Picoty Petunia: varieties description

Petunia is accepted to refer to the genus of perennial herbs or semi-departments of the Parenic family. In a natural environment, it grows in the tropics of South America and has about forty different types. Since the XVII century, it is grown as a decorative garden plant, being incredibly popular among flowers lovers today.

Plant appearance

This flower is straight or sharpening highly branched stems that form numerous shoots of green, which are pubes with hairs. Among Petunia can be found both low (up to 30 centimeters) and high (up to 60-70 centimeters) varieties. Field leaves plants are alternately, they are different in size and form. Flowers are quite large, solitary, can be of different colors, simple or terry, are located on small flowers. The fruit looks like a double box that is revealed when small seeds ripen.

Features of Petunia “Picotics”

Picotee (Picotee) – famous bush variety petunia. It is characterized by large flowers of the most diverse coloring with white edging along the edges of corrugated petals. The height of such petunias about 25 centimeters. They are not afraid of rainy weather and bloom throughout the summer to the first frosts. This variety is often grown in the balconies in drawers and suspended baskets in any earthy mixture, as well as in vases; It looks great in the flower beds.

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Characteristics of the Sortoeria “DRIMS”

All Dreams series petunias have abundant sizing inflorescences. The diameter of colors reaches 10-13 centimeters. They are more flat on color coloring in comparison with other series and resistant to various diseases.

The most interesting are the following varieties in this series:

  • “Picotee Burgundy” (Picotee Burgundy). This is a compact annual 20-30 centimeter height with large funnel-shaped flowers having a diameter of 8 to 10 centimeters. On the color they are burgundy and wine tint, corrugated, with white contour around the edge. Bloom long and abundantly throughout the summer period.

  • Picote Rose (Picotee Rose). Petunia grows up to 35 centimeters high. It is characterized by large inflorescences of a bright pink color with a white edging along the edges of petals, remedy on the flower beds and in vases. Diameter of colors – up to 10 centimeters.

  • “Picote Red” (Picotee Red). Plant with dark-red flowers with a diameter of 8 centimeters, which form a spectacular contrast with white edging. Adult Petunia Height About 30 centimeters. Long blooms and not afraid of rains.

Description “Picoti Velvet”

This variety of petunia has a height of 25 centimeters. Flowers of saturated purple color with snow-white border. Their diameter is approximately 7 centimeters. Compact flowering bush perfectly feels like flowering flower beds.

Sort “Picoti Pirouette”

Machirus cascading petunias 30-40 centimeters high. Large inflorescence with a diameter of 10-12 centimeters painted in a pink shade that framed a beautiful white fringe. This plant has a pleasant aroma. Plentifully blooms the whole season and it looks particularly wonderful in vases or kashpo.

Features Famous Dark Purple

Petunia of an unusual color. Dark Lilk Middle Funnel Inflorescences Frames with a yellowish border. Semi-resistant buds worn a bright yellow colora. Not a very high bush of this variety effectively decorate your flower beds in a warm period.

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Petunia “Picotie Merlin Blue”

Plant Height reaches 20-25 centimeters. For large flowers, a blue color with a snow-white wavy border around the edge. It feels greatly as a decorative plant on the flower beds in the summer.

Petunia “Picoti Ballerina”

Barbed cascading petunia 20 centimeters high. It is characterized by beautifully fluttering and very branching shoots. Particularly beautiful looks in suspension porridge, falling as a cascade. Big inflorescences of pink-cherry color have a diameter of 9 centimeters. This variety is unique in that due to male sterility does not form seeds.

Petunia “Picotics” – a unique and universal plant for garden flower growing. It has a huge variety of shades, long and richly blooms, unpretentious in care. It can be grown both on the balcony and in the flower beds. Beginner flowerfish must be paid attention to this beautiful petunia.

The process of planting petunia is waiting for you in the video below.

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