Reproduction of the Chubuschik: Methods, Time, Rules

The Chubuschnik is a beautiful decoration for the garden, it is also called jasmine garden. To multiply this plant yourself, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all methods of its reproduction. It all depends on what result you expect, since this process may take more than one year, but the time spent will ultimately be justified.


Before breeding the pot, It should be determined with the optimal period of its landing, which depends on how this process will be carried out.

  • If we talk about stallion, then in the case of weathered cuttings, it is better to plant a plant in the spring, after floral kidneys swell. Usually cuttings are harvested in the autumn period. Such the time of year is chosen outly, to avoid the intensive appearance of new shoots, pruning is best done after the leaves. After the cuttings were prepared, they must be placed in the container with wet sand at a temperature of no more than +3 degrees. Cuttings are stored in these conditions all winter. Dilute Garden Jasmine using green cuttings, recommended in the process of flowering plants – in summer.
  • The method of reproduction of Garden Jasmine is practiced everywhere. To do this, it is necessary to use the most developed shoots. It is recommended to plant them in April or May. In the autumn period, the tanks are separated from the bush and transplanted into open ground to a permanent place.
  • Divide the shrub of the Chubushnika can be used by dividing the bush. Favorable time for transplant is considered to be the end of March or early April.

The rules of breeding cuttings

The reproduction of the plant with stinginess is of great popularity among gardeners. This method contributes to the preservation of all varietal features of the garden jasmine. Shoots recommended to collect during seasonal haircut.

The sealing of green traces of the potassium in the spring or early summer should be carried out according to the following rules of agrotechnology:

  • In May – June you need to start pruning shoots from bushes; It is recommended to choose the stems on which there is a so-called heel;
  • The length of the cutting should be at least 5 centimeters, each of which should be two pairs of leaflets;
  • leaflets that are in the upper part of the stem, are shortened by almost a third, which is necessary to reduce moisture evaporation; Leaves located at the bottom of the shoots are completely removed.
  • The soil mixture for landing should contain sand and soil; The cuttings are rooted into the ground by 2 centimeters, after that the plant should be covered with a film or plastic package;
  • Sprouting the sprout can be in the middle of autumn.

If you plan to multiply garden jasmine in the spring, the landing material is best to start harvesting in the fall. In this case, not green shoots are used, but weathered. Collected sprouts need to be wrapped in a film and keep in a cool place all winter. At the beginning of the spring, ready-made shoots should be chopped onto cuttings, the length of which should not exceed 15 centimeters. Make sure that there were at least 3 pairs of kidneys. The upper cut should be made at a distance of one centimeter from the kidney, and the lower – at an angle of 45 degrees.

During the day before landing, the cuttings are placed in the growth stimulator solution, after which it is kept in the substrate, which contains in its composition peat and sand, in proportions one to one. Then the cuttings are covered with film. It is necessary to regularly venture and water sprouts. Chubuschnik will be able to root in 5 weeks from the moment of landing. After the appearance of the first leaflets, the plant transplants to a permanent place in open ground. From a twenty-satellite seedling garden jasmine is able to turn into a three-meter giant for only 5 years.

Important! Even a novice gardener will cope with the dilution of the potassium, since this process does not require tremendous labor costs and time. It is necessary, as in most cases, adhere to certain rules of pruning and leaving the plant.

Rules landing seeds

The technology of breeding seeds requires a gardener to spend a lot of time and effort. This method is popular among breeders, since it is intended mainly to eliminate new varieties of garden jasmine. The method of breeding the potassium seeds is suitable only for species varieties of shrub. The thing is that this method can lead to the loss of plants varietal characteristics. After the Chubudnik flows down, over time, seed boxes are formed, of which the fruits are collected for further sowing. Optimal time for sowing seeds is considered November and April.

It is worth considering the basic rules of seeding seeds in the autumn period.

  • After collecting fruits, they must be asked to the stratification process. To do this, just put the seeds in the package and put it in a cold place for 50-60 days.
  • Before starting sowing, it is recommended to mix seeds with sand, after which the mixture is crumpled to the surface of the soil. From above, seeds are covered with a small compost layer. If no fertilizer, you can cover sowing.
  • After the snow melts the snow, the shelter is cleaned. When the seeds germinate, the seedlings need to be protected from direct ingress of sunlight, for this they are covered with an agrofiber or simple cloth.

It is worth sticking to uncomplicated seed sowing rules in the spring.

