Shtenli Motoblocks: Features and Recommendations for Application

Agricultural equipment, and especially motoblocks, are pretty in demand among owners of large and small farms and land in Russia and abroad. Among the manufacturers specializing in the release of this technique, the leading position occupies a SHTENLI concern, which successfully implements its products in Europe and in the post-Soviet space.


Shtenli agricultural equipment, and motor-blocks including the products of the German concern of the same name, which is engaged in the release of this line of instruments and equipment for more than a dozen years. Modern motor-cultivators are highlighted by high quality assembly, as well as some options for components from such world-famous brands, like ABB Micro, Instruments and others. Now these devices are quite in demand not only in Europe, but also in Russia.

SHTENLI motoblocks differ from similar agricultural equipment with multifunctionality, due to which the devices can be operated for the processing of land on large and small farms, using one equipment for solving the soil cultivation tasks, plowing, dipping, leaning grass, snow harvesting, or harvesting roots, as well as traction block for cargo transportation, water pumping.

These characteristics allow the use of German units for personal needs, as well as to address issues subordinate to utilities. The model range of motoblock makes it possible to choose the unit specifically for their needs, and a wide selection of spare parts and components provide the improvement of motor-blocks to perform certain works.

The concern also produces aggregates that can be used to treat land indoors, so many farmers can exploit this technique in greenhouses, greenhouses and greenhouses.

The lineup

The range and model range of Shtenli’s motoblocks is regularly replenished with a new technique, so it is worth considering the most sought-after devices.

Now the concern specializes in the release of diesel and gasoline aggregates, and also sells a separate line of machines, which refers to the Pro Series series.

  • Shtenli 500. This unit belongs to the class of light agricultural engineering of German production, since only 80 kg weighs. At the same time, the machine is equipped with the engine, the power of which is 7 liters. with. To make a motoblock more stable, increase its grip with a soil, in the basic configuration the device has an additional wheel in front of the device. The device functions on a gasoline engine.
  • Shtenli 900. This is an aggregate from the middle class of motoblocks, its mass is 100 kg, and the power of the motor – 8 liters. with. The manufacturer recommends exploiting this model on large farms.
  • Shtenli 1030. This is a gasoline unit with an engine capacity of 8.5 liters. with. The mass of the motoblock is 125 kg, so that the car can be operated in conjunction with the adapter and mounted hardware equipment.

  • SHTENLI 1100 PRO SERIES. The motoblock is highlighted by the Honda manufacturer, the power of which is 14 liters. with. In the line of the German concern, two types of such devices are presented – with in or without it, which allows farmers to choose the technique based on personal configuration preferences. Most often, the first option is acquired if the machine will be operated as a soil cultivator, such as, for example, SHTENLI 1800.
  • Shtenli xxxl. This model is highlighted by the ergonomic body, as well as the location of the gasoline tank at the top of the device. The machine functions with a powerful Honda motor in 13 liters. with.

  • Shtenli G-185. This is a universal unit that is positioned for exploitation in a private or professional direction. The motoblock works with a high-performance diesel engine, which is 10.5 liters. with., But there are modifications with a greater power reaching 17-18 liters. with. The model is highlighted by an impressive weight consisting of 280 kg, due to which attachments and trailed components are fixed and transporting goods. However, the serious mass of the unit requires attention and strength from the operator during operation.
  • SHTENLI G-192. This is a model equipped with a diesel engine type, which develops power up to 12 liters. with. Such a motoblock has a lot of about 320 kg, in the light of which refers to the category of severe agricultural machinery. The device can be used to plow and cultivate the soil, as well as as a traction unit and even a tug, using the console.

The unit has good and powerful wheels that allow him to be easily moved to any type of soil.


All shtenli brand’s fuel blocks have a factory warranty that is 2 years. Devices are equipped with a decompression valve that allows the machine to act in a lightweight launch mode. Besides, The aggregates have a built-in system that reduces the noise and vibration during the operation of the motor.

