Reducer on the Motor Block “Cascade”: device and maintenance

Russian farmers and summer residents are increasingly using the small agricultural machinery of domestic production. In the list of current stamps – Cascade motoblocks. They have proven themselves as a durable, durable unit for various types of work. In addition, it is possible to make manual disassembly, adjustment and repair of an important part – gearbox.


Reducer is an important component of the entire mechanism of the Motoblock. His task is the transmission of torque from the power plant to the wheels. The equipment of the brand “Cascade” consists of a durable case, the foundations for the necessary parts, nodes. Axis and bushings are connected using special gaskets, bolts. The basis of the device is formed separate parts of the structure, they include squares, sprockets, springs. In the case of complete wear of spare parts, they can be purchased in specialized stores.

The complete design of the device consists of the following parts:

  • covers;
  • pulleys;
  • bearings;
  • control lever;
  • forks;
  • switch axis;
  • blocks of shafts;
  • washer;
  • set of chains;
  • input shaft sleeves;
  • reductional salts;
  • stars, blocks for them;
  • input shaft;
  • clutches, clutch plugs;
  • brackets;
  • left and right semi-axes;
  • springs.

Due to the simple design of the “Cascade”, disassemble and collect reduction yourself quite simple. It is best to have a graphical scheme of equipment so as not to miss sight of important details, without which the engine is not possible.


The manufacturer of the domestic brand “Cascade” produces several models of motoblocks on the market, which differ in design.

Types of aggregates.

  • Angular – Provides a connection of power and transmission. More often used farmers for agriculture. From the features of this type, you can highlight the ability to supplement, improve, increase productivity, reduce labor costs.
  • Lowing – In this case, the mechanism provides an increase in the load of the motor, and also reduces the number of revolutions during operation. According to the reviews of the gearbox holders, it is distinguished by reliability, multifunctionality, due to the use of durable material in the manufacture of each part, as well as equipping a high-quality cooling system. Another plus of a lower type – high performance at any load mode.

  • Reverse gear – is a mechanism with the function of the reverse, which is mounted on the main shaft. True, possesses two minuses – low speed, weak productivity.
  • Gear – Designed for large models. Despite the simple design, durable, reliable housing, it is quite difficult.
  • Worm – A special screw is highlighted from the main parts, the gear wheel. Each spare part is made from durable material, which allows you to call this type of gearbox most reliable. Of the advantages, the manufacturer highlights a reduced angular velocity, a higher-type torque. In action, the gearbox does not create a lot of noise, it works smoothly.

How to replace oil

On the full operation of the device affects the timely oil change. It is capable of providing a high degree of performance, increase the life of the motoblock.

Using the unit too often, especially at high modes, you bring it closer to the quick wear. Specialists do not advise manually install additional cutters.

From elevated loads primarily suffer from chains – they score due to damage to the sleeves. Excessive side loads lead to the quick wear of the support washers, which threatens the failures of the chains. In this case, it is not recommended to use the device on the inclined surface or turn sharply.

Motoblock “Cascade” requires pouring oil every 50 hours. Before choosing engine oil and fuel, learned in detail the instruction manual. In the “Repair” section specified a list of recommended by the manufacturer of substances suitable specifically for your model.

In the summer season should turn to the oils of the 15W-40 series, winter – 10W-40, and domestic products are also suitable. For transmissions are used – TAP-15B, TAD-17I or 75W-90, 80W-90.

Using the motoblock, it is important not to forget to check the oil level, to regularly replace it. Only so you will be able to extend the efficiency of your land assistant.

To change the right oil, the following rules must be followed:

  • Install the unit in such a way that the wings are parallel to the surface, and the gearbox is under the tilt;
  • It is best to put the fiberboard on the hill, it will be easier to merge the old oil;
  • Unscrew the bulk and drain plug, do not forget to substitute the container or pallet;
  • After draining the old liquid, tighten the drain plug, through the filler fill the fresh oil.

Check the oil level in the gearbox can be dipped or wire (70 cm will be sufficient). It should be omitted into the filling hole until the bottom. The volume requiring fill is 25 cm.

Disassembly and assembly recommendations

Disassemble the motoblock gearbox will not be difficult, the main thing is to remove it from the main device.

Step by step description:

  • Unscrew all the screws;
  • Remove the covers,
  • Disconnect the input shaft bushing;
  • dismantle the plug of control and lever;
  • pull out the primary shaft with gears;
  • Remove the shaft from the sleeve, and from the shaft – the chain;
  • Remove the sprocket block;
  • Remove the intermediate shaft with gears;
  • Remove the semi-axles of clutch clutches, other semi-axes.

Collect the gearbox is also easy, you need to move on the reconnaissance scheme.

How to replace the salns

After long-term use of the “Cascade” motoblock, the seals can exit. It is important to be able to replace them independently, otherwise it threatens the leakage of oil, followed by wear, malfunction of parts and the whole mechanism as a whole.

Recommendations for repair.

  • First of all, remove the cutters, they must be cleaned of dirt, fuel residues. Holding lid need to be removed from the unit, to do this, unscrew the connecting bolts.
  • Defective seal remove, install a new one, do not forget to lubricate it with oil. Experts recommend handling a sealant.
  • Some seals are protected by a separate detail, in this case it will take a complete disassembly of equipment.

Overview for the Motor Block “Cascade” See in the following video.

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