Recreation area on the private house

Recreation area on the cottage house – very important in modern conditions attribute. The correct design of the recreation area with the Mangalom on the site of the private and country house is quite possible, and saving on the services of designers or their minimization is quite real. Simple knowledge will allow to prepare the project almost no worse than the famous professionals do.

Planning rules

Space for relaxation on the site of the private house and cottage should be placed and equipped no less carefully than the main home, well or garden. It is categorically undesirable to put the leisure area on the windy side. There, even with a slight short deterioration, the weather and the owners will be uncomfortable.

Lights in this place should be enough, but it is unacceptable excessive illumination and overheating in the summer.

To meet these controversial requirements, sometimes you have to look for compromises.

Other key points:

  • The rationality of the location of all parts (to be convenient, comfortable and in addition to safely);

  • the optimal distance between individual structures;

  • performance of sanitary standards;

  • Removal from roadway roads, from other places where a lot of dust and noise.

Having understood with these, so to speak, fundamental moments, you can proceed to assess the specific situation. The slope is useful to align and equip the steps. Then to use it will be easier. No part of the recreation area should be in a lowland, where she will constantly threaten the flooding. At the same time, it is impossible to put it so that the entrance (entry) is blocked, or it was necessary to enter the garden through this zone, to the garden, in the household buildings.


A good project of recreation area can imply the use of an open terrace. Free access of street air allows you to recognize it by the usual outdoor platform. But also the benefits of proximity to the kitchen, the residential zones are also not going anywhere. Strengthen the impression helps landscaping space. On the terrace you can not only eat food, but also enjoy the views, sunbathe something to read.

A good alternative to the garden plot is the arrangement patio. The design has a circle form or a rectangle. Space frame with tiles of various shapes and color. Much easier to use concrete – but he looks too unpretentious. Attractive choice, many also consider the use of curly plants.

In the patio it is appropriate:

  • chairs;

  • Owners;

  • Small tables.

At a small summer cottage, sometimes use Simple open gazebos. Parapet with a height of 0.8 m fures the perimeter of the territory. Roof mounted on vertical supports. Paul should be laid out above the ground level, which eliminates flooding with precipitation and thawed waters. The simplicity of the arbor and the ease of its arrangement is not the only advantages; An important role is played and fitness for installation anywhere in the garden.

But when relaxing, often the desire to enjoy kebabs and other fried dishes. It is quite logical at the same time on the court around the country house to equip corner with mangalom.

Important: Additionally, a canopy is set, which reliably cuts off raindrops, snow.

Additional protection provide glazed walls, windows and doors. A significant amount of glazing makes it easier to ventilating in summer days; Warming up in cold season is supported by fireplaces or even the furnace.

Lovers of new products can fit “Green Room”. Such a leisure area is divided into a number of parts. Between them are plant barriers. Alternative – use of thin curtains or pergol with curly plants. Developed and solutions that ensure maximum solitude: it’s about high green hedges.

For them, shrubs like Barbaris or coniferous trees; Cabinets can be distinguished by functional use.

Options for arrangement and design

The most important difference between these options is the use of furniture of different types. Traditionally, they put there:

  • plastic products;

  • Wooden furnishings;

  • rathanes;

  • Stainless steel designs or aluminum.

However, it is hardly reasonable to be limited to similar mass objects. Arrangement of the recreation area on the household plot do it yourself often involves the use of hammock. And even if it seems that there is no need for it, it is enough just to try – usually after a few weeks the opinion is changing. It is in a secluded corner of the garden a sleeping area most appropriate. It is somehow refined to make it sophisticated, on the contrary, it is worth trying to enter a simple ordinary interior.

Dacha often acquire for family, and not just for personal rest. And in such a context there is quite appropriate placement of the swing. But they become not an independent part, but only an addition to the overall setting, and therefore it is necessary to combine them with something else.

Place for this element there is:

  • on the terrace;

  • in pergolas;

  • In the deaf corner of the garden, closed from prying eyes.

Rest sometimes takes a lot of time. In this case, without lying locations, it is impossible to do. It is useful to equip furniture for lying by mattresses, plaids. Does not hurt (if there is no other roof) use canopy.

ATTENTION: It is worth thinking in advance how to go there, is it convenient to use such a sleep zone.

Permanent stay in a country house or Active visit to the cottage makes a completely relevant solution to the use of a garden furnace. No original findings are required – it is enough to focus on the appearance and the device of the Russians or Dutch furnaces. Choosing bricks or natural stone remains at the discretion of the owner. Side dishes shelves, although they are consumed quite often, are quite useful, and therefore it is impossible to consider them as some template.

Since we are spent on vacation, it is necessary to mention and pools.

Of course, they no longer cause that Furor, which was produced 20-25 years ago, when they were in a novelty, but still benefit and pleasure are undoubted. Specialists emphasize that We will have to equip the polycarbonate canopy and take care of drainage, about water purification. And also need a territory near the water to cover with a non-slip tile. The surrounding space, in order to avoid a clear boredom, it is required to make plants and lamps (the latter also will give additional security in the dark).

Another good option – the use of arches. It is useful to remember that they are made not only from the metal, but also from plastic. The accusation of ivy, Lianami looks very elegant.

The arched construction itself is usually put there, where it will visually accommodate the recreation area from another space.

But it is curious that she can also be assigned the role of the main stylistic filler.

Diversify the rest area will help still small architectural forms. By unsalted their classics is Klumba. However, I Pergolas can also be used quietly – they become another good supplement. Some simply lay out the platform with multicolored largest stone. Or install wooden, metal sculptures, the choice of appearance of which is huge.

Pleasy Moorish lawn may make a highlight to the situation. Externally, it looks like a simple meadow with flowers.

It is very important that grass-perennials grow on it with different blooming time and a homogeneous length of the stem.

On the Moorish lawn nice to put a chaise lounge. Although it is better to use other solutions for more active leisure.

Sometimes, taking into account all considerations, it falls under the recreation zone to divert the place open to all the eyes from neighboring sites, and even from the street.

Not trouble: you can wrap the disadvantage. In addition to the already repeatedly mentioned green barriers, the use of decorative curtains is an excellent solution (curtains). Of course, besides the choice of coloring and geometric shape, you must not forget that they should be made of resistant to moisturizing and fading materials.

It is also useful to pay attention to the desired stylist. So, in the retrograph you can do one or two rectangular sofas and a table between them. More to add something to this composition is practically no. Is that thinking about creating a shadow. In open areas, it is necessary to provide brighter tones of items so that they are less warmed in sunny weather.

Here are some more recommendations:

  • In the arbors it is useful to put stationary benches;

  • You can equip them and full homemade cinemas;

  • The terrace with glass walls looks elegant;

  • Any glazed buildings due to removable frames can be made by “transformers”;

  • Variating the angles of inclination of the roof, you can beat the gazebo very interesting;

  • In the “Green Room” easy to place even the summer office;

  • You should not discard such verified solutions as a fountain or alpine slide;

  • Ampel cultures in the “Garden of Stones” look excellent.

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