In the basic configuration, the motoblocks have reliable tires with a deep tread to facilitate movement of heavy soil or snow-drift. Motor blocks have a universal fastening type, which allows to operate devices with a large number of trailed and suspended equipment.

Cutters included in the basic bundle have a protective shield that provides a reliable barrier from exposure to external factors that can damage the part. All engines in the SHTENLI technique are equipped with an automatic rotational speed system that eliminates the likelihood of operation of units at too high speed, not provided for this modification.

As for power plants, the machines have 5 bypass valves, due to which there is a clearer distribution of fuel and lubricants, in addition, it allows you to remove extra noises when the devices move.

Handling motor-block controls can be adjusted in several positions, which increases comfort during operation.

Hinged equipment

Shtenli Motoblocks can be used in conjunction with the original additional tool, as well as with inventory from other brands. Original components are represented by plows, ranks, milling and soils.

But the technique is also operated with several auxiliary details.

  • Adapter, trolleys and trailers. Equipment for the transportation of goods by means of motoblocks is divided into classes based on the power of the devices themselves. Therefore, for heavy machinery, the equipment carrying capacity can be half a thin, and for light devices – about 300 kg. Adjustment of the clutch occurs with a three-strategy connecting part, which comes in conjunction with the technique. The element is universal, so compatible with most of the components from other manufacturers.
  • Mower. For agricultural devices, several types of this tool are offered, so motor-blocks can work with rotary or disk variants of mowers. Inventory is selected based on the appointment of the machine itself.

Aggregates with B are compatible with all types of details. The last option may require replacing discs in the course of active operation.

  • Wheels and caterpillar consoles. SHTENLI Motor Blocks Wheels in the basic configuration can be: 5×12, 4×12, 4×10, 4×8 and 6.5×12 cm. But if necessary, light and heavy equipment can be additionally equipped with more powerful options for wheels. As for the consoles for motoblocks, their use is relevant in winter, as well as with too damp soil. Such equipment is recommended by the manufacturer for cars, the mass of which will be more than 100 kg.
  • Cutters. In the factory configuration, German devices are supplied to implement with folding parts that are made of high quality steel. However, if desired, the technique can be used with other versions of cutters, the cutter assembly is performed manually.
  • Groundoshachentes. This is a useful auxiliary equipment that allows you to increase the efficiency of soil processing. The main task of this element is to increase the clutch of the machine during operation with the surface of the earth.

  • Plow. German motoblocks can be used for work with the soil together with a single-circuit or two-circuit plow. Fixing the instrument to the technique is carried out in front when using a suitable fastener in the form of a bracket. The depth of earth processing can be adjusted by the operator during the control of the machine.
  • Snow blower and shovel-dump. A variant of this auxiliary equipment is selected based on the model and power of the motoblock. As a rule, more powerful aggregates will be able to discard snow over long distances.
  • Potatoes and potatoes. Universal type tool that can be installed on all without exception of the device of this brand. Fastening of elements is carried out in front of the motoblock. These tools completely eliminate the use of manual labor during planting and harvesting root crops. Based on the configuration and model, the technique can also be used with other options for hinged and trailed equipment.

User manual

Before using the technique, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the technical documentation and instructions for the operation of the device. Compliance with these recommendations will make it possible to largely increase the service life of the equipment.

  • The manufacturer of aggregates, regardless of the type of engine, recommends using only SAE-30 SAE5W-30 and semi-synthetic oil, as well as regularly replace oil, pour it only with heat engine. As for the gearbox, it will take 80W-90 oil for this assembly. Fuel for gasoline models should not be lower than the brand A-92.
  • The first thing that the owner of the new motoblock should do is run the device. This work is necessary to wipe all moving parts in the unit, as well as gas adjustment. When primary running, the machine should work on a third of its power of about 10 hours, but without the use of equipment as a traction block.
  • Among the required work on setting up the functioning of all systems in the shtenli motor blocks is to highlight the debugging of the conical transmission, the adjustment of the gear, draining the waste oil after running and replacing it to a new substance. And also separate attention deserves a transmission in a moto block, allowable backlash in the gearbox.

In the next video you will find a review of the shtenli 1900.

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