Schemers for the pool: what it is and how?

The garbage is able to turn swimming in the real nightmare, which is why the far-sighted owners prefer to take care of the acquisition of skimmers for the pool installed in the open air or indoors. Step-by-step instructions for installing such a device are attached by the manufacturer, with its help you can easily cope with the task. How to figure out what it is, why is it necessary, in which the main differences of mounted and floating skimmers are in search of answers to these questions it is worth considering this useful adaptation.

What is Skimmer?

Purification of water in the pool is a serious, complex task, but it is precisely such a measure that allows you to maintain fluid in the bathroom in optimal state without special costs. With the help of a skimmer, you can assemble the surface trash: insects, leaves, branches, hair that fall into the bowl. It is especially important to use such equipment for open, street structures – inflatable and frame, in which even when using the awning, it fails to achieve a sufficiently high water purity level.

Large garbage particles remain in the filter. Next, purified water in the circulation hose is again submitted to the system, heats up and enters the bowl of the pool. Conventional skimmers do not have additional devices for injection of fluid flow. It moves inside the container under the influence of air flows, which is why in the open pools the device is installed from a leeward side.

In the absence of natural movement of the aquatic masses, more skimmers are installed or a special vacuum cleaner is connected to them.

All water purification systems for pools can be divided into 2 categories: Overflow and submersible (or embedded). Each of them has its advantages. Understand how the skimmer differs from the overflow device using usual comparison. It will show how different the principle of operation of the cleaning system can be.

Pereliviv is a stationary type filtering system that is used in closed pools. It consists of tray and water intake elements laid along the perimeter of the container. With an increase in the fluid level (usually in the process of swimming people), surface layers of water fall into overflows, clean and filter.

Skimmers also have their own features. Many celebrate their obvious advantages.

  1. Multistage approach to the cleaning process. The quality of filtration is noticeably higher than in the case of the rest of such equipment.
  2. The possibility of self-installation. In most cases, you can perform a job in less than 1 hour.
  3. Convenience of calculation. 1 Skimmer is installed on the area of ​​25 kV. M. The number of devices increases in proportion to the sizes of the reservoir.
  4. Easy storage. For the winter, skimmers are simply removed on storage with the pool in which they stood.
  5. Permanent and high-quality collection of large garbage without human participation. No need to clean the bowl of a manual saccm.
  6. The possibility of easy bookmark chemistry. The device provides opportunities for the successful and efficient dosage of chemicals.
  7. Interaction with hydroplays. It can be used to improve the quality of filtration, pumping additionally water flow.

In addition, overflow systems cannot be serviced, maintaining independently. They need professional cleaning, periodic removal accumulated inside dirt. In the case of a skimmer, there are no such problems. It removes up to 70% of all identified contaminants and provides opportunities for a noticeable reduction in biological pollution in the pool bowl.

Types and their device

Skimmer has a fairly simple device and the principle of operation. In fact, it is a mechanical filtering system with a plastic or metal tank connected by pipeline, with which water circulates and arrives back into the bowl.

In the sidewall design there is a window in which a floating type flap is installed. It is through her that the water enters the inside of the tank. The damper smears the fluid passing through it, separating clogged from clean, not allowing it to mix, acting on the principle of shimmer.

All skimmers can be divided into categories according to the material of their design. The most common option is plastic, It is made of PVC or polyurethane, as well as other chemically neutral polymers.

In addition, all skimmers can be divided into categories according to the features of their design.


Intended for use in frame and inflatable pools, they fully comply with the assigned expectations. These devices are compact, have the most simple design. They are designed for relatively small displacement, can be used where there is no possibility of stationary attachment of the accessory in the walls of the pool, for example, if it has not been laid during construction. The inner part of the design looks like a funnel with a grid, delaying contamination falling inside.

Usually mounted skimmers are a plastic lightweight design on the surface of water. In the process of its work, the skimmer pulls and passes water through the side window, then through the filtration system, and then returns to the system for heating, followed by discharge into the container.

The main advantages of such skimmers are high speed and easy assembly, ease of maintenance. Pollution filtering level is also quite high. But there are also its difficulties: hinged type equipment has a limited range of action, outside of which the level of water purity is significantly reduced.

Such products are suspended in close proximity to the circulation pump, choosing the side to which air flows move. So the capacity of the device is significantly rising. Indoor or closed from the wind place is better to put additional nozzles responsible for moving water.


Design version of the skimmer to be built inward in the pool bowl. It is a metal or plastic reservoir placed inside the tank in the wall connected to the plumbing system. Skimmers of this type are embedded at the stage of filling the concrete base of the bowl, water supply inside is carried out through a special swinging damper. With an additional connection of the water vacuum cleaner, the return on the use of the cleaning structure increases markedly.

