Review of lawn mowers and trimmers “ZUBR”

Lawn mower – an integral attribute for mowers working to order. Yes, and for a simple dachanik or a rural resident, cut the lawn near the house or in the courtyard with comfort, without spending half a day for it, and working quickly and with breaks, – the usual thing.

The difference of braid from the trimmer

Mechanical braid – engine with a drive, on the head of which is fixed by knife sek, consisting of two-three blades with cutting edges. The drive is used both belt and gear (gear) mechanism. Sometimes there are lawn mowers in which the knife using an adapter is mounted immediately to the motor shaft, without a transfer mechanism. The advantage of this performance of electrical or gas station is the ability to develop high speed at maximum motor power. Disadvantage – engine bearings are not protected from loosening and wear when constant vibration and shocks when the moster works not quite carefully.

Accidentally caught under the knife, a stone or a rustier will immediately declare about yourself.

Motor or electrocos “passable” in places where the bunigns grow with thick stems, which a person is not able to snatch with the root, and the herbs in itself is thick and high. Even shrub is removed by the mechanical oblique – so, the motocos with a capacity of 7-16 horsepower easily will easily cut it.

Trimmer knives are replaced by a drum with a fishing line or cord. Purpose of Trimmer – removal of grass near the trees, the fence, where the motocos would damage thin designs like the grid in the fence, or would carry deep cuts to the trees. There are often cases when cultural landings accidentally cut off: inexperienced in the teachnik, just bought a motocos, too closely came up with a working mower to a young treet, a bush of roses or a grape vines. The trimmer helps to avoid such cases: the fishing line worshides the grass in high speed, its forces is enough to cut off herbal stems to directional blows, while sparing the bushes and trees, which turned out to be near. The farm is better to have a braid and trimmer.

If the herbs and bourunas are a lot – the main site is serviced by a mechanical oblique, and hang plots requiring more delicate work.

Assortment of garden equipment

Like other suppliers, the Bison lawn mowers are represented by two types of engine operating on gasoline or electricity. By type of cutter – knives or fishing line (or cord) – the range of devices from this manufacturer includes mechanical braids and trimmers.

Starter from gas station – preferably manual, starts with sequential jerks of a special cord. The benzoagregate requires regular gas station and oil refueling. Modern four-stroke engines of lawn mowers gradually displacing non-economic and environmentally unfavorable two-stroke – they do not survive to the end of the fuel and require mixing oil into gasoline before refueling.

Specialists of the enterprise every year produce new specimens. Commodity line is constantly updated.


  • Zgkb-460st (3.3 kW / 4.2 l. with). Engine with 135 cm³. Breastplate on 60 l. Stroke width – 46 cm. The height of the bow – 2.5 – 7.5 cm, 10 positions. Weight – 33 kg. Designed for 10 hectares for one reception. Gasoline is poured in the amount of 1.2 liters. Moves on four wheels. Disk knife and spare grass collector are supplied with the device.

  • ZGKB-510 (3.3 kW / 4.2 l. with.). Benzokos with side emissions of bevelled grass. Designed for the PCOS 8 acres for one reception. There is protection of the engine from overload, which gives the chances to keep the knife with a random hit on garbage, stones and wood. The device weighs 2.6 kg. The remaining characteristics do not differ from the 460 st model.

  • Zgkb-510st (4.3 kW / 5.4 l. with). Engine volume – 173 cm³. The beveled and crushed grass is thrown into the side of the grass collector with a volume of 65 liters. Designed for 10 acres of territory for one session. 2 liters of gasoline poured into the tank. Weight – 37 kg, disk cutter included.

  • GKB-400 (2.9 kW / 4 l. with). Motor volume – 141 cubic meters. CM3. Motor accelerates to 3000 revolutions per minute. The width of the bow – 46 cm. Herbatry on 50 l. The height of the bow – 2.5 … 7.5 cm, 5 positions. 800 ml of gasoline will fit the tank. Weight – 26.6 kg. Funnel and clamp – included.

  • ZGKB-510 3.3kwT – gas station with a 135 cm³ engine volume, the motor accelerates to 2800 revolutions per minute. Skosa width – 51 cm, height of the grass remaining after mowing – 2.5 – 7 cm. Weigh 26 kg.

“S” – “bison”, previously the manufacturer did not always put this letter in the marking of its devices. GKB – Lawn Mower Petrol. Next follows an alphanumeric model marker. The engine power is indicated in horsepower, but some manufacturers convert them to watts. 1 L. with. 746 W is equal. Self-propelled models differ from the usual ways that part of the energy generated by the engine is spent on self-movement of the mower – The user does not need to push her forward or back.

Choosing a benzokos, pay attention to the engine power, width, and level of mortality, the volumes of fuel and oil tanks, the diameter and the passability of the wheels, as well as to the area that it is capable of twisted.

The weight of much importance does not have – the device here is coming.


  • KRB-250 – Gas station on 1 l. with., 7000 rpm, engine volume – 25 cm³. One refueling – 800 ml of gasoline. Cuts grass and fishing line and knife. Collapsible rod, p-shaped handle. Protection against vibration. Landfellow with a knife – 25.5 cm wide. Lesk mows at 44 cm. Pricewer, device weight – 7.8 kg. Motor is located above.

  • TB-250 able to develop revolutions up to 8500 per minute, works with a fishing line not thicker 2 mm. D-shaped handle. Flexible drive shaft, there is a primer, the mass of the entire product – 5.3 kg. One of the easiest models. The remaining parameters coincide with the previous trimmer.

Choosing a trimmer, pay attention to its weight, fuel consumption, gas tank capacity, engine turnover, width and level of grass, and the thickness of the fishing line, with which it is able to work.

Electric mowers

  • Bison ZGKE-32-1000 – electric mower with a motor in 1 kW power. Specialization creates an upward air flow that contributes to an easy to collect herb in the grass collector. Posk height – 2 – 6 cm. Lightweight wheels allow you to move faster. Control buttons on the handle. Random Start Protection. Processes a 32 cm strip. Equipped with a traveler on 25 liters. Weight – 14 kg.

  • ZGKE-34-1100 – a rotary electric power supply at 1100 W with a width of a 34 cm of a 34 cm, the height of the mowing in 2-7cm, the grass collector on 25 liters. Mass – 13.1 kg.

  • ZGKE-38-1400 – Rotary electric mower for 1400 W, grass scave width – 38 cm, leaves grass height in 2-7 cm. 17.3 kg Weight. TRAINTER 35 L.

  • ZGKE-43-1600 – Rotary electric mower for 1600 W. Cuts grass in a row of 42 cm wide, at a height of 2-7 cm. Equipped with the function of mulching (grinding) of grass, which allows you to throw in 3 times the grass more for one bag filling. Purse 45 l.

GKE – electric mower electric. On labeling easy to identify the type of motor. Power (consumed) is indicated in watts. When choosing an electric mower, specify the power of the motor, width and level of grass.

Ownership reviews

In general, consumers are satisfied with these rules of garden equipment, they show themselves good in work. They celebrate a long service life acceptable. The advantages include the fact that if necessary, you can always find spare parts that it is not always possible to do when using import lawn mowers.

Ownership Reviews indicate that there are minor cons in some models. For example, the grass collector is small or it is overlooking the grass.

But at the same time, the majority converges to the fact that the quality is at a good level, and many attracts the price of this product.

Overview of gasoline lawn mowers Zuben GKB-400P View in the video below.

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