Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

In February, seedlings of peonies can already be found in the market, so many gardeners prefer to land these flowers in the spring, without waiting for the traditional season – autumn. If you choose the right seedlings and keep all the required landing conditions, then bloom will not make himself wait.

How to choose saplings?

Choosing peonies for planting, it is important to pay enough attention to inspect the root system. The number of renewal kidneys should vary from 2 to 3. It may be possible to root and flowers having one or two kidneys, but their development will be slowed down. Pressure roots will be needed with a length of 5 centimeters and in an amount of at least two pieces. The bulbs should be healthy and strong, without a wound and signs of diseases. The latter includes mold, thickening, highlights and education.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

You should not take dried seedlings with already blackened kidneys – Naturally, they will not survive any landing, and even growth stimulants will not help them. It is also not recommended to take exotic blue or black peonies – such species do not exist in nature, neither in breeders, and therefore will be fake. Finally, it makes sense to avoid too low prices – a marriage is usually hidden behind them. Can peon be touched in the spring in a new place, can be determined by the root system.

If the earthen car is covered with white roots, it means everything is in order.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

On the package, check the following information: the name of the variety, a brief description of the culture, the amount of planting material, the instruction and mark on the passage of quality control. Checking the packaging, it is necessary to evaluate and the state of the decene. It is usually not a special difficulty, as peonies are sold in transparent bags. You should not buy peonies if it seems to be too dry or wet to the touch of the deweka, the packaging smells unpleasantly or there is a suspicion of infection with cancer or root nematode.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

How to save flowers before landing?

After buying, most often peonies can not immediately plant in open ground, so they should be kept in any way. In this case, the samples purchased in the store are recommended to transplant in capacity from 2 to 3 liters. Save them to be in a dark room with a rather low temperature. Well, if the roots are covered with an impressive room of the earth – so they will continue longer. If the flowers have an open root system, then it is allowed to acquire them no later than at the end of March.

After purchasing peonies, the vaccination place in the presence of it should be treated with a mixture of sand and ash capable of preventing putrefactive processes. While the kidneys did not open, the capacity is cleaned into the dark and cool place, and after it is transferred to the space with an abundance of light and the temperature slightly below room.

In addition, it is recommended to lengthen the duration of the luminous day in an artificial way somewhere on a couple of clock.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Optimal deadlines

Peoning landing in the spring does not always go well. There is a high probability that the plant will not be able to take care, it will break from stress, and the roots will strongly weaken. Therefore, at each stage, act as carefully and thoughtfully, including and determining the dates of landing. It is better to carry out the procedure closer to the end of April. At this time, the snow will come down, and the Earth will find out, but the temperatures will not be too high.

With sustainable warming in peonies begin to actively develop shoots, which, in turn, slows down the rooting in a new place. In principle, the disembarkation is not allowed to hold in May, but the beds will then have to additionally cover the film to avoid overheating of the substrate.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Choosing a place

Preparation of space for the spring landing of peonies is very important. It is important to prevent stagnation of water, as its excess lead to root rotting. Earth is better to take a loamy with neutral acidity. If the indicator will be below 6 pH, it makes sense to add an incomotion – about 250 grams per bush. The very place should be well covered, because in the shadow of peonies do not grow at all.

Even a three-hour shading will lead to the fact that the plant is either not able to bloom, or will die at all.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

The beds should be in the measure of moistened, since the moisture deficit inhibits development, and the excess leads to rotten. Important and normal air circulation, preventing the occurrence of such a disease, like gray rot. The hole digs up approximately for a couple of weeks before disembarking so that the Earth be able to settle. But, in principle, you can do without it and perform all the stages in one day.

The place should be protected from strong winds and placed away from stone or metal structures. The latter quickly warm up under the influence of the Sun and, thus, create an “effect of the oven”, leading to the death of peonies.