    It is worth noting that the skimmers in stationary fours are often performed by the role of the drain hole, ensuring the evacuation of the contents of the container into the sewer system. All built-in models can be divided into the base type for which they are intended. There are skimmers:

    • for concrete pools;
    • for colors decorated with film;
    • Under tiled walls.

    When installing in the stationary reservoir, skimmers have so that they are necessarily opposite the nozzles, receiving the directional movement of the air masses in its direction. In the embedded structures there is a auto distribution that allows you to dump the surplus of water.


    These models belong to the category of universal, are used not only in pools, but also in artificial ponds to create an optimal microclimate in aquatic environment. In such products there is an embedded pump that allows you to more efficiently cope with the tasks. The device placed on the water surface easily copes with maintaining the cleanliness of the bowl, is not afraid of mechanical damage, successfully processes its part of the area.

    The main purpose of the floating skimmer is the purification of water bodies with an unstable water level. For it, you need a strictly horizontal location – the built-in float provides the necessary correction. Depending on the width of the water intake, one device can serve an area of ​​25-35 kV.M.

    With autodoli

    This species of skimmers belongs to multifunctional devices capable of not only maintaining the cleanliness of the bowl. Built-in mechanical water level controller has a float type of construction. It does not need power, complex configuration. As soon as the autodolive block receives a signal about the critical drop of fluid level, the pump is started, the specified indicators are restored.

    Tips for choosing

    When choosing skimmers, it is important to pay attention to how suitable they are for use in concrete types of pools.

    1. Bowl size. Regardless of the type of its design, stationary or temporary placement, one skimmer is able to serve no more than 25 kV.M Square.
    2. Type of coating. It is important mainly for embedded systems, since it determines the compression of the design of the environment. Concrete pressure is very different from what is created by a frame design. In addition, under the tile, for film coating are different types of devices. It is worth carefully learning the documentation before purchasing.
    3. Material of manufacture. Plastic skimmers Though cheap, are considered not the best choice for street pools – their surface over time turns yellow, changes its painting under the influence of UV rays. As for stainless steel models, they have their own characteristics. These kinds are heavier and massive, cost more, the quality of cleaning is no different from cheaper analogues. Only life changes – plastic does not exceed 10 years.
    4. Thickness of the walls of the bowl. It directly depends on it, what exactly should be. It is important for fixing mounted equipment on the walls of frame pools. If the parameters of the finished mounting reinforcement are not suitable, you will have to buy a new product or change it from the seller.
    5. Country of manufacture. The least confidence, according to consumers, deserve representatives of China and Turkey – their products are the least durable and durable. It is worth paying attention to products manufactured by famous brands: Intex, Bestway, MTH, ProCopi, Kripsol.

    Installation and Connection Rules

    Proper installation of skimmers is required for their normal operation. Step-by-step instructions on the installation of a stationary device into a concrete solution with a strapping scheme will help all steps to perform correctly.

    1. Installing mortgage products. These include not only skimmers, but also bottom drains, wall nozzles. They are assembled at the stage of the fill of the concrete bowl. For these purposes, both plastic and metal products are suitable.
    2. The optimal level of skimmers is selected. This indicator is indicated in the characteristics of the device, in the manual for it.
    3. Prepare a set of tools. Support, level, screwdriver.
    4. The number of skimmers is calculated. Proportions are the same – 1 filter by 25 kV.M.
    5. At the stage of pouring under the tanks, plywood or metal strapping is done. They are placed in it so that equal distance between individual elements.
    6. Skimmers are installed and connected To the water supply system and circulation of the pool.

    Devices with non-stationary installation Depending on the design, fixed to board or are located free, moving along the surface of the water and collecting trash. Their installation is preferably in the connection of the device to the water circulation system.


    In order for skimmer correctly function, It is necessary to pay maximum attention to compliance with the recommendations on its operation.

    1. Correctly choose the type of skimmer. In the absence of flow, freely floating models will be preferable to stationary fixed. In the stationary type pools it is better to use embedded devices.
    2. Accurately calculate the number of water filtration tanks. If you save, the quality of cleaning garbage and biological pollution will be insufficient.
    3. Take into account the thickness of the pool walls. It determines the size of the device’s neck.
    4. Comply with all installation recommendations, made by the manufacturer in the instructions. With mortgage mortgage, it is worth trusting professionals, otherwise the skimmer can function not enough effectively.
    5. Regularly perform the replacement of filters and cartridges, mechanically release baskets in skimmers from garbage if necessary. It is worth adding that the equipment of this type is often used to dosing substances necessary to suppress the growth of pathogenic microflora.
    6. Control waterproofing of built-in skimmers. Rubber gaskets may require replacement over time, sealant – lose your properties.
    7. Be sure to position the skimmers. They must be strictly horizontally, with the housing overwhelming, the efficiency of the equipment is noticeably declining.

    Following these rules, you can provide a long and uninterrupted operation of equipment for cleaning the pools, prevent contamination of the bowl.

    About why you need a skimmer, look next.

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