. The Spiray of Paper does not respond poorly to increased ground humidity indicators, which often affects flowering. If there are groundwater on the plot, the bush may die. To avoid negative consequences in such a situation and maintain the plant, it is necessary to dig a hole for another 15-20 cm deeper, to pour rubbets or gravel into it and sprinkle their land. Only then plant a bush. Thus, underground waters will not harm the shrub.

How to care for?

As already mentioned, Spirae is pink unpretentious in care, but Nevertheless, for the volume of crown and lush flowering, she needs certain conditions.

  • Watering. Moisturize shrubs need regularly and moderately. It is necessary to do this with caution, the plant suffers from both the convergence and drought. Two weeks after disembarking a bush watered daily in the morning or evening, thanks to this root faster faster. In the heat of the spiray of the bulma, it is worth a moisture time in 4-5 days. A layer of mulch, applied around the bush, will help keep moisture longer. In this case, watering in hot time should be reduced by half.
  • Loosening. Break the soil around shrub need periodically. Do it better after rain or watering. After the procedure, the plant should be moistened with a small amount of warm water.
  • Podkord. So that the shrub has a magnificent bloom, it is necessary to feed it. For this use fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Bring them simultaneously with irrigation or loosening. Bred them clearly according to the instructions so as not to harm the plant. Positive affects the growth and formation of spirae and humus buds. Bring it as a mulch, and together with rains and watering all useful minerals absorbed into the soil. During the arid periods and before wintering, the bush fertre up superphosphates.
  • Trimming. Shrub is cut mainly with the onset of spring, but it is possible to carry out the procedure and in the summer when the plant blooms. Summer haircut capable of activating re-blossom in autumn. The shape of the bustle can be attached to different ways, but often the Tollroge make a pyramidal or spherical crown. The haircut does not affect the plant growth dynamics, cut off mainly old shoots, as well as safe or damaged stems. Gardeners are recommended to conduct an early spring procedure, before the formation of the leaf formation on the bush. Then it is easier to form the necessary crown shape.
  • Preparation for wintering. In the autumn, all branches of mature bushes are cut from almost the very base. This contributes both to the growth of the crown and plants in general. Spirea perfectly tolerate cold, but still it is worth insulate, especially young plants. For this, the roasting area is covered with dry foliage, and when snow falls, it is worth it to throw it on the leaves and compact. You can insulate the spire of paper by peat pillows, especially such a shelter is relevant for regions with a cold climate. To do this, shrub shoots fasten the wire on the ground surface and fall asleep with a plentiful peat.

Methods of breeding

Breakproof paper spirits and cuttings. In the first way, reproduction is carried out in spring. Near the bush make shallow grooves where the lower, strong shoots and fall asleep soil. On the winter period, the drains are covered with dry leaves. By the spring, the shoots appear roots, they are cut off from the parent bush and plant on the selected place.

The reproduction of staring is characterized by simplicity and ease. It is performed as follows:

  1. cuttings are cut around at the beginning of summer;
  2. planted in containers with peat and large river sand;
  3. To improve the cornering of the cutting can be treated with stimulating drugs;
  4. Moisturize daily 4-5 times;
  5. After the appearance of the roots, the seedlings are frightened on a specially equipped garden or planting in an open soil next spring.

Diseases and pests

Spirea pink is not particularly prone to diseases and insect damage, but, unfortunately, it sometimes happens. Due to the high humidity of the soil, the plant may be damaged by fungal diseases, among which the most common gray mold and different spottedness. For treatment, fungicidal preparations are used (“phytosporin”, “Fundazol” or burglar liquid), and also normalize the humidity of the soil and the amount of irrigation.

From parasites, strong harm causes a web tick. Infection them can be determined by the presence of tiny white spots on the sheet plates. Over time, damaged leaves turn yellow and dry. The most often infection by the web tick occurs in the drought.

The struggle against the pest is carried out by insecticidal drugs, the most effective – “Metaphos,” Celttan “,” Phosphamide “,” Akrex “. Preparations are bred according to the instructions to even harm the plant.

TLL also delivers the shrub of enough problems. It feeds on the juice of the plant, making it weak. Protect the Kush “Kronefosom”, “Pyrimore” or “Fosalon”. From the folk remedies against the Tly, a tincture of a folus of Luka, which is worth using at the beginning of the growing period. Infusion also favorably affects the soil, killing microorganisms and feeding with vitamins.

Occasionally the plant can damage the whitefly. Get rid of pest “phytodeterm”. Effective this drug and against rain snails, use it in preventive purposes. Lasterka is also able to harm spirire, caterpillars appear in the late spring. They feed on inflorescences and kidneys, not only damaging the appearance of the bush, but also leading to blossom problems. It is necessary to get rid of the pest immediately because the caterpillars are very quickly multiplied. In prophylactic purposes, the bushes spray with special drugs every 15-20 days, so that the leafpers do not have time to multiply. Against the caterpillars are used and infusion from leaves and field chamomile flowers, in which soap add. Spray bushes several times after 10 days.

Important! To protect the scirew of paper from diseases and attacks of parasites, it needs to provide sufficient care, as well as spray bushes in preventive purposes the entire growing season. Especially it is necessary to focus on the spring processing to destroy possible overwhelming parasites.

Usage in landscape design

Variety varieties makes it possible to use a plant in different compositions. Compact magnificent bush shape effectively decorate roccage or mixtore. Buckets look beautiful and as a living hedge, as well as in the neighborhood with higher shrubs or trees with a rare crown. Tollga will decorate any lawn, as elegantly combined with different blooming crops, and a single landed bush on a well-kept lawn will always attract attention. You can use the spire of pink and as decorating the terrace or veranda, because its low-spirited varieties look great as decorative potted cultures.

The amazing elegance and beauty of the Spiray of paper makes it possible to use it in a wide variety of decisions on the decoration of the site.



More information about the Spirae paper you will learn further.

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