PIONS “Garden Trevy”: description, landing and care rules

Peonies are considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Large buds of saturated shades cannot but attract attention. They are easy to grow and care, even a novice gardener will easily cope with them. Perennials grow every year in the same place, they do not need to transplant. Today, about five thousand varieties of this plant are registered, one of which is “Garden Trezzh”. Consider a description of this peony and the rules for landing and care.


Garden Treasse variety refers to the hybrids obtained by crossing grass and tree peonies. Such hybrids have a lot of advantages. Wealth and variety of palette is striking imagination, there are varieties of pink, white, purple, canary, coral and other shades. In some varieties, several tones are combined at once. Another advantage of hybrid plants is Long flowering and large amounts of buds located on one bush.

PIONS “Garden Treasses” grade, which translated from English means “garden treasure”, are the owners of a large number of awards and prizes. Cannare tone, thickening to the middle of the bud, looks unusually gentle. The height of the stems can reach 120 centimeters, the width of the bushes sometimes comes to one and a half meters, these facts must be remembered when landing.

If you manage to buy several bushes of this variety at once, during flowering your garden will turn into a real paradise. On each plant at the same time, about forty buds will be revealed and a piece of aroma and beauty will be filled.

At the same time, the “Garden Treus” is resistant to adverse conditions and withstands frost to -40 degrees.


The process of cultivation is divided into several stages.

Selection of site

First of all, when boarding the pions, it is necessary to correctly choose a plot. The correctness of the choice depends on how fast the bushes will grow and what they will. “Garden Treasse” needs sunlight, so the growing place should be open.

Trees with a wide crown, dense shrubs and buildings should be as far as possible, as they can break the circulation of air and sharpen a plot. In this case, the plants will grow, but there will be no bloom.

Pay attention to groundwater level. In the case of their close standing, it will have to abandon the landing “Garden Treasse” at this place, since the root system will begin to rotate and the plant will die, and your forces will be invested.

Preparation of soil

Peonies should be planted only in fertile or good fertilized land. The drawing of flowers, their number and aroma, which will fill the plot depend on the quality of the soil. The most favorable soil for these plants will be Effective soil with weak acidity. If there is a lot of sand in the ground, add clay anemone, if the soil, on the contrary, slightly clay, dilute it with sand.

Sour soil can be improved lime by adding 200-400 grams per bush.


Plant plant should fall in autumn. In early August, you need to start the process of preparing the place. So that peonies grow well, it is recommended to plant them in small pits with fertilizers, the size of which should be about 60 * 60 * 60 centimeters. They are filled with 2/3 feeding, for this, peat, humid and sand mix. You can add a mixture of a liter cans of wood ash, which will also enrich the soil.

Plant landing should be on a depth of 4-6 centimeters from the surface. Pion bloom occurs on the second year after landing.

In the absence of buds during this period, you should not worry, pay attention to the number of stems, they should be more – this is the main. It means to please you with your beauty “Garden Treasse” will be the following year.


Immediately after landing, it is necessary to abundantly pour flowers with water. Watering should be carried out regularly in the calculation of 2.5 water buckets on one bush.

Periodically loose land and handle the bushes with solutions against pests. It is important to feed the plant and mulch the Earth from time to time.

The first two years after the landing is important to cover the bush in winter. To do this, cut the stems, leaving a couple of centimeters over the kidneys, and cover the compost or layer of peat. With competent care, peonies will delight their owners blossom every year.

Detailed description of this flower can be viewed in the following video.

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