Production of garden arches with their own hands

Arch refers to universal elements of architecture, because it has not only decorative, but also functional properties. Garden construction is easily manufactured with their own hands. You can use various materials, most of which are quite accessible. You should only think in advance all the details so that the result does not disappoint.


Garden arch not only decorates space, but also supports plants. It is very important to carefully plan everything and prepare drawings. They will help correctly calculate the material and with ease to make installation. In general, when the arch is erected, not only its preferences should be guided. There are such norms.

  1. The design should be durable and reliable. Arch is exposed to a significant load. The weight of the colors is pretty large, the sloping structure quickly “surrenders”. In some cases, it makes sense to even make a small foundation for stability.
  2. The height is selected individually, but the gardeners are recommended to stop their choice within 2-3 meters. This will ensure the colors of the desired space.
  3. The width must be impressive, not less than 120 cm. This is important, because the support supports plants that go and have developed roots, durable shoots.
  4. The frame must be beautiful, and not just strong. In winter, there will be no colors, and the design will remain. Do not neglect this moment, otherwise the whole aesthetics of the garden will be lost.
  5. Colors and materials must match the overall style. This is not a strict rule, rather, recommendation.

Sizes should be thought out especially carefully.

It is important to comply with the proportions so that the design is durable and stable. Also, the arc for colors should be harmoniously combined with the height of other buildings on the site. Additionally, the number of plants that will rely on the design, and their features.

Here is already ready drawing, the necessary parameters are planned – it’s time to clearly determine location. Of course, the arch can be put in any place, but there are so-called successful options. Design can hide the facades of economic premises or some kind of inventory.

Other interesting ideas.

  • Recreation area at the cottage in the remote corner. In this case, the arch can be connected to a bench or garden furniture.
  • As a central garden figure or to highlight the most beautiful flower beds.
  • Immediately after the wicket or before a gazebo, as an entrance. You can still put in front of the steps to the house or where the garden is separated from another area of ​​the yard.
  • For making tracks. In this case, several arches are usually installed, imitating the tunnel.
  • Less often a few arches is a full-fledged gazebo. Quite costly, but spectacular option.

    Separately, it is worth considering layout if you want to make arched integration. So the design can be part of the fence. And there is no need to use the same material allowed by combination. Sometimes such a textual difference becomes the main highlight of the courtyard design.

    In the arc arch can be integrated by a bench or shop. Usually do it with metal or wood structures. At the same time, the arch itself is often equipped with a visor who over time is also covered with flowers. The composition can be finished with a lamp or a lantern, a pair of decorative pillows.

    Such a recreation area will look just magically, but it should be thought out in advance.

    Arch on the porch causes admiration. The facade of the house becomes especially solemn with such a decorative element. You can integrate not only the arch, but also something into its design. This allows you to expand the functionality. It is especially interesting to add containers with flowers that do not go.

    In fact, the design of the garden for the garden is limited only by fantasy and budget. Homemade design themes and good that you can make it any.

    It is important only to comply with the balance. So, when adding some elements in the design, the support should be strengthened.

    What you need?

    Material Choice – Case Serious and Responsible. Arches are made of wood, stone, metal. Each option has its own characteristics and advantages. Sometimes some of the materials are already at hand, then the choice is obvious. In other cases, you should simply compare options.

    • Wooden arch. Usually done not by hand, but rectangular. Although it all depends on the skills of working with wood and opportunities in general. Natural arch is suitable for a garden with any design.

    Before use, wood is processed. This will not only provide protection against insects and external influences, but also will prolong the service life.

    • Stone arch. It is important to take into account the functional load on the design. Usually such an arc is used purely as decorative, without plants. Flowers can disrupt the integrity of the whole structure, and it is dangerous.

    Stone arches rarely cast on their own, as it is quite difficult.

    • Metal arch. Very simple design. The easiest option is two connected arcs, mounted in the ground. Only such a design will not be able to withstand the weight of colors, for this purpose you need supports more. Products with forging especially decorative. They are perfectly coping with their function even in winter, without colors.

    So, when the material is selected, start to harm everything you need. So, For a wooden arch should prepare 4 vehicles with a size of 10×10 cm or more. For the roof you can use a couple of boards. And also be sure to use 4 rails 3 meters. They are used to fill the voids between the supports and the walls of the arch.

    For the manufacture of stone construction, natural or artificial material can be used. Concrete solution will allow connect each pebble to a single whole. You can make a foundation using fittings and concrete. This will require reinforcement and mortar.

    Metal arch is mounted using a pipe bender, so easier. Make a beautiful design using fittings. 2 rods are prepared for the base of 6 meters long, with a diameter of 10 mm. Armature is slightly thinner – with a diameter of about 6 mm and up to 90 cm long – will be required for jumpers that are set between the arms. Metal should be protected from oxidation, and for this is used primer, enamel.

