Pleet Rose “Casino”: a description of the variety, landing and care

Among all varieties of plenty roses suitable for cultivation in the climatic conditions of Russia, they have a special place that belong to the Irish selection. These include “Casino” – a species, landing which gives preference to an increasing number of domestic dacifics. This is explained by the spectacular appearance of roses of this variety, the simplicity of care for them and many other tangible advantages, the description of which it is worth paying separate attention.

Main characteristics

The variety in question, also known as Casino Climbing Rose, has appeared due to the efforts of McGogene breeders in the early 60s of the last century. Botanical description of this species is presented below:

  • a splashing bush whose height can reach 4 m, and width – 1.5 m;
  • Flower diameter – 10-11 cm;
  • brilliant leaves having an oblong shape;
  • The number of flowers on the stem – up to 5;
  • the presence of long and sharp spikes;
  • flowering period – from the beginning of summer to autumn;
  • The number of petals – in the area 40;
  • Recommended Growing Area – VI (USDA).

As for the most significant features of the rose flowers “Casino”, then they should include their spectacular yellow color, a glassworm and a pleasant fragrance. Destinations of mention and appearance of its petals: internal has a saturated shade and smaller sizes, and external are more pale and large.

On average, for a complete period of vegetation, the reviewed rose grows by 1.2-1.3 m. It blooms twice – at the beginning and at the end of summer, singly and whole brushes, respectively, due to which it is belonging to the repair category. Given the peculiarities of this variety, its representatives are successfully used to decorate the fences and seeds whose height does not exceed 3 m.

Also, the landscape design masters note that the casino’s plenty rose can be planted and separately, and whole groups (depending on the characteristics of the site and the preferences of its owner).

Advantages and disadvantages

Talking about the advantages of the described pleate rose, first of all it is worth noting its high decorativeness. Such plants are spectacularly decorated. In cut form, they are used to create original floral compositions.

Other relevant pluses of Roses “Casino” are:

  • abundant flowering;
  • good resistance to atmospheric precipitation;
  • refined tea fragrance;
  • continuous conservation of freshness in the cut;
  • Fast expansion.

Deserves attention and low susceptibility of the grade under consideration to fungal infections. Based on the reviews of the domestic dachens, it can be argued that the representatives of this species are distinguished by a strong immunity, and therefore practically do not ill.

The advantages listed above were evaluated by the specialists of the Royal Rosovine Society, which celebrated the “Casino” of the highest award in 1963, and the organizers of the World Exhibition in Florida, who called him the best plenty variety of 2001.

Cons described varieties are insignificant. This can be attributed to the rigidity of shoots, characteristic of all roses from the climber group, and not the highest winter hardiness. The last feature of the variety requires the mandatory coaching arrangement from temperatures falling below – 7 ° C. If this condition is ignored, the casino rose is freezing, but it is quickly restored.

Choosing a place

Located with a place to land the described plant, you should give preference to well-ventilated light areas with moderate shading at lunchtime. Subject to the “casino” exposure to direct sunlight is urgently not recommended to avoid burns on the petals of its inflorescence. If the rose owner wants to put it near the wall, he should withstand a distance of 60 cm (or more), comfortable for the root system of the plant. It is also necessary to take into account that the Casino variety does not tolerate the close location of trees and large shrubs.

As for the soil, optimally suitable for the vacation rose under consideration, it must be fertile and have a weakly acidic reaction (pH value from 5.5 to 6.5). Another significant condition is the deep grounding of groundwater, which minimizes the likelihood of a detrimental rehabilitation of the plant by moisture.

