Planning a rectangular area

The layout of the rectangular area deserves the closest attention. Properly performed land layout with a house and a bay area of โ€‹โ€‹8, 15 and 25 acres of rectangular shape makes it possible to get maximum comfort. That is why it is so important to study the features of projects of land country sites and rules for their compilation.


Traditionally, the rectangular plot is considered to be riding geometric perfection. And it really is so, but if you look only for external contours. But within the equipped area, a variety of curved lines and intricate landscape figures can be provided. It is worth noting that It is the rectangular form that meets most often.

It is functional and convenient both in terms of practical use and in the sense of a possible partition.

Location options and buildings

A plot of a rectangular shape with an area of โ€‹โ€‹15 acres to equip and simply, and it is difficult at the same time. It is necessary to provide everything necessary for life. The distribution of the main zones should be homogeneous, in accordance with the requirements of safety standards. At the same time leave empty segments not too reasonable. Any “white spot” is the result of flaws, and refer to the fact that it is impossible to prepare everything as it should.

Urban format involves the conclusion to the foreground of the residential building. Additional to equip the garage and parking pad. All other objects in such a project are located in the backyard. Sometimes they are removed away from the main house. It looks like this.

Laying on land more space ahead can be used if you use the central scheme. But the simple open area is very boring and inexpressively. Much more correct will smash there a flower garden or equip a neat lawn. The recreation area is naturally transferred for the house. This layout is quite harmonious and allows you to arrange everything you need competently.

But it is necessary to melt correctly, of course, and a plot for 25 acres. Since its area is quite large, instead of 3 main zones can be equipped at once 5:

  • housing;
  • economic (here include elements of communications, and entrances, approaches);
  • place for leisure;
  • space for children’s games;
  • Garden and flower beds (flower beds).

It is much more difficult to arrange for 8 acres. As always, the dominant factor is home accommodation. It is from him and you need to repel. For greater savings of space under the home, you need to remove a maximum of 10% of the total area. Then it will even even equip the territory with the garden and other necessary objects.

To inside the house there was not closely, sometimes you have to use a two-storey scheme. But in the absence of special claims, it is quite possible to do with one-story building.

The house is recommended to remove the most from the road to compensate for the adverse effects of exhaust.

The minimum distance from the fence in the preparation of the plan should be equal to 5 m. This is not a good wish, but the direct requirement of established rules.

For 8 acres, it is quite possible to get a full-fledged bath. Recommendation: So that it is not unnecessarily tiny and uncomfortable, two-storey execution should be preferred. The first tier is removed under the washing room and fire. On the second floor rest and relax. Formally, no one bothers to change the tiers in some places, but it is inconvenient, illogical and risky in case of leakage.

Some problems may arise in areas of 9 acres. Experienced people offer such a scheme:

  • withdrawal at home on the fore;
  • Orientation of the veranda to the west;
  • the location of the rooms in the East to take advantage of early dawn as much as possible;
  • Equipment of another room allotted under the garage / workshop or other and other together (optional).

With an area of โ€‹โ€‹18 acres (with some directions, the same approach is useful for the area of โ€‹โ€‹20 acres) must be placed all as possible. If the input is located on a narrow face, then near the housing is equipped with a transit zone. Economic buildings and recreation space are housed. When the entrance is on a long face, the house is set so that the territory is uniformly divided into 2 segments.

The economic unit is combined with a garden, and the garden and place for relaxation are located on the other hand.

We plan to landscape design

The most common mistake in this business is to use strictly straight lines and configurations. The site then turns out like a faceless barmented places. To solve everything correctly, you need to analyze:

  • relief;
  • height difference;
  • orientation on the sides of the world;
  • Rose winds;
  • The quality and characteristics of the soil.

This very soil sometimes has to give a laboratory analysis. Also during the arrangement of the new site, geophysical and geodesic surveys with drilling, with georaders, and so on. Only this allows you to determine the properties of the deep layers, the occurrence of groundwater. Sometimes you have to adjust the initial plans only because the most fertile soil was not where expected. However, to do it at the design stage much easier and more comfortable than during construction.

    The next step in the planning is to study the list of desired objects and attentive familiarization with styles. Most often do not seek to use the most original style. The forms of French and English approaches are quite sufficient for 99% of the plots. The plan is first compiled with the arrangement of large forms. Then are determined with large-meters, and only then determine the location of shrubs and herbs.

    Long and narrow space need to be visually expanded, for example, due to diagonal layout, circular or landscape clearance.

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