  • Before sowing, seeds should be placed in a small tissue bag and hold it 2 hours in water, the temperature of which should be no lower room. After that, the bag with seeds is placed in sawdust for 72 hours. Instead of sawdust, you can use a moistened peat. After three days, the fruits need to be dried, after which mixed with sand and start sowing.
  • In the early spring, the seeds are driving into a small container filled with soil. Top on the seeds poured a thin layer of sand, after which it sprinkles with water. Sowing it is best to cover with a film or glass.
  • The first time the soil must be sprayed in the morning and in the evening, as well as to air the mini-greenhouse daily.
  • Shoots appear after the first week of sowing. To avoid the formation of rot, sprouts are processed by manganese. After the appearance of germs, it is also necessary to regularly water and ventilate the greenhouse.
  • Picking is carried out when 4 sheets appear on the seedlings. The distance of the Chubudnik from another bush should be at least 3 centimeters.
  • In the late spring or early summer, seedlings can be transplanted into open soil. Plot for landing should be shaded.
  • In order to protect the Chubudnik from winter frosts, in the middle of the autumn seedlings are murdered with a decade-penimetime layer of peat.
  • For the second year in the spring of plants, almost all of the above-ground part is trimmed, which is necessary for density of bushes. In the middle of the autumn season, seedlings can be transferred to a permanent place and prepare plants for frosts, covering them with compost.

How to propagate the tanks?

To multiply the Bush Kushbushnik bushes, it is necessary to adhere to all major stages of the procedure. Start best before the appearance of the first kidneys on shoots – at the beginning of spring. It is necessary to overheat the earth around the plant, after which it is to dissolve the soil surface. Wailed to be used for reproduction of the plant, it is recommended to wind the thin wire in three turns under the lower kidney. In the process of further formation of the escape of the wire will be jumped, which will entail the appearance of the roots in this place.

Before planting, you should prepare the wells to 1,5 centimeters depth. Then put in them the grooves that are fixed by slingsters from small branches, and sprinkled with loose soil. After some time, shoots will appear on the brands. When they reach 15 centimeters in length, it should be emphasized them to a height of up to 10 centimeters. After a half weeks, the procedure needs to repeat and do it until 20 centimeters have been reached in length.

There is also a shrub method of breeding garden jasmine. In this case, the labels are digging in the middle of autumn, after which they are separated by the number of shoots with roots. It is desirable that their height does not exceed 70 centimeters. To prepare a plant for freezers, it needs to be redeemed shortly before the onset of cold. Spring Chubuschnik landed in open ground.

Only after the year, young bushes can be transferred to a permanent place.

How to breed the division of shrub?

This procedure is ideal for cases when there is a need to transfer the Chubuschnik to another place. And also this method is used for severely expanding the plant. Replant Garden Jasmine is recommended with the onset of spring or autumn. Before this, the bush must be abundantly pouring water and leave for a day, after which it neatly dig. The root system should remain the whole after digging. Roots need to carefully clean from the ground.

Sharing a bush is necessary for several parts. The main thing is that each part had the desired number of roots. The lower part of the roots and shoots should be trimmed, then land in the ground. Usually the plant is plunged to the kidneys located on the top of the tank. To disinfect the soil, it is necessary to treat it before boarding it by manganese solution. It is also desirable to fit well, after that the plants should be ridiched with water.

If you put a garden jasmine in the spring, then the plant should be rooted in the ground after 3-5 weeks. By August, the root system of the Chubuschik will fully formed and strengthen.

If you adhere to all the reproduction rules of the garden jasmine, then it will be possible to get a new plant, well adapted to growing in the garden.

Subsequent care

Young and uncooked chubushnik shrubs need special care. Plants need a regular watering, as they do not perceive the soil drying. After watering, the plot should be disappeared, as well as remove weeds, if there is a need. The space around the trunk must be meditated, which will increase the time of moisture retention time, and will also impede the growth of weed grass.

Using complex fertilizers, it will be possible to properly contribute to the growth of shoots. In the spring period of the year, mineral fertilizers should be made under the bushes, for example, phosphorus and potassium, since the Chubudnik blooms pretty early. Be sure to use nitrogen as fertilizer. In specialized stores, you can purchase a ready-made comprehensive fertilizer saturated with the necessary useful substances. To krona shrub formed correctly, the plant needs to trim and shine. It should be done in the summer, after flowering garden jasmine.

If there is no need for seeds, then the blurred inflorescences are removed, otherwise the plant will spend much forces to ripe them.

Before the onset of cold weather, the young and not to the end, the ripe plant must be insulated. To do this, you can use the boottle or to build a small shelter from the film or glass. The shelter does not need to become mature and strengtheful chubushniks, as they easily carry low temperatures. In early March, the bushes need to be treated with insecticides and fungicides for the prevention of fungal diseases and other malicious bacteria, as applies to all plants in the garden.

About how to propagate the canbousenik, look in the following video.

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