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To create a lawn and proper care for it, certain knowledge and skills are needed. A person who has never been engaged in the arrangement of such sites, often faces various unexpected difficulties: the grass has grown cheerful, weeds appear, the lawn grew up in the form of bumps. These problems can be greatly upset and even repel the desire to chain their own lawn.


The lawn is a smooth plot sown with a special mixture of herbs growing a dense carpet. It has a decorative or functional purpose and, like all growing, needs careful care. The playground can become an elegant framed for flowering flower beds, shrub groups or trees that visually look brighter on her background.

In addition to the decorative function, the humidity of the air improves on the green plot.

The shadow lawn can become a thread, uniting nature and man. Landscape compositions with it acquire a finished look. Mixtures of herbs purify air from harmful gases, dust, toxins. Green platform helps to reduce soil vibration.

The advantages of the shadowless lawn include the following:

  • Easily tolerates insufficient solar lighting;
  • does not depend on changeable weather;
  • Easy to care.

There are special grades of lawn grasses that are able to disguise all uncomfortable areas under growing trees and shrubs, as well as areas from the northern side, next to the house wall. With their help, it was possible to equip lawns near high and surround buildings and structures that give a permanent shadow at a decent distance from themselves. Such mixtures are often used to create lawns in the indoor rear courtyards.

Seeds can be one specific type of grass or a mixture combining several different varieties to achieve maximum efficiency. The mixtures are intended to create a lawn under certain conditions, distant from ideal. For example, poorly lit shady areas under trees or bushes, located in places with excessive humidity and the possibility of damage to fungal diseases, most profitable to sow a mixture of teotalem.

Mixtures of lawn grasses growing in the shade, usually have in the composition of the Ticaccus (Wallis Ovalis), Red Ovsyan, Pasture and Mattal Rights. This mixture gives the lawn a bright green color, makes it resistant to a number of adverse factors: fungal diseases, rare irrigation, decrease in temperature. Similar grassmes are well rooted and slowly grow, which excludes the dominance of weeds. Lawn grass possesses other, no less valuable advantages. It has the ability to purify and rehabilitate atmospheric air, absorbs dust, toxic gases, particles of heavy metals.

To create a green advanced territory in the shade, it is recommended to choose slow-growing herbs, easily carrying excess humidity. Ordinary grass with a shortage of solar illumination loses a bright color, cares and becomes receptive to fungal infections. Oatman Red and Typika do not suffer from insufficient solar lights at all, they grow beautifully in sour soil, but in this case the grass is obtained very tough. Seeds germinate quickly, after 14-15 days, then grow up, and the result is formed by a density of a large density having a sizo green.

If you add a rags and a meadow mint in the mixture, the color of the lawn will be brighter and saturated.


There are several types of shadowless lawns.

  • Parterial. This is the most expensive and at the same time the most winning looking subspecies. It requires constant attention and care. One season is enough for the lawn to gain decorativeness and began to delight its owners.
  • Mauritanian. Most common among decorative lawns, because it costs cheaper at cost and efforts spent than partner. But the kind of Moorish lawn, of course, is not so effective, like a partner.
  • Functional. The name fully corresponds to the purpose of the lawn data, as they are intended for active operation, as well as performing a variety of tasks in the landscape. For example, a sports lawn, resistant to pulling, sowed on a football field and other sports games. Firming lawn, as another type of functional lawn, is used along passage roads on slopes and slopes to strengthen.
  • Universal. A similar type of green platform is called universal because it satisfies all the requirements. Universal lawns can be wild or ordinary. Ordinary lawn very often create on sites around private houses or cottages. It is very pleasant to relax or, on the contrary, play a batch in badminton or drive the ball. The cost is directly proportional to the quality, since the lawn happens very cheap, and catching partner on costs. A large influence on the cost is the composition of the mixture of lawn grass, so the readiness dates differ.


Depends on the correctness of the choice whether it will be possible to create the desired ideal. In any case, you need to highlight the following points.

  • Cheap lawn Even with constant careful care, it will be able to purchase a complete appearance not earlier than in a few seasons.
  • Lawn From the average price segment will acquire the desired view after 2-3 months, but also with the condition of careful care.
  • Premium zone You can create in a matter of weeks, attaching minimal efforts. That is why expensive lawn mixes have an indisputable advantage.

There is another indicator that must be considered when planning a lawn. This is his target purpose. Here you can allocate the following varieties:

  • decorative;
  • functional;
  • universal.

The landscape will not look harmonious if it does not provide lawns or lawns, which can easily turn into a picnic place, children’s or sports field.


For 1 weaving the processed zone you need 5 kg of seeds. Preferably use ready-made lawn mixes from well-known manufacturers. Lawn lined in the shade requires a special relationship. Frequent haircut is not needed, as the grass grows slowly. Enough once a month. However, it is necessary to regularly conduct aeration, preventing infection.

Regular correct feeding, which is carried out in early May, is a prerequisite for the good development of the lawn. To reduce the acidity of the soil, you need to make lime. For feeding 1 weaving, 3 kg of lime and 5 kg of fertilizers in granules. They are evenly scattered throughout the area of ​​the lawn and are abundant water.

Lawn in the shade have to repair more often than lawn growing in a sunny place. Lack of lighting provokes the appearance of properins where the seeds should often. The upper layer of the soil must be loosen, to plug the nutritional soil, to dissolve with robbles and plant seeds.

The right choice of the composition of the lawn mix will help make even the most shady corners of the garden cozy and beautiful.

Useful information about lawn grass for shady sites you can view in the following video.

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