Rules landing

When a place for a rose “Casino” is chosen, you can start landing. This procedure does not differ in difficulty and implies step-by-step execution of the following actions:

  • dig a pit, the depth and diameter of which is 60 cm;
  • Place a drainage layer of gravel or rubble on the bottom created by the well (recommended thickness – 10 cm);
  • Locate a layer from a combination of land and humus, the thickness of which is equal to the previous one;
  • fall asleep garden soil in the pit;
  • Treat the roots of a seedling with a mixture of clay soil with plenty of water and carefully straighten them;
  • Place a young plant in the well (the root neck must be 3 cm below the surface of the Earth);
  • fall asleep the soil in the recess and compact it;
  • Thoroughly pour rose.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of landing material. Practice shows that the casino variety retains its qualities only in reproduction in a vegetative way. Specialists advise to harvest cuttings cut from young, but already strengthened bushes at the end of the first wave of flowering.

Features of care

In order for the plenty “Casino” rose to be healthy and pleased its owners with regular and abundant blossoms, you should care for her, guided by the recommendations listed below.


Roses of the described variety optimally suits moderate watering, while excess moisture they transfer badly. In the absence of rains, a young plant requires about 20 liters of water 1 time per week, and adults – 1.5 times more. If atmospheric precipitates occur, the owner of the Rose “Casino” should take into account the degree of their intensity.

Waving a plant, it is necessary to avoid the fall of water on its stems and leaves. Following this Council allows you to reduce the likelihood of fungal infections.


One of the most important requirements, the observance of which contributes to the rapid growth of the vacation rose under consideration, is timely and regular fertilization. In the spring and at the beginning of the summer, the plant must be picked up by an organicaic mixed with potash and phosphorous additives. At the same time, spraying with drugs containing manganese, boron, copper and other trace elements.

In the second half of the summer, the “Casino” rose requires phosphoric feedbacks that promote abundant re-blossom. With the onset of autumn, the plant is desirable to help potash drugs, the timely assimilation of which helps to better adapt to low temperatures.


Closeage of the bush should be engaged from the moment of its landing. To do this, you need to install the support grid on a small distance from the wall or drive into the last hooks to pull the wire.

The main rose shoots must be located horizontally or fan, a vertical orientation is desirable for lateral. The plant’s garter to the support is performed by means of a durable wire with a soft polymer coating that allows you to avoid damage to the stems.


The procedure under consideration is carried out in the spring, during the formation of the kidneys at the bottom of the bush. She assumes the removal of the shoots that have not survived the winter. Crop the “Casino” rose is preferably in summer, since the getting rid of the faded flowers stimulates the re-blossom. If the bush rummaged too much, his unnecessary shoots must be removed in autumn.

Upon completion of the described procedure, all sections should be carefully filled with pile wood or activated coal. This action accelerates wound healing, drying them and preventing the development of pathogenic microflora.

Shelter for winter

Considering the negative impact of a strong frost on the plants of the presented variety, with the onset of sustainable cold, they need to be carefully stolen. To solve this problem, the bootflake is ideal – branches of coniferous trees, which are located over the removed rose and between her shoots.

From above you need to install a wire structure, elevated above the covered plant by about ¼ meter. Such a frame should be covered with polyethylene and material with good thermal insulation properties, leaving several ventilation holes.

Diseases and pests

Despite the high resistance of the rose “Casino” to pathogenic microflora and pests, in some cases it may suffer from their disastrous activities (as a rule, due to violation of the rules of agrotechnology). Considered varieties most often worried two diseases.

  • Puffy dew. The reason for the attack is a fungal microflora, the development of which leads to the appearance of a white-gray plaque on stems and leaves. To get rid of it, it is necessary to remove all the affected areas of the plant, and the rest to treat systemic fungicide.
  • Bacterial cancer. A characteristic feature of the disease – the emergence of large growths on the roots and cervix. Counteraction to death implies a neat removal of pathological formations and processing of problem areas with a solution of copper sulfate.

As for pests, sometimes the casino variety may suffer from the invasion of the TRIPS, COUSTING TIRS AND TIL. The optimal solution of this problem is the timely use of a wide range of action insecticides.

Thus, the plenty rose “Casino” can be safely recommended by each gardener, which is in finding a spectacular and unpretentious decoration of your site. This variety justifies the expectations of the overwhelming majority of owners from the moment of its appearance and to the present.

More information about the plenty rose “Casino” is waiting for you in the video below.

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