It is best to give preference to the clearing in the center of the garden with protection against winds, but without the presence of shadow.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Step-by-step instruction

Planting peonies at the cottage in the open soil in the spring should almost the same as in the fall. First of all, it is correct to dig a pit that the depth is about 70 centimeters, and the diameter reached at least 60 centimeters. At the bottom it is necessary to form a drainage layer, the height of which ranges from 10 to 15 centimeters. For drainage it is recommended to use clamzit, gravel, pieces of brick or river sand. At the next stage, it will have to lay compost or humus in the number of one or two standard vestors, potash fertilizers or superphosphates. Superphosphate is taken in the amount of 200 grams, and the ash – from 300 to 400 grams.

If the soil is clay, sand or peat bucket is added to it, and the sand is enriched with a bucket of clay.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Upstairs placed so far so that the pit remains from the surface to the edge of the pit from 10 to 15 centimeters. Saplings with straightened rhizomes can be planted in the center of the pit. The deepening is carried out until the kidney go to the ground for 5 centimeters in the event of heavy soils and 7 centimeters – light soils. To clearly check the soil level, you can applied to the hole of the shovel. Between plants as a result should be about one meter. It is important to remember that an excessive deep landing will lead to the fact that bloom will stop or at least slow down.

When peonies are arrested too close to the surface, when the roots appear, the roots will move.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Covering the roots of the earth, the soil will have to be slightly shallow palms. Around each individual flower, an earthen groove is created, and the plant is irrigated by liquid. If, after this procedure, the soil will see, then you can add some more nutrient soil. Specialists recommend immediately to carry out mulching of landings with peat, humus or a mixture of garden land and peat, taken in proportions 1 to 1. Mulch will protect the soil from drying out and thereby contributes to the fastest rooting of seedlings.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

It is worth mentioning that if the weather conditions do not give opportunities in time to carry out a disembarking, then it is better to place peonies in pots, which are stored at a temperature of 0 to 20 degrees. When shoots will appear, the flower should be rearranged on the sunny window sill and care for him as a room culture.

With the onset of warming, peonies can be moved to the bed.

It does not take place in the spring to use and peonies seeds. This method is not too common, as the bloom will be expected only for the fifth or sixth year of life. Sowing material can be purchased in the store or collect itself in the beginning of autumn. Seeds are immediately planted in a pot, which, in turn, leave in street conditions until spring. Somewhere in the beginning of the spring, the container is entered into a warm room, where she has to be until the end of April – the beginning of May, when Warming on the street. Only then the seedlings are allowed to plant in open ground.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

How to care?

Tips for experienced gardeners allow us to care for just planted. Irrigation is carried out daily, and after rooting the flowers, a regular system is installed. Peonies will have to loosen and pour. The application of fertilizers is carried out from the moment the shoots will appear, and up to the end of June. It should be used either a mineral complex, divorced in water, or a solution of a cowboat.

Regular feeding will contribute to rooting, the emergence of new kidneys and the increase in the green mass.

In the first year, gardeners are recommended to remove emerging buds, not giving peonies to bloom. The meaning of this behavior is that all the forces of the plant give up to rooting and developing rhizomes, not spending them on the flowers themselves. It is worth adding that with the spring landing it is important to maintain the soil constantly wet, since the sheets are already growing, and well-developed roots responsible for suction has not yet formed. In this case, the tubers begin to throw out, and the plant itself is driving.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

As soon as the vegetative period comes, the land near peonies is recommended to water in large quantities of water, the temperature of which ranges from +22 to +24 degrees. If spring and summer are hot and arid, then watering should be so heavy so that the liquid reaches the roots. As a rule, on one bush in this case is about two vest. During the procedure, droplets on the leafy plates should be avoided, otherwise the plant will quickly get sick with fungus. Complementing watering, weeding and loosening will prevent the occurrence of dry crusts on the surface, and also accelerate the process of oxygen flow to rhizu.

Planting peonies in the spring and care for them

Regular feeders tend to start on the second or third year of the existence of peony. The first time fertilizer is entered as only the snow melts, and usually it is a combination of nitrogen and potassium. The second feeding occurs when buds are formed. In this case, the plant is needed in a complex solution containing potassium, phosphorus and a little nitrogen. After a couple of weeks after flowering, the last feeding is carried out, consisting of a tablespoon of potassium and a tablespoon of phosphorus.

About how to plant peonies in the spring, you can see in the following video.

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