    How to make plastic pipes?

    Such a decision cannot be called environmentally friendly, but it does not have to think about practicality and think. Country arches for curly plants from polypropylene pipes is made as simple as possible. If you paint the design and properly covered with plants, then it will be difficult to distinguish it from high-quality metallic. Supports such materials:

    • two pipes with a length of at least 120 cm – are needed to create longitudinal beams;
    • You can take PVC pipes or polypropylene – the latter are well bent, which means that it is possible to make a rounded upper part, and not direct;
    • short segments for transverse beams and supports;
    • Adapters are used to connect pipes.

    Special skills and tools are not required. Arch over time throws flowers, and it doesn’t matter at all that the design is made of inexpensive plastic.

      You can make it with your own hands.

      1. Cut long pipes for several identical short pieces. These items will allow making a more sustainable design.
      2. To fasten the tubes you can take glue. An alternative will be warming material and soldering.
      3. Support and foundation should differ reliability, because the design itself is very easy. Armature is fastened to support pipes using mounting foam. Should wait for a complete drying.
      4. Armature rushes into the ground by 0.5-1 m.
      5. Soil around should fall asleep and tightly. If desired, the hole is completely concreted.

      Step-by-step instructions for creating from other materials

      The decorative arch is made very simple, no special skills required. Flower construction at home is usually done from wood. but In the presence of certain skills, you can make such and from the profile pipe.

      From wood

      Material must be properly prepared and succeeded. Otherwise you have to face deformation due to drying. It will affect the strength of the construction as a whole.

      So, to begin with, you should prepare the top template. Used ordinary cardboard

      Simple pencil draws a drawing of the desired size. Next should be made on the template and material. The desired billet is neatly cut out of the electroll. Items should be two – this is the arches.

      Additionally, on the top you can make decor from branches. At such an arch, the flower composition will look very interesting. You can collect the design so.

      1. Basins from bars should be attached to the arms of the billets, navigate the rails. Convenient to work with hammer and small nails. The base is reliable to secure self-drawing.
      2. Can go to the side part. The panel is made of wooden plates, which allows you to close all empties. Later this place will completely hide flowers. The side walls are drawn up with grilles. This design ensures how beautiful plants will be.
      3. Now it remains to set the design in the selected place.

      The completion of the work will be assembled in the soil and fastening of plants. In the ground it is worth making holes to install bases. The arch is installed exactly using the construction level and is additionally attached to metal corners.

      Some masters prefer to lay stones under support for reliability. You can pour with concrete solution, as if having a foundation.

      From stone

      Such Arches are the most durable. In fact, they are not even installed, but build. Good solution for a plot with a large area. In a small courtyard, the stone arch is inappropriate. In fact, to install such a design it is better to invite an experienced bricklayer. Independently you can make a brick design.

      1. For the manufacture of the Arc itself, fittings and concrete mortar will need. Bricks are stacked by each other as if with a displacement. As a result, it turns out a semicircle. Metal rods are inserted into the holes, the liquid solution is poured. You should leave the workpiece so that it can dry.
      2. The bases are stacked by standard masonry, as during the construction of a shed, for example. Bricks are also bonded by concrete solution. The use of reinforcement on supports is optional.
      3. You can make a foundation at the installation site. For this, two deep pits are digging. The lattice woven from the reinforcement is applied to the bottom. Pits are poured concrete, dry. Supports of the arches are installed on top.
      4. Upper arc is put in the last. It is also fixed with solution.
      5. The finished arch can be plastered and lining.


      Such an arch in the yard will serve for many years. Make a complex design without welding skills will not work, but a simple out of fittings – easy.

      It is important to understand that such a structure of heavy plants will not stand it, it is purely decorative. However, you can combine several such arches in a single whole.

      Step-by-step instruction.

      1. First you need to bend two arc supports. It is convenient to use pipe begins.
      2. On Earth, the circle is drawn along which pins. The more such fixtures for the reinforcement, the more smooth arc. Also between rods and pins, you can put siding to facilitate the process.
      3. At this stage, you will need an assistant. You should bend the rive from two sides before purchasing the necessary form.
      4. Finished reinforcement is driven by about 50-60 cm.
      5. Align the supports can be any metal plank. It is important to constantly monitor the level.
      6. Transverse rods are welded for fixation.

      This design can be made from metal products or from professional. This is a good solution under Clematis and similar plants. True, the welding machine and the ability to use it. Such an arch will last for many years if it is covered with its enamel for protection. You can improve the appearance with paintwork compositions.

      About how to make an arch from polypropylene pipes with your own hands, see the following video.

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