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Dachinations, gardeners and farmers often need a special device in order not to perform a spraying of plants with a variety of liquids manually. Professional sprayer is able to become a reliable assistant: With it, you can fertilize the landings, protect them from the invasion of pests and pathogens of various diseases. It should be borne in mind that the devices can be used not only for plant processing in the garden or field, but also in parisades and indoors.

In our article we will talk about the peculiarities of the sprayers of the popular MAROLEX brand.


Despite the fact that the modern market is pissed by proposals from professional sprayers, MAROLEX brand has won well-deserved popularity among consumers. Products are presented in a wide range, can be applied in various spheres, distinguished by high quality and ease of use.

The devices have a different size and weight, as well as differences in the method of carrying, some of them are equipped with a pump mechanism.

Among the main species, it is possible to highlight the knapsack, pumping, manual, as well as manual, having a pump. Also, the devices have different volume of the tank: indicators range from 500 grams to 20 liters. It must be borne in mind that this indicator does not directly affect the weight. Especially heavy models are RANTER, which assumes the presence of belts by which sprayers are fixed on the shoulders.

If it is necessary to embrace a fairly large area, you can use the extension cord or make your choice in favor of the battery model.

The barrels themselves have a guarantee of 5 years, the whole for the apparatus this period is 2 years.

Prices are quite accessible and depend on how the volume of the tank is provided. Components also have a low cost, there are no problems with their search.

About the manufacturer and products

Marolex began its work in Poland in 1987 and since that time he won a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality products. Sprayers of this brand are used in many countries of the world. An important role was played by the fact that the company’s specialists constantly improve their product, produce new models. Among their developments, it can be noted, for example, a telescopic bar, a fully sealed tank and others.

Since the tanks have a warranty period of 5 years, they are distinguished by high quality. This is achieved due to the careful control of all stages of production, which makes it possible to eliminate the presence of defective spare parts in the apparatus. Serious attention is paid to the appearance of products over which specialists work.

The company offers not only universal models, but also a narrow ornamental devices: sprayers for insecticides, for the construction industry, for car wash. The models are very convenient in operation, each of them has a liquid reservoir of the required volume.

Sprayer device

Spraying fluid poured into a special reservoir designed for it. It is the basis of the apparatus. The volume may be different and depends on the scope of application. In manual devices, it ranges from 0.5 liters to 3 liters, in the Ranger – from 7 to 12. Apparatus with a POMBER mechanism can accommodate up to 20 liters of fluid.

Working with sprayers has its own nuances. For example, at the end of work in the cylinder will be in the remainder of about 10 percent of the composition. This must be considered to correctly calculate the required amount of funds.

Titan series can be applied when working with compositions with high chemical activity

. Tacks are completely sealed, very durable and made of material resistant to external influences. In addition, they perfectly carry pressure (internal can reach 4 Pa).

The “Professional” series has a built-in pump and is used mainly for street work. The hose has a dense braid that does not allow inflection. Tank inert to the effects of chemical compositions.

Series used in the conduct of construction work, as well as intended for chemicals, are equipped with a special mixer, which will not allow the separation of liquids. If the volume of the tank is significant, it provides a telescopic rod with a length of 80 to 135 centimeters, having a power protection system for possible contaminants. Connecting hose Long slightly less than 2 meters provides design flexibility.

The bar herself is extended with the help of a special expander, which allows you to raise it to a considerable height if necessary.

Another important component – pump. It has high performance, which allows not to spend significant effort to create the desired pressure.

To direct the fluid in the required direction, the user can use nozzles. They can be applied with Ranger and Pomp.

If it was seen that liquid dripping from the nozzle, you can buy a spare kit – it will not hit the pocket too much and come in handy in.

This Polish manufacturer produces strong models that themselves have a small weight. This indicator, first of all, affects the amount of liquid in the reservoir.


As mentioned above, MAROLEX products can be used not only for agricultural work – the range of use is quite wide. When choosing a series, you need to consider what the device will need.

Hobby and Profession Series Pumps are popular in crop production. Due to the high strength of the tank, the Titan line can also be used. If plants are not too high, as well as in the case of work indoors, it is advisable to use the “Master Plus” series, Offering manual pump sprayers, the “mini” series is also perfect.

At home using these devices, you can not only process landing, but also, for example, wash windows, sprayed underwear during ironing.

Also these devices can be used when combating animal diseases in agriculture. Infections such as lush and avian influenza require processing a significant area with special preparations.

Specialists recommend using for such purposes Sprayers “DIS. Infector “Since they have fully sealed tanks that exclude leakage of liquid, as well as well tolerate the impact of chemicals.

As for the treatment of plants from malicious insects, no less poisonous compositions are increasing. In addition to the DISINFECTOR series, Profession and Master Plus are also suitable.

To treat the lime of trees trunks, as well as the shaders of the greenhouse, it is recommended to use the Profession Plus line. The devices are also perfectly suitable when conducting construction work, for example, to give humidity concrete or chemical applying.

For motorists, the AUTOWASHER series has been specifically created. Models of this line will allow cleaning and easily cleaning in the car.

How to use?

The first use of the sprayer involves filling the reservoir with clean water. Need to follow the maximum value. If difficulties appear when using valves or pump, the elements of silicone lubrication should be processed, Since due to its drawback, gaskets may be damaged.

During the work, you can use the blocking of fluid flow. This is necessary in cases where chemicals or poisonous means are used. In order to apply potent substances that may pose a threat to health, installation of Industry 2000 gaskets should be installed in advance.

It should be borne in mind that once the bay in the sprayer is a poisonous substance, in the future you should use the device exclusively for the same purposes.

After these works, you must rinse the parts and clean the filter.

As for feedback on products of this brand, most of them are positive. Consumers celebrate simplicity and convenience in operation, as well as low cost of devices.

Marolex Sprayer Overview – In the following video.

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