Snow blowers and snow removal consoles brand “Coleno”

Snow removal technique is considered successful in use, if it is reliable, simple, convenient, efficient. All listed characteristics combines equipment for cleaning snow cover “Coleno”. The manufacturer has achieved success and popularity among the population due to the orientation on the Russian buyer from any part of the country.


Sniphele machines “Colen” produced with a wheel and crawter. Their main characteristics can be called the following:

  • To emit snow, which is assembled, in the technique there is a durable steel bile with an angle of 190 degrees;
  • Each of the models has a screw rotor, which is equipped with teeth, which allow you to crush the snow and ice;
  • Due to the special knives, the height of snow is not limited to the dimensional dimensions;
  • The aggregates are launched quite comfortable even at the minus temperature of the air, since the design provides an electric starter, optics;
  • aggregates are stable when working in uneven territory and slopes due to the use of specialized polozov;
  • The uniqueness of the fuel supply system contributes to the rapid launch of the motor at a minus temperature.

Snake Machines “Colen” are a type of technology that is used to clean snow in an industrial and living scale. The integration of the unit has a direct dependence with equipment characteristics. The main advantages of the technique are the following characteristics:

  • reliability;
  • affordable cost;
  • opportunity to use in domestic conditions;
  • unpretentiousness when choosing fuel;
  • efficiency;
  • Compactness, but at the same time high performance;
  • maneuverability even in a limited territory;
  • Good capturing rates at the bucket;
  • the possibility of moving forward and backward;
  • speed parsing and ease of transportation;
  • comfort and convenience for the user when working.

This type of technology has practically no minuses. From reviews you can see that some users are unhappy with the power of cars. This indicator is individual for various models, so the choice of snow blower should be done in accordance with the tasks set before him.


Assortment of technology for cleaning snow “Colen” is quite wide. After a detailed study of the technical characteristics and capabilities, you can make the right choice. Snow removal equipment is the following types:

  • Attached, which relates to universal variants;
  • Wheel – is the best option for cleaning snow from small and medium territories;
  • tracked – The most efficient equipment, it has a powerful engine, and is also characterized by good patency, such a type of technology is used by many utilities of the country, as well as owners of large supermarkets and centers.

Snipboard “Colen” SP-60

This nozzle is a convenient option for people who are accustomed to using on its plot of motoblock. The active equipment for the motoblock is suitable for the “Neva” aggregates, “Oka”, “Cascade”, “Coleno”. Snowmobile equipment belongs to one-level, it is made of metal, like a nozzle for emissions. Cleaning after using a mounted snow blower is a width of 0.6 meters.

“SP – 60” in the kit has belts, stretching mechanisms. The adjustment of the bucket must be carried out manually, and the direction of emission range can be adjusted using a steel corkscrew. If the conditions for functioning are favorable, then the range of emission can reach 10 meters. With weight in 45 kilograms, a snow removal trailer can have a height of capture of 0.25 meters.

Snow blower “SM-566”

The main areas of using the SM – 566 snow removal apparatus are country grounds and a household plot. The configuration includes an engine with an average power. Due to the presence of a metal auger, the equipment easily removes the stall snow and flips from the surface.

CM-566 virgin has a chute that is designed to throw snow. Also, the user has the ability to control a snowplow range. The presence of a steel auger with a multitude of spirals allows a snow blower to grind the laying snow and ice. Features of the fuel tank enable the consumer to work by car for 4 hours without stopping.

Snow blower “Colen SM-709”

This type of technology refers to gasoline. The snow blower is characterized by a width of the capture of 0.7 meters, as well as 0.54 meters high height. The machine is peculiar to drop snow at a distance of 15 meters. Thanks to 6 front and 1 rear gears, the unit easily copes with its tasks. For the convenience of users, the technician is equipped with a pilot and electric starter.


Aggregates for the cleaning of snow cover “Colen” are equipped with durable mechanical gutters, which is necessary for folding snow cover. Design features allow you to discard snow with high accuracy. The presence of a convenient lever allows the person to install the snow garbage characteristic.

The presence of a gear screw contributes to cost savings, as well as machine wear. If there is a necessity, a snow blower can be equipped with additional hits and removable devices, for example, towing or dumping.

In order for the movement during snow harvesting, the user needs to support equipment without making special efforts. Available blocking system will be able to help a person if necessary to stop the work of a snow blower.


    Winter period of the year is not only joy, but also troubles with snow cover. How it is impossible for the way in this situation will be snow removal technique “Coleno”. Snowflower user reviews indicate a long service life of aggregates. Breakdowns and malfunctions happen quite rarely. Consumers say that the institution of technology does not arise problems, as in its use.

    Unpretentious technique of this manufacturer does not create difficulties in servicing the aggregates and perfectly copes with snow cleaning even in a large area. This equipment option will help keep clean and order the park zone, territory near the store or supermarket, industrial or other object. “Coleno” is the perfect value for money, machines are characterized by a low price, but at the same time perfectly function.

    Snow removal overview “Coleno” SP-60 